Montreux Volley Masters 2007

  • Team Germany
    1: BRINKER Maren
    2: WEISS Kathleen
    3: HANKE Denise
    4: TZSCHERLICH Kerstin
    5: ROLL Sylvia
    6: THORMANN Patricia
    7: DÖRENDAHL Linda
    8: DUMLER Corneilia
    9: APITZ Mareen
    10: MATTHES Anne
    11: FÜRST Christiane
    12: WEDEKIND Imke
    13: BOUAGAA Atika
    14: RADZUWEIT Kathy
    15: GRÜN Angelina
    16: KOZUCH Margarethe
    17: STEFFEN Dominice
    18: SSUSCHKE Corina

    Team Netherlands
    1: STAELENS Kim
    2: FRERIKS Suzanne
    3: HUUMAN Francien
    4: STAELENS Chaïne
    5: VISSER Sanna
    6: ORSEL Mirjam
    7: WIJNHOVEN Elke
    8: BLOM Alice
    9: MELJNERS Floorlje
    10: VAN TIENEN Janneke
    11: WENSINK Caroline
    12: FLIER Manon
    13: PIETERSEN Judith
    14: FLEDDERUS Rlëtte
    15: VISSER Ingrid
    16: STAM Debby
    17: JANS Carlljn
    18: VAN DEN HEUVEL Susan

  • "Russia_Nikolai_Karpol" wrote:

    i just notice that caprara is choosing small middle blockers.(exept for merkoulova and borodakova) Zhitova and Bruntseva in 2006 and Sazhina and Alimova in 2005.and i really miss Belikova and Tebenekhina i hope Caprara will recall them

    i used to think that if caprara recall veterans, artamonova should be the first to consider
    i believe that if caprara recall her to be the substitute to merkolova or borodakova, russia would sail through 2008
    and i couldn't understand why safronova is in the list; she is not even as good as kulikova ---never mind, just my opinion

  • [quote="colossus"
    and i couldn't understand why safronova is in the list; she is not even as good as kulikova ---never mind, just my opinion[/quote]

    OKAY, the young spiker of china wang yi-mei might not be able to be in volley masters this year---she is injuredand will take 4 weeks from now on to rest ...if she is not doing okay, might be further delay
    which means this year, china will have more new players like russia :)

  • [quote="samba player"]About Wang Yi Mei, is it true that she gained weight? She was already overweight last year, so this may cause problems to her jump and defence.

    but the past few months she was more overweighted than last year, 103kg+, :shock: and her weight cos her injury, i guess; 4 weeks the minimum, todays the news say

    as for zhang yue hong or sun xiaoqing, i guess sun xiaoqing will be there cos the coach always praises her :)

  • Team China
    1: WANG Yimei
    2: HAN Xu
    3: YANG Hao
    4: LIU Yanan
    5: WEI Qiuyue
    6: XU Yunli
    7: ZHOU Suhong
    8: XUE Ming
    9: ZHANG Yuehong
    10: SUN Xiaoqing
    11: LI Juan
    12: SONG Nina
    15: ZNANG Xian
    16: ZHANG Na
    17: MA Yunwen

  • Team Cuba:
    1: RUIZ LUACES Yumilka
    2: SANTOS ALLEGNE Yanelis
    4: GONZALES DIAZ Yenisei
    9: SANCHEZ PEREZ Rachel
    10: HERRERA ALVAREZ Yusleyni
    12: CALDERON DIAZ Rosir
    14: CARCACES OPON Kenia
    15: SILIE FROMETA Yusidey

  • [quote="Justyna"]Team China
    1: WANG Yimei
    2: HAN Xu
    3: YANG Hao
    4: LIU Yanan
    5: WEI Qiuyue
    6: XU Yunli
    7: ZHOU Suhong
    8: XUE Ming
    9: ZHANG Yuehong
    10: SUN Xiaoqing
    11: LI Juan

    i think this year will be very difficult for team china and cuba too

  • Team Serbia
    1: NIKOLIC Jelena
    2: MAJSTOROVIC Jasmina
    3: DJERISILO Ivana
    4: PETROVIC Aleksandra
    5: KRSMANOVIC Natasa
    6: BRAKOCEVIC Jovana
    7: MOLNAR Brizitka
    9: VESOVIC Jovana
    10: OGNJENOVIC Maja
    11: RADOVIC Silvija
    12: ISAILOVIC Ivana
    13: SIMANIC Maja
    14: ERIC Sladjana
    15: SPASOJEVIC Anja
    16: NESOVIC Ivana
    17: DRPA Marta
    18: CEBIC Suzana

  • "bobaas" wrote:

    I know taht Sprotklub have righst on MVM. This channel are in another coutnry too. Sportklub will broadcast tournament in China too (30.05-01.06).

    is it viewable by satellite? if yes, can somebody provide the frequency dates here?

  • Here in Brazil BandSports will broadcast both the Montreux Volley Masters and the Yeltsin Cup, in spite of the fact that Brazil NT won't take part of any of these tournaments.

    I guess it will be anice opportunity of seeing how our opponents are playing.

  • Germany's team got a bit smaller....
    Thats the updated roster of the german team:

    1. Christiane Fürst
    2. Corina Ssuschke
    3. Kerstin Tzscherlich
    4. Anne Matthes
    5. Mareen Apitz
    6. Kathleen Weiß
    7. Patricia Thormann
    8. Cornelia Dumler
    9. Angelina Grün
    10. Margareta Kozuch
    11. Dominice Steffen
    12. Maren Brinker

    Maren Brinker and Anne Mathes are giving their debut on international stage. The german team is leaving germany tomorrow...

  • [quote="samba player"]

    if any one of you has been using ppstream, ppmate and sopcast to watch cctv5 for the invitational tourney in china, great news for you

    cctv5 will broadcast both montreux and yeltsin cup

    sopcast---highly recommended :)

  • what do you guys think of the first day matches:

    Cuba Poland... should be easy win for cubans... Polish squad is very NOT impressive, plus will be first game for them

    China Turkey... chinese should take this one quite easily

    Serbia Netherlands... serbs are missing 3 players from starting lineup from WC2006... Krismanovic, Spasojevic and captain Citakovic... Netherlands already played 6 games in china so should be in better form... only Visser looks missing... so Netherlands favourite ???

    Germany Russia... germans in good squad and should be able to beat (???) russians who are missing its STAR power in Sokolova, Gamova and Godina..

    these are my thoughts, please share yours :)