Debby Stam

  • she's my one of favourite players ! >.< :D

  • Dinamo still doesn't believe in what happend...... :what:

    They were warned by yesterday's game of Belogorie against Zarechie. And they were ready. But not for that!.. :what:

    Belogorie - Dinamo3:1 In a dramatic battle...

    First two sets were the best game of Russian teams I have ever seen. It was power vs mind, huge block vs speed&concentration, superstars vs team spirit !

    In the third set Dinamo could come back and Belogorie became out of the game. They used it to have some rest before the fourth set.

    And fourth set turned into a battle of characters....

    Debby was definitely the best player of the first two sets. Then she had dissappeared in the third one and made a bright come back in the fourth, spiking some decisive points.

    All the team - simply perfect!

    AAAAAAAAAAND Slightly more than in a month of playing in Russia, Debby already earned a BIG TITLE - CUP of RUSSIA 2008 !!!!!!!!

    And along with her team she earned the right to play in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE next season. First time ever for Belogorie!

    Honestly, I just shocked with all I've typed above! 8o

    :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup: :cup:

  • WAUW!!!!! That was amazing when I read your message! I'm stil now...................... I can't wait to read her commentar on her weblog................. And I can't wait to see the game you described............................... come on!!!!!
    Next year Champions League,that would be great!
    For now I'm gonna look at the game of yesterday, and enjoy it!

    And off-topic: LM: there is some great news for Martinus!

  • These weren't all good news yesterday

    Debby Stam is nominated an MVP of the Final Four tournament! :thumbsup:

  • Debby answers a question about her life in Russia. This is a machine translation from Dutch, so read carefully :call:

    Quote from Debby

    Because I already with the National team many tournaments in Russia have played, I had a bit of a image of Russia. This was not provides positive. I found it a grizzled country. Mostly it was bad food, hotels and moderate grumpy people. Now I have a while seated, my view is totally changed. The people here (than I mean, especially in the club) are very nice and helpful. In the supermarkets, you can almost everything get what you want, even real Dutch cheese! And Russian specialties such as a soup Borsch called, is very nice! Of course, there are still things that they are very different and perhaps less fun, but now I know the culture better learning I look at it differently too. In the recent years we have played for the Champions League against the two top clubs from Russia, but I knew not as good as I had expected. Meanwhile, I already seen quite a few clubs and next Odintsovo and Dynamo Moscow, there are several teams a good level. This is just fun, because this ensures that you every week a game played at a high level.

    Most funny things for me are about meal :)
    Debby liked Borsch hahaha, what a great taste she has :lol: I would recommend her to try Ukrainian Borsch, because it's the national dish and it is definitely the best here :whistle:
    Dutch cheese was in Russia for centures, but I never knew for sure if it is real or not. Now I know that from the true Dutch person hehehe :thumbsup:

    Today Belogorie plays with Uralochka in the regular championship. The game promises to be very tough. Uralochka is starving for revenge for the defeat in the Cup match. Hold my fingers crossed for Debby and Belgorod ^^

  • Your translation was good!! You understand Dutch ok, wauw!! And believe me: Dutch people know what's real cheese or not... ;)

    Your "fingers crossed" for yesterday had worked for Belgorod,super!

  • I cant wait to see her playing in Turkey I am sure she will make great job here and love Istanbul but however I dont want my team to lose against Vakifbank. It will be great watching Fenerbahce vs. Vakifbank games and I hope that I can have a chance to take a photo with her and Alice Blom in any of those games.

  • What a great interview :dance6:
    Stam is one of the bests to me :heart:

  • Great interview!!! Debby is one of my favorite players and it was great to see her last night, even though she was very tired after the entire tournament.

  • Great questions and answers :) Debby's the best from the best, I love her :P
    Does anyone know something about her ankle's contusion (during match Asystel vs. Vakifbank) ?

  • Debby is a one of the best volleyball players in the world i am so happy that she is here i Muszyna so happy with Caroline . I hope that we can come in the final four in LM

  • I had Debby Stam's sister over at my house yesterday, she kept talking through the movie :cursing:

  • Which movie was? Hate when people do that.

    Go, Stam! (by the way, so people don't think this is just an offtopic post.)

    The Lincoln Lawyer, which was really rather alright, yeah it was annoying... but she stop later so then it was okay. Do you people think Debby talks through movies? (totally on topic here!)

  • That's a good question. Her sister, I don't know. But Debby, I always envisioned as a polite, together young lady. Not too anxious to say whatever it's there to say during a movie session and probably not checking her cell phone every 5 minutes, also.

    (Anyway, I haven't seen that film, but I had a good time the other day watching Midnight in Paris. Too bad that was an old lady at the line behind me who decided it'd be a good idea to answer her cell phone at the beginning of the movie. If she's related to any volleyball player, I'm afraid I can't tell.)

  • I had Debby Stam's sister over at my house yesterday, she kept talking through the movie :cursing:

    WHo posted this on Debby's website?

  • Someone knows if Debby Stam will play again in Muszynianka next year???? 8| Because Anna Werblinska is also coming in Muszynianka..! :)

    Successo viene prima di Sudore soltanto nel vocabolario.

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