Turkey - 1.Ligi 2008/2009

  • Teams
    1 Arkas Spor
    2 Belediye Plevne
    3 Bozkurt Belediye
    4 Buyuk Şehir Belediye
    5 Fenerbahce
    6 Galatasaray
    7 Halkbank
    8 Maliye Millipiyango
    9 Mef Okullari
    10 Polis Akademisi
    11 Sosyal Guvenlik Kurumu (SGK)
    12 Ziraat Bankasi


    These presumptions have been done by a Fenerbahce Fan (ME)

    After finishing the season with 2 trophies, this year the league will be even tougher. 5 clubs have invested heavily and formed good squads. Fenerbahce, Ziraat, Halkbank, Arkas, Ist. Bld. (Although Galatasaray is inferior to these 5 clubs, they could cause some upsets. I still believe they will end up in the 6th spot.) Hence, finishing at the 5th place could be seen as “normal” under these circumstances.

    Even though I think there is a possibility of us finishing in the 5th place, there is also a good chance that we could still win the title.

    I guess what I am trying to say is, expectations from our mens volleyball team should not be extremely high because of the other teams’ high investments this year. We could end up in any of the 5 top spots this year.

    Besides each teams strengths, there are also some weaknesses. Such as;

    Ziraat Bankası ;

    Setter ; Selçuk Keskin
    Outside Hitters ; Leandro Maly-Salmon Riley
    Middle Blockers ; Zafer Paşaoğlu-Yasin Sancak
    Opposite ; İvan Contreras

    Libero ; Akif Gürgen

    Ziraat’s starting squad is extraordinary. But their subs are very weak.They will especially be very strong from outsides and opposite. Contreras is as strong as Gomez.They do not have any depth to their team so we’ll see how will they do in the lengthy and exhausting league. If they can finish strong, they are one of the favorites to win the title this year.

    Halkbankası ;

    Setter ; Nikolay İvanov
    Outside Hitters ; Todor Aleksiev (Todor Baev)-Mustafa Kavaz
    Middle Blockers ; Kemal Kayhan-Alper Güllü (Murat Çağlar)
    Opposite ; Danail Milushev

    Libero ; Hasan Yeşilbudak

    Halkbank’s three Bulgarians are very talented, but their Turkish players are weak. Even after 3 Bulgarian player, they will went ahead and signed another 4th Bulgarian Todor Baev. Because there cant be 4 foreign players in the starting line up at a time, they will have to choose between the two, or simply sub each other.

    Their coach Stoev is ver well respected in Bulgaria and as well as in Europe.He is my favorite coach along with Demeter.

    Arkasspor ;

    Setter ; Hüseyin Koç
    Outside Hitters ; Piotr Gruszka-Suela Mendez
    Middle Blockers ; Ahmet Toçoğlu-Gökhan Öner
    Opposite ; Paul Duerden

    Libero ; Nuri Şahin

    Although Arkas’s squad is very good and well balanced, they just cannot play good together. For example, Fenerbahce killed this team last season, but if we look at the players individually, this shouldn’t have been the case. This shows me that they do not play well together. Let’s see what they could do this year.

    İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi ;

    Setter ; Ulaş Kıyak
    Outside Hitters ; Jeroen Trommel -(They will sign another foreign player unless Sacchi has stayed.)
    Middle Blockers ; Ryan Millar-Özkan Hayırlı
    Opposite ; Volkan Güç

    Libero ; Barış Özdemir

    Belediye is a strange club. They sign high caliber players every year, but they cannot achieve any good results. This has been the case for a few years now. Even though they have signed Volkan, Ulas, and Millar, I think it will be the same this year and they will not win the title.


    Setter ; Arslan Ekşi
    Outside Hitters ; Tomislav Coskoviç-Vladimir Grbiç
    Middle Blockers ; Barış Hamaz-Fatih Ulusoy (Hakan Fertelli)
    Opposite ; Brooke Billings

    Libero ; Ali Peçen

    Let’s see our team’s situation. Last year we had Gomez. Whenever we needed a sideout, he would kill the ball. He also hit the ball really hard. We lost this guy. Instead we signed Billings.I don’t think Billings will be as good as Gomez. I hope he will be consistent. In all honesty, the other 4 teams’ opposites are better than Billings.

    But, this does not mean that we cant win the title this year. Especially because we have Gyorgy Demeter. I love his work ethic and system play.

