Marko Klok

  • When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
    I started playing volleybal in Monnickendam (my hometown) in the Netherlands at the age of 5.

    Why did you decide to become a libero?
    Because my best skill are reception and defense so I decided to specialise me more in these skills when the libero-positition in 1988 was introduced.

    Why did you choose Cyprus? Could you tell us something more about Cuprus League?
    I choose for Cyprus because it was the best possibility for me last summer. I signed a one-year contract to see if I would like it and I like it that much that I probably will stay here for the next 2 or three years. The level of the league is good and you can compare it to Holland or Belgium. There are playing a lot good forreigners and the Cypriot players are improving there level because of this.

    This year you are 40. Can you make an assessment of your career?
    I played in 6 different countries, 12 different clubs on three different positions (setter, out-side hitter and libero). I won 7 Championships, 2 national cups, 1 national supercup, 2 CEV Cups and became 2nd in Top teams Cup and the Champions League.
    With the National team I have around 400 caps. I won a silver medal on the Olympics of Barcelona (1992), an the European League of 2006.
    I also won the European Championships with beachvolleybal in 1995.

    Which is the best memory of your career?
    Winning the 'Scudetto' in 2000 when I palyed as a libero for Roma Volley in Italy.
    But also my silver medal in 1992, the European Championship Beachvolleybal in 1995 and the CEV Cup won with Fakel Novy Urengoi.

    What is your plan on the future?
    I hope to play some more years here on Cyprus and than start a business together with my wife her, in the Netherlands and also on the internet.

    In your opinion, who is the favourite to medals on Olympic Games?
    1. Brasil
    2. Bulgaria
    3. Russia

    Do you have any hobbies (except volleyball)?
    Yes off course. Spending as much time as possible with my wife and kids. I have a lot of time besides my volleybal-carreer and like to be with them and share the special moment of being together as a family. And I also like to read magazines about cars, computers/internet and sports

    If you could live anywhere on the world, where would it be?
    Right now on Cyprus, but in the future maybe again in the Netherlands or also in Suriname, the homecountry of my wife.

    Do you have any dream?
    Becoming old, staying healthy and happily together with my family.

    Thanks to Marko Klok for the pics.