Hello from Lithuania...

  • My name is Arvydas (Arvis). I am pro player. Soon I will go in Romania Constanta. Here is someone from there? Or someone who knows about Constanta something? But anyway anyone can write me ;)

  • Hey Arvis, nice to see that also professionals log in here :)
    I hope you will have a nice time in Romania, u have a contract for one season?

    and how old are u?

    anyway, feel free here


  • Welcome Arvis! :wavy:
    Unfortunately, I know nothing about Constanta... :(

    2007- 2009 CAMPIONESSE D'EUROPA!!!

  • Hi, I thought in Lithuania there is no place for volleyball because basketball is a religion... :P of course I am kidding.. Constanca is an interesting city as far as I know (it is former Bulgarian town, now it is in Romania), you can see Black see there, the football stadium is ugly there, :D , i know this. And the volleyball team where you are going i think is not on a bad level, maybe average one. :)


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