    When Demeter signed with us last year, I was ecstatic. He is one of my favorite coaches. He has brought the system that won us Turkish Cup, and much un anticipated League Trophy. Even though we have been eliminated from the European cups at the beginning of the season due to an unfortunate loss to Halkbank, he has brought the team’s morale and reflected that into the season.

    You know there are some teams and coaches where they start very strong but they cant finish strong. We have the opposite with our coach.

    Our biggest loss was Gomez, but one of our best side is our coach and our incredible fans. Our fans that support and cheer for their teams non stop, started to show their help in volleyball matched after football and basketball as well. They are firing up our guys when we play and become a factor on the opposite team players. Some other team players have mentioned that these fans can “wake the dead from their grave”

    With Fenerbahce’s investment on volleyball and our success fans are becoming more interested in the volleyball matches. The numbers have been growing very fast and I hope that this year it would be even more. Especially against Halkbank in the finals, their support was one of the major factors of winning the title.

    Lastly, this year the league will be very tough. Fenerbahce may finish at the top or at the 5th spot.

    Let’s see what the regular season and the playoffs will bring. But something is certain that it will be a very exciting league.

    Lars Louchek

  • some mistakes :) Piotr Gruszka, Ryan Millar :)

  • 1st round
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Halkbank 0-3 (21-25 19-25 20-25) stats
    MEF Okulları - Belediye Plevne 1-3 (19-25 27-25 24-26 21-25) stats
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Ziraat Bankası 1-3 (19-25 25-23 22-25 23-25) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Fenerbahçe 0-3 (18-25 16-25 21-25) stats

    22/10/08 Arkas Spor - Galatasaray
    15/10/08 Polis Akademisi - SGK

  • Declaration

    Turkish Volleyball Federation gave penalty to Burak Hascan

    His doping example is become definite to possitive second time.
    So Turkish Volleyball Federation gave "lifelong ban penalty".
    He can't play volleyball any time.


    Date: 21.04.2007
    1st Urinalysis - 160,98 ng/ml Norandrosterone

    Date: 29.04.2008
    2nd Urinalysis - 16,33 ng/ml Norandrosterone

  • 18.10.2008 - 2nd Week - Results
    Halkbank - Bozkurt Belediye 3-2 (25-27)(25-19)(23-25)(25-18)(15-09) Statistics
    Ziraat Bankası - MEF Okulları 2-0 (25-18)(25-19)(25-18) Statistics
    Arkas Spor - Maliye Milli Piyango 3-0 (25-19)(25-21)(25-13) Statistics
    Fenerbahçe - Polis Akademisi 3-1 (25-19)(25-22)(23-25)(25-10) Statistics
    SGK - İstanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi 0-3 (19-25)(17-25)(22-25) Statistics

    22.10.2008 - 2nd week - Schedule
    Galatasaray - Arkas Spor

    25.10.2008 - 3rd week - Schedule
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Belediye Plevne
    Ziraat Bankası - SGK
    MEF Okulları - Galatasaray
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Fenerbahçe
    Bozkurt Belediye - Arkas Spor

    29.10.2008 - 3rd week - Schedule
    Polis Akademisi - Halkbank

  • Great game by Milushev 30 points (4 blocks) and Aleksiev 27 points (5 blocks, 2 aces), Nikolay Ivanov 2 points, Todor Baev 3 points, coach Martin Stoev.


    "I'm so proud that the fans still sing my name. But I fear tomorrow they will stop. And I fear it because I love it. And everything you love you fear you will lose" - Eric Cantona

  • 22.10.2008 - 2nd week - Schedule
    Galatasaray - Arkas Spor

    Galatasaray - Arkas Spor 0-3 (15-25 27-29 22-25} stats


    25.10.2008 - 3rd week - Schedule
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Belediye Plevne
    Ziraat Bankası - SGK
    MEF Okulları - Galatasaray
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Fenerbahçe
    Bozkurt Belediye - Arkas Spor

    Maliye Milli Piyango - Belediye Plevne 3-2 (25-16 22-25 27-29 25-14 15-12) stats
    Ziraat Bankası - SGK 3-0 (26-24 25-20 25-20) stats
    MEF Okulları - Galatasaray 0-3 (22-25 18-25 15-25) stats
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Fenerbahçe 3-0 (27-25 25-22 25-23) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Arkas Spor 0-3 (20-25 15-25 18-25) stats

