Volley Ball couple?

  • beri I get your point, I really do. I also wish things were different to the point that coming out wasn't needed. But, at least when you you're young, seeing people you admire come out and sort of be an example to you and validate both the way you feel towards life and yourself is a humongously great feeling. It makes you feel that you're not alone - and hell, we feel alone all the time. Whenever we (gay people) wish to see someone come out, it's not just for numbers; it's a way to continue affirming ourselves, that we can be who we are, through others. Hope I'm making sense.

    you explained it pretty well. Thanks. I also got Beri’s point.

  • This is a general problem in the world when women are more powerfull and making more money then their husband or partner. I don’t know if this was the case with Neriman but just a general observation.

    That's dumb, why would that be a problem? You are just generalizing the sick hetero-normative perspective. There are many successful relationship of a woman earning more than her partner.

  • Coming out is the stupidest thing ever....and to say someone is in the closet is even worse.

    Does straight people must come out and let the world knows they are straight?? NOOOO.... Why does gay people must do it otherwise they are in the closet??? Screw that......There`s no coming out and there`s no closet....

    Piano and Vetorri r so cute....<3

  • That's dumb, why would that be a problem? You are just generalizing the sick hetero-normative perspective. There are many successful relationship of a woman earning more than her partner.

    this kind of rude behavior and bullying shouldn’t be allowed here. You don’t know me, we have only volleyball here in common and if you don’t like my comment, you can write what you think or just ignore it, you cannot come and be rude to me. You are rude in most of your comments. You do not have the right to be rude and bully anyone here, this is not what I signed up for when I came here. Education of how to behave to strangers should have been given by your parents but I don’t know what went wrong in that point of your life and it is not my bussines, what my bussines is you cannot be rude to me. You would have had more idea what I said up there if you were interested in Gender Studies and Researchs.

    I like it here because I like everything about volleyball. News, gossips, tactics, how people react when their favorite team or player wins a point or match. I like sharing my opinon, hearing what other people think, sometimes I like what they share, sometimes I don’t but it doesn’t give me the right to go and be rude to them. I add a little extra comment of my own, as I told up there, it might not have anything to do with Neriman or others, but it is a comman issue with relationships, men get intimidated when their wife or partner makes more money or gets more attention. that is not dumb, that is the fact.

    I do not come here to fight, I come here to have fun and learn more about volleyball.

  • this thread brings back a lot of heart breaking memories of Sheilla Castro & Mari Steinbrecher. the finals when Rexona lost to Osasco (if I'm not mistaken) and Mari had a red puffy eye during the awards ceremony and barely looked at Sheilla is still heart breaking to this day. some people say Mari's excessive decrements in performance has got a lot to do with her & Sheilla falling apart. I guess Sheilla was more focus on her blooming career back then when Mari wanted to have a steady life. but oh well. Sheilla is happily married now and Mari and her seemed to be on good terms judging from their IG.

    I wonder are there any male player that is confirmed to be in a steady same sex relationship?

  • this is why i always says, women, do not take husband's name when you marry... and then they get separated, and they change it again. it's too much to keep track of all the name changes. didn't kubra akman change names twice already?

    Ozge Kirdar did the same 🙂

    It's not only in turkish volleyball. For example Milena Sadurek (polish setter) had 2 husbands and always changed her name.

    There are different relationships and I understand it might be hard for both people. Pro athlets often plays abroad for 6-8 months and then there is time fo NT. The time for families is really limited.

  • I wish that even when they change/add another name, they just keep own surname on their jersey. Bahar Toksoy/Guidetti is doing that too.

    no!!!! they get too long, and that doesn't solve the problem when they get divorced... btw didn't larson go back to being larson, whatever happened to burbach?

    can you imagine the combinations if they hyphenate their names? can you fit artamonova-krsmanovic on a shirt?????? hierrezuelo-christenson????