Funny Videos and Interviews

  • It looks very funny but i can't understand nothing from their words. Can somebody explain?

  • I translate for you...

    Mari - "Is recording?"
    Fabiana - "Now you record the rest..."
    Joycinha - "Gave a little stop, didnt it?"
    Sheilla - "It is hu hu...again..."
    Natalia - "Stop Fabi....she is shacking the paper..."
    Fabi - "So put the camera down...
    Are you thinking that I have the same high from Natalia?"
    Dani - some strange noises..."Wait..."
    Carol Gattaz - "Yeah I memorized..uh....look the hint over there"
    Fabiana - "the promotion.....uh...sorry..."
    Sheilla - "An Actress...perfect....where in Monica to see how I am good at this?"
    Natalia - "Invite your friends to interect with you......I looked up at the end..." (Fabi screams behind..."it is good")
    Fabi - "It is on or not? You are not giving me attention!"
    Dani - another strange noise
    Carol - "Hey look the noise....oohh, shiii..."
    Mari - "dammm...."
    Dani - "I will ruin the hole film"
    Natalia - "Invite your friends to garantee....(Fabi behind - interect...its good)...your friends to interect"
    Dani - "Our Lady..."
    Sheilla - laughts..."Again..."
    Natalia - I cant keep looking down cause it seems I'm cross-eyed" (Fabi behind..."My turn")
    FAbi - " done!"
    Joycinha - "Uhuuuuuuu"
    Mari - "thanks"

  • Thanks a lot joana!!! This time was more fun having the traslations behind :lol:
    Its nice to see them out of court in crazy recordings :rolll:

  • Hahaha, such a funny dialog :lol: but best movie ever is Kurek au service :rolll:

  • "Siatkówka bowiem jest sportem wyjątkowym..." Z.Ambroziak

    "... bo najlepszy w Polsce jest olsztyński AZS!"

  • Not a video but funny pictures:

    Yesterday evening, 7 players from french NT (Antiga, Henno, Le Roux, Ngapeth, Maréchal, Rouzier and Rowlandson) were trapped for 35 minutes in an elevator of their hotel. Just the time to have a good laugh and take some pictures:…id=146380655398297&ref=mf

  • Nice pics heheh btw. thats why I hate elevators :roll:

    Why, you don't want to get trapped with a half naked Antiga ? :lol:

  • hahaha, very good video!

  • Brakocevic in "cooking lessons"