  • Polis Akademisi - Halkbank 0-3 (20-25 15-25 22-25) stats
    Belediye Plevne - Galatasaray 3-0 (30-28 25-17 25-22) stats
    Halkbank - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 1-3 (25-20 15-25 16-25 15-25) stats
    SGK - MEF Okulları 3-0 (25-19 25-22 26-24) stats
    Galatasaray - Maliye Milli Piyango 1-3 (25-23 19-25 17-25 20-25) stats
    Fenerbahçe - Ziraat Bankası 1-3 (23-25 25-16 21-25 16-25) stats
    Arkas Spor - Polis Akademisi 3-0 (25-17 25-20 25-18 ) stats
    Belediye Plevne - Bozkurt Belediye 3-2 (21-25 25-19 25-22 18-25 15-13) stats

  • 5th round
    SGK - Fenerbahçe 2-3 (25-23 17-25 25-23 23-25 8-15) stats
    Ziraat Bankası - Halkbank 2-3 (25-21 23-25 25-15 23-25 15-17) stats
    Polis Akademisi - Belediye Plevne 0-3 (19-25 19-25 23-25) stats
    MEF Okulları - Maliye Milli Piyango 0-3 (17-25 22-25 17-25) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Galatasaray 2-3 (25-27 23-25 25-21 25-17 14-16) stats
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Arkas Spor 2-3 (25-22 25-20 16-25 19-25 9-15) stats

    1. Arkas Spor 14
    2. Ziraat Bankası 13
    3. Belediye Plevne 12
    4. Halkbank 10
    5. İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 10
    6. Fenerbahçe 8
    7. Maliye Milli Piyango 8
    8. Galatasaray 5
    9. SGK 4
    10. Bozkurt Belediye 3
    11. Polis Akademisi 3
    12. MEF Okulları 0

    6th round 15.11.2008
    Halkbank - SGK
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Bozkurt Belediye
    Fenerbahçe - MEF Okulları
    Galatasaray - Polis Akademisi
    Arkas Spor - Ziraat Bankası
    Belediye Plevne - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi

  • 6th round
    Halkbank - SGK 3-0 (25-23 25-21 25-22) stats
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Bozkurt Belediye 2-3 (18-25 25-19 22-25 25-19 17-19) stats
    Fenerbahçe - MEF Okulları 3-0 (25-23 25-20 25-14) stats
    Galatasaray - Polis Akademisi 3-1 (25-23 25-17 13-25 25-21) stats
    Arkas Spor - Ziraat Bankası 3-1 (25-21 25-23 19-25 25-21) stats
    Belediye Plevne - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 2-3 (16-25 21-25 25-22 25-16 12-15) stats

    1. Arkas Spor 17
    2. Halkbank 13
    3. Ziraat Bankası 13
    4. Belediye Plevne 13
    5. İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 12
    6. Fenerbahçe 11
    7. Maliye Milli Piyango 9
    8. Galatasaray 8
    9. Bozkurt Belediye 5
    10. SGK 4
    11. Polis Akademisi 3
    12. MEF Okulları 0

    7th round
    22-11-2008 SGK - Arkas Spor
    22-11-2008 Ziraat Bankası - Belediye Plevne
    22-11-2008 Polis Akademisi - Maliye Milli Piyango
    22-11-2008 MEF Okulları - Bozkurt Belediye
    22-11-2008 Fenerbahçe - Halkbank
    26-11-2008 İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Galatasaray

  • 7th round
    SGK - Arkas Spor 2-3 (11-25 25-21 20-25 25-23 11-15 stats
    Ziraat Bankası - Belediye Plevne 3-0 (25-23 25-21 25-21) stats
    Polis Akademisi - Maliye Milli Piyango 3-2 (18-25 26-24 25-23 20-25 19-17) stats
    MEF Okulları - Bozkurt Belediye 3-0 (25-21 25-23 25-13) stats
    Fenerbahçe - Halkbank 2-3 (23-25 20-25 25-20 27-25 16-18 ) stas
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Galatasaray 3-2 (19-25 21-25 27-25 25-21 15-12) stats

