Hi from Turkey...I'm Serkan...

  • Hi from Turkey...

    My name is Serkan and i'm a student in a college...My topic is Political Science and International Relationships.I'm 22 years old and I'm interested with voleyball since 2001.I'm a moderator in a Turkish volleybal forum and also in a Turkish sports forum...My favourite players are Boyan Yordanov,Semen Poltavsky and Volkan Guc in men and Taismary Aguero,Manon Flier,Margareta Kozuch and Sheilla Castro.

    So I'm very glad to be with you...

    My e-mail is seko_gurbuz@hotmail.com

  • Welcome Serkan :)

    2007- 2009 CAMPIONESSE D'EUROPA!!!

  • Welcome :) Have a nice time here!

    "Siatkówka bowiem jest sportem wyjątkowym..." Z.Ambroziak

    "... bo najlepszy w Polsce jest olsztyński AZS!"