World Championship Japan 2010

  • Congrats to Russia, even though Kosheleva had a bad match today Russia deserves this title, all over the tournament their attack was outstanding and they are also good in all other elements.
    Seems like Brazil simply can't beat Russia in important matches. Athens 2004, WCH 2006 and now again, always 5 sets and always Russia wins :thumbup:
    I also have to mention Kuzyutkin. It was quite a brave decision to use two completely new setters this summer instead of the experienced ones, but Startseva definitely showed that his decision was right. Perepelkina also is a very valuable addition to the team, even though Merkulova is so tall I think the other MBs are better than her. And Kryuchkova after several years of playing REALLY bad is suddenly stronger than ever too.

    It was really sad to see the Brazilian players all crying, but they had their chances...they just made too many errors and they have no Gamova.

    Also congrats to Japan for the bronze medal, this is a great success for them and a reward for many years of hard work from Takeshita, Sano and Kimura as leaders of the team.

    USA peaked too early this year, they played much better in WGP than now unfortunately.

  • Russia service is also decent. Not as powerful as in 2006 with Godina but enough to destroy the reception of teams that rely heavily on reception such as Japan, China and now Brazil.
    In the first set, the attacks of Sheila, Jacqueline and Natalia were so quick that the Russians could not even attempt to dig balls. But then they lost their focus and eventually lost.

    First of all big congratulations to Russia! They really deserve the title. Gamova was amazing today. But also the work in reception and defence by Sokolova and Kryuchkova was important. What was a treat is that Russia added some combo play with Sokolova. Gamova is the leader and point scoring, but Sokolova really is the balance of the team.

    Brazil is too reliant on good reception. Japan yesterday gave the key to how Russia should serve! Brazilians don't suffer that much strong serves, in fact the reception on Sokolova's serves was decent. They incredibly suffer the long serves. If a team keep serving long floats, Brazilian players go nuts. We saw that yesterday and we saw that today. There are many consequences - Fabiola is not able to play fast with that kind of reception, because the ball go short and she has to move. The players then become nervous and prone to mistakes.

    I don't understand why it took so many years to understand the weak point of Brazil. Well I guess is not that easy to continuosly serve long. In fact at the beginning of the set many Russian serves went out.

  • NOOOO!!! Takeshita deserve it!!!

    Maybe Takeshita could be best setter instead Wei. But for me Startseva is the setter that have had a deep impact in all the national teams of this WCH. With her serves, sets, even with her blocks, Startseva has raised the level of Russia like anybody had thought two years ago.

  • Journalist asked why They won Gold Medal. Borodakova said- Why? We are the Best of course :). She also thanks fans in arena and all Fans in the World. Sheila was holding T-shirt Her Girlfriend.

  • to be honest, I used to doubt why Perepelkina played, and Merkulova didn't. but, wow. Perepelkina is the best MB of Russia so far. even though she's shorter than Borodakova and Merkulova, she knows where to block, and she reads the balls really well. and I think she's lucky because she hasn't played with Sheshenina so far :thumbsup:

    Startseva is a really great young setter. She's obviously better than Sheshenina or Akulova. her settings, her defence and everything.

    once again, Congratulations to Russia. The girls totally deserved the Gold medal, and I think no one doubts about it. They got the championship, because They were obviously the best. Gamova & Sokolova...They are just like the biggest heroines for Russia. Russian friends, be greatful for having Gamova and Sokolova. you won't find anyone like them in the whole world... :cheesy::cheesy:

    It was depressing to see the Brazilian girls crying on the hall :S but They tried to win, and They played their best games even without Mari&Paula. I'd celebrate for their beautiful silver.

  • Congrats. Russian team for the gold.Russian defence was not as good as it was so far.I didnt understand why Brazil lost the game.Every thing looked good till the last period of the fifth set.Maybe that is because Gamova played great but Brazil also were playing good.Actuall i didnt like the level of the match.The match is not that excited as i expected it to be.Kosheleva played very bad.And this shows that when Gamova and Sokolova leave the NT , the Russian team will go down a lot.
    Gamova played great but Sokolova is the key player of the Russia.Perepelkina also played a good match.

    Congrats. Japan for the victory.I have took great pleasure in Japan matches.They were fantastic in defence.Takesita is the clearly best setter of the world (maybe the best ever).
    And for my team: I hope we will be better upcoming/next years.for the second participation , not bad to be the sixth.
    Congrats. Nesli for the award u get( second time)

  • Congrats to Russia. Unbeaten World Champs! That's quite an achievment... They really have been the best of this tournament. :super:

    I don't get it why Wei got the best setter award :pinch: Takeshita deserved it. Glass was in the mix, but with her, not playing in the small final, her chances were gone...

  • Congratulation to Russia and Russia fans!!!!They did great today and deserved teh title! Gamova and Sokolova are icons in World Volleyball!

    Over all this tournament was one of to much ups and downs for all teams....won the one more stable, that was Russia.

    But congratulations to all participants! Inside their own limitations, I'm sure all worked really hard to get there and deserve our remember! In four years we have more! :)

  • In terms of players selection Avital Selinger seems to work similarly to Nikolay Karpol. Both prefer to grow own players for their teams. Maybe, the wish to have own players somehow connected with the methods, used by these coaches to motivate their teams? But there is also a drawback in such an approach. If the player is not from the "family" she almost has no chances to get to the NT. Also, the player from the team may lose her place, if refused to follow the rules of the "family".
    Unlike these well-known coaches, Vladimir Kuziutkin uses another approach. He seems to be very good in psychology and builds the team in the way, when all players dream to play there. Not because there is the possibility to win some top tournament. But because there is an incredibly friendly, warm and kind atmosphere in his team. Gamova said, that at first she was going to take a break from NT, but when she has seen, how inspired the team was, playing in Yeltcin Cup, and how great the relations inside, she's decided to return even without being asked by the coach. Thus, having such team established, Kuziutkin has much easier time motivating his players to fight. And also, he has all the players of Russia ready anytime at his service. He got fully used this potential by returning good old Gamova, Sokolova, Merkulova and introducing new talents Startceva, Perepelkina, Ulyakina.
    The result of Russian team talks for itself. Maybe Avital Selinger could learn the Kuziutkin's experience and re-watch his relations with all great Dutch players not currently involved in NT?