What's your favourite sports?

  • My favourites are Clijsters and Hingis, what a pity that Clijsters retires next year :( also I like russian players, and I hate Justine and Amelie !

    I have a friend fanatic of Myskina I hope she recovers her top form soon, she was fantastic on 2004.

    I would like to play vs you :P and I think I´ll lose :D

  • In addition to volleyball, I like to play table tennis, basketball and swim.
    In Taiwan, basketball is so popular as well as baseball. NBA gives our kids much influence. :) I don't like to watch baseball. But it's very gret to see our player's brilliant performance in MLB. :D

    As for sports that I like to watch, tennis would be my first choice, especially Wimbledon!!!

  • besides volleyball, my favorite sports are table tennis and badminton.

    you can see the resemblance between these sports--all have net in the middle. :)

  • Quote from "Nastja"

    I love tennis, especially the WTA Tour.
    But i play tennis myself too...
    watch me serving :mrgreen:

    i love so many sports :) hard to say which one i like most

    nice serve! that was strong.

    i don't think i can beat you. because that kind of strength is not employed in table tennis. :lol:

  • Quote from "Justyna"

    What's your favourite sports to play and to watch? Except volleyball :D

    I used to practice artistic gymnastic when I was a child, I used to compete, but now I don't think i'd do anything like that again :roll:
    When I got older, I started playing basketball.

    I still love to watch GA, it's the sport I usually watch besides volleyball. I also watch football matches. But on OG, or Pan-American Games, I watch tv all the day, whatever sport they're airing.

  • I love sports :)

    Actually, I love volleyball but I don't know how to play it.. Hehe.. I am not good at it :lol: I love it because volleyball players rocks! 8) They are awesome! I love to watch them especially Jaqueline :P

    My sports: Badminton, Table Tennis, Bowling, Billiards (Indoor games)

    And I also always watch Tennis and Basketball.. :) (I love watching outdoor games but I don't know how to play it, I just love watching it.. Hehe..)

  • Quote from "Pat_From_Brazil"

    Basketball (Female - My favorite player is Diana Taurasi) :P

    I like her too :)
    Btw. She playing in one team with my favourite player Agnieszka Bibrzycka (Spartak Moscow) :D

  • I'm really addicted to VB, but I'm a Physical Education teacher, so, I like other sports too (I have to...).

    I like Handball, Gymnastics (Artistic), Athletics, Soccer, Tenis, Badmington.

    I used to practice Karate and Judo.

    I'm fanatic about Skiing and all mountain and river sports (Orienteering, BTT, Slide, Climbing, Rafting, Hydrospeed, Cannyoning...)