    8th round
    Halkbank - MEF Okulları 3-0 (25-20 25-21 25-19) stats
    Maliye Milli Piyango - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 0-3 (21-25 17-25 23-25) stats
    Galatasaray - Ziraat Bankası 3-1 (26-24 22-25 25-21 25-21) stats
    Arkas Spor - Fenerbahçe 3-2 (29-31 25-22 22-25 28-26 15-9) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Polis Akademisi 2-3 (24-26 21-25 25-18 25-23 13-15) stats
    Belediye Plevne - SGK 3-0 (25-23 25-17 25-19) stats

    1. Arkas Spor 21
    2. Halkbank 18
    3. İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 17
    4. Ziraat Bankası 16
    5. Belediye Plevne 16
    6. Fenerbahçe 13
    7. Galatasaray 12
    8. Maliye Milli Piyango 10
    9. Polis Akademisi 7
    10. Bozkurt Belediye 6
    11. SGK 5
    12. MEF Okulları 3

    9th round
    06-12-2008 SGK - Galatasaray
    06-12-2008 Halkbank - Arkas Spor
    06-12-2008 Ziraat Bankası - Maliye Milli Piyango
    06-12-2008 İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Bozkurt Belediye
    06-12-2008 Fenerbahçe - Belediye Plevne
    07-12-2008 MEF Okulları - Polis Akademisi

  • 9th round
    SGK - Galatasaray 0-3 (21-25 22-25 19-25) stats
    Halkbank - Arkas Spor 0-3 (18-25 19-25 20-25) stats
    Ziraat Bankası - Maliye Milli Piyango 3-1 (25-19 25-18 13-25 25-19) stats
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - Bozkurt Belediye 3-0 (25-11 25-23 25-17) stats
    Fenerbahçe - Belediye Plevne 3-0 (25-18 25-21 25-23) stats
    MEF Okulları - Polis Akademisi 2-3 (20-25 25-17 25-17 19-25 7-15) stats

    10th round
    Polis Akademisi - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 0-3 (22-25 20-25 18-25) stats
    Maliye Milli Piyango - SGK 3-1 (25-23 25-19 22-25 25-22) stats
    Galatasaray - Fenerbahçe 3-2 (11-25 17-25 25-16 25-21 15-10) stats
    Arkas Spor - MEF Okulları 3-1 (22-25 25-17 25-22 25-12) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Ziraat Bankası 0-3 (12-25 23-25 18-25) stats
    Belediye Plevne - Halkbank 1-3 (23-25 25-18 17-25 22-25) stats

    11th round
    SGK - Bozkurt Belediye 1-3 (22-25 25-17 20-25 20-25) stats
    Halkbank - Galatasaray 2-3 (22-25 25-20 25-22 25-27 10-15) stats
    Ziraat Bankası - Polis Akademisi 3-2 (25-18 25-19 23-25 22-25 15-10) stats
    Fenerbahçe - Maliye Milli Piyango 1-3 (18-25 25-17 22-25 18-25) stats
    MEF Okulları - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 0-3 (11-25 14-25 21-25) stats
    Arkas Spor - Belediye Plevne 3-0 (25-23 25-21 25-20) stats

    1. Arkas Spor 30
    2. İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 26
    3. Ziraat Bankası 24
    4. Halkbank 22
    5. Galatasaray 19
    6. Fenerbahçe 17
    7. Belediye Plevne 16
    8. Maliye Milli Piyango 16
    9. Polis Akademisi 10
    10. Bozkurt Belediye 9
    11. SGK 5
    12. MEF Okulları 4

  • I tried to find out a team in which I could make a difference

    Sinan Cem Tanık. We expect him to continue his volleyball life abroad but he suddenly binded himself to yellow-red colours. We talked honestly about his transfer to GS, 2 years Europe experience and his future targets.

    -Lets start your transfer to Galatasaray. You always said that you wanted to play abroad. How could Galatasaray convince you?
    At first, the increase of the game level in Turkey directed me and then I got Turkish Teams listed in my mind. Later, I tried to find out a team in which I could make a difference and built for victories. According to these feelings, I thought Galatasaray is the best place.

    -What do you expect from Galatasaray this year? Will the transfers be enough for championship?
    I believe we would play good volleyball that audience would enjoy. Technical level and potential of the team is so high. It will be a hard and tiresome period but our team has enough capacity to finish this race ahead by playing balanced and resistant volleyball. Of course we need to work much.

    -What do you think about Turkey League when you look at the last season?
    Quality raised too much. Very good foreigners came. I saw Turkish players developed and enable to carry their teams. I could not see that when I was in but I had an opportunity to look from outside for 2 years and I noticed this change. That’s good but when I think about the player base, team number is excessive. However number of the sponsors is less. I think, this is the worst problem we have. In Poland, team structure is the academy structure. They select their managers and managers find sponsors to have incomes. Managers here do not have enough knowledge about volleyball and there would nothing be good for volleyball.

    -What about now? Many important transfers have been done. How would be the league this season for you?
    As I told, league got harder. At the same time, many big teams have been renewed. This would create unexpected situations. There will be an exciting league in which challenge would be high, results would be unknown.

    -Do you like the transfers? Who is the most important transfer for you?
    Piotr Gruszka to Arkas, Brook Billings to Fenerbahçe and our libero Richard Lambourne will be important players for their teams.

    -You had an operation in summer. You were away from the national team. No one knows how serious your operation was. Should you talk about your injury and your existing situation?
    My doctor TAHSİN BEYZADEOĞLU told me that he fixed a few serious state at the end of the operation I had in May. I do not want to mention techically much but it was for genetic reasons. A few complains of me were solved due to my volleyball life and I neglected to strengthen. I had setrenghtening and therapy seances 4-5 hours a day in SPORTMED during all summer. Doctors thought that I would play again in 3-4 months but with the help of seances, I start to play in 2.5 months. I am still working to strenghten and it will be for almost 1 year. I believe I would play volleyball with 100% capacity before the league starts.

    -I want to talk about the national team. Many different improvements exposed in a short time. First your generation played many important matches which Olimpic Qualification and European Championship. What will you say about those matches?
    We had 2 great chances but we could not use these chances. We could not play what we want. We lose the matches that we thought to win. But we accomplish to raise the level. We can attend the big tournements now. By keeping the level and increasing the experience, our purpose is moving to better places on the next years.

    -A new rejuvenescence has been done. A wide and young squad has been built. How do you evaluate the play in European League?
    Honestly, game and result were not much important for me in this tournement. The aim was to prepare the young players for the future and prevent their tensions in national matches. Also to find out the useful players to add the base squad for the next European Championship. I guess the trainer Fausto Polidori thought like this and built the squad. He planned to make small actions and tests when he watch the young players with a few experienced players. That’s why comments are useless about the results.

    -You were able to be together in the second stage of these camps and meet trainer Polidori. How did you see the position of national team?
    National team’s plans were made for the future tournements and the reason of the camp I joined was we had no chance to have training with Fausto, Selçuk and Fatih and had no chance to meet the young players in order to teach them volleyball . I believe it was so useful and have to be come round when there was enough time.

    -You had played 2 years in Poland. How was the last season for you?
    It was different from the season 1 year before. Matches intensified with the national team. Poland League was different from the year before. I turned to my team so late after European Championship. We were a new team. Opposite player and the second spiker who is my opposite had changed. We could not catch the rhythm. We got much difficulties and lose many matches that we expected to win. We were 3rd in 2 years in which I played there. We were restful for the other 3rd grade but to be 3rd in the last season was observed as a failure.

    -How was the medium?
    So funny. I settle with the American and German. The club was more professional than the year before. Everything was done which had to be done. Homes and cars were given to the players.

    -How was the season for you personally?
    Not a good season for me because of the injuries. The season before I was carrying the team but the last season, I was a duty player. I worked on services and receive. My receive developed so much. I was the second receiver after American Libero. That is nice. We had a problem with my trainer in Poland. I had not played in last 5 matches. I was just a service player.

    -I know there are many offers for you both in the country and abroad teams. What was the reason that you chose Poland?
    They are the 2nd in the world and it was a good point to see their quality. There are many countries facing with predatory challenges and the name wars of star players. Poland is far away from these, only good play is important. That’s why I chose there in my first year abroad. After 1 year experience, I liked their traditions, volleyball intelligence and I got a wonderful offer from my team and setter. Finally I decided to stay there. There are 10 teams in Poland and 8 of them plays for top. That makes the league contentious and amusing. Also number of the sponsors and much money magnetize the star players.

    -How was the audience interest in Poland?
    We had a 3000 persons capacity hall. Sometimes we we played 2-3 matches a week and tickets were sold for 11-12 euro. Every match is serious. Balls and signed shirts are sold. These increase the interest. Usually halls are full. 45k tickets are sold in 48 hours. Every match is in live broadcast on tv but this never decreases the interest.

    -What is the reason for that?
    Neither Soccