Junior European Championships 2008

  • I know that size is not everything, France won a silver medal in European championship and bronze in world championship with a 1,82 m setter.

    Still this is a problem. A player that small will always cost a few points to his team if only on blocking situation. Now if you are really good, you can win your place in a team.

    I don't really know how is Barrais's play .
    But he sort of remind me of an other young french player, former Tours's wing spiker Raphael Mrozek

    Mrozek was best receiver at the 2005 (?) Youth European championship and is also 1,88 m tall.
    He played a few good games during the 2006/2007 season (including some European Champion's league games) and proved to be useful to the team. Last year he moved to Asnières and had is first season as a starter.
    He had good receiving stats of course (the like of Boskan, Kilama, Exiga, Samardzic), but he was one of the worst spiker of the league (since he played in one of the weakest team and had a lot of balls to attack this explains a lot. He would definitely not have so much spikes to perform in a better team and would have less pressure from the block). Next year he's going to play in one of the title contender for the french pro B. He was rumored to have been considered for a libero role in Toulouse.

    These guys can definitely make a pro career in France, but I fear they'll never play at international level if they keep playing as wing spiker. Because there will always be some good receivers 2 m guys like Antiga or Slavev to be in the roster intead of them.

  • The final will be France vs Germany.

    Germany surprisingly defeated Russia in straight sets, and Netherlands was in its way to do the same with France after winning the first two set. But France was eventually able to do what Russia could not, and took a good start in the third and fourth sets. The tie breaker was a close fight until 12-12 when France scored three points in a row and close the game 15-12.

  • French dreams come true!
    France 3:1 Germany

    Best players:

    MVP: Earvin Ngapeth (FRA)

    Best blocker: Siarhei Busel (BLR)

    Best receiver: Alexey Obmochaev (RUS)

    Best scorer: Ludovico Dolfo (ITA)

    Best server: Michele Baranowicz (ITA)

    Best setter: Valentin Bezrunkov (RUS)

    Best spiker: Ludovico Dolfo (ITA)
    Best libero: Alexey Obmochaev (RUS)

  • Good thing that we won both best setter and libero, a sign things are improving in our VB. We will always have good, strong spikers and blockers, so I am not worried about that.

    A Belarusian was awarded too. Nice.

    Baranowicz. Looks Polack to me.

  • This is only the second title for French volleyball.
    The other being ... Last year youth European championship with almost the same team.

    I hope these players are not over with winning international titles and that they'll win some international competition in the future...

    Now I can't wait to see N'Gapeth and Quesque playing with Tours. I wonder how much they will play this year, for this will be their first season in a pro team. It's really exciting to know that the two best players of this junior team are going to play in "my" team.
    They are supposed to be backup but I'm sure that Quesque will put a lot of pressure on the other wing spiker. They'll have to fight to remain starters in the team !
    I don't really know what to think about N'Gapeth. He is the MVP of the tournament, which makes me think he is already really good, but he is only 17!

    I think he will play so much this year, even being the son of the coach !

  • Baranowicz. Looks Polack to me.

    He might have Polish roots. You'd better use "Pole" instead of "Polack". :roll:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • He might have Polish roots. You'd better use "Pole" instead of "Polack". :roll:

    "Italy’s captain Michele Baranowicz – whose father was a former national player in Poland who moved to Italian peninsula at the end of his career and will join Crema in the national first division for the upcoming season..."

  • Pole just sound stupid to me. What's the problem with Polack? Same as Polak.

    Yes, "Polak" is normal in Polish language, but "Polack" is rather abusive word in English.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D