Hello from China,I'm a volleyball fan!!!!(*^__^*)

  • Hello everyone!!!!!

    I'm a Chinese girl!~~~ I'm not tall,so I"m not good at playing volleyball~~~

    But watching volleyball game is my hobby.In fact ,when I was 5 years' old,I watched the first volleyball game in my life.

    I think that the European volleyball has the very high level .And there are many great players such as Artamonova, Flier.

    Glinka,Grun and so on.U know I like them very much.As an Asian,I worship the Asian team the tenacious attitude .

    Japanese team and Chinese team,their fast sharp attrack.

    My favourite player is Ruirui Zhao,I think she not only makes use of her height,but also have the talent to play volleyball.

    Now I just graduate from the high school.(I just go through a test in China,) A friend of mine introduced me to come here.

    I hope to make friends with everyone!!!Though my English is not very good ~ ><~

    And........北京欢迎你(Welcome to Beijing to watch the Olympic Games!!!!! )o(∩_∩)o

  • Hi Aurelia.Welcome :)

    After Azerbaijan my favourite teams are Chine and Japan.I hope they'll play very well at Olympic Games.

    But,unfortunately,i won't be able to watch OG :(

  • 欢迎欢迎,我也是新来的。 :)

    My best memory was left in 1997 - Moser, Leila Barros, Virna Dias...

  • Hi!
    I'm new here, too.
    China is a great team, today they played very well against Italy (and we lost :( )...Ruirui Zhao played an almost perfect game.
    Well, welcome! :)

    2007- 2009 CAMPIONESSE D'EUROPA!!!

  • Hi I am Bart from Poland. Nice to see You here

    Friday is first match Poland China World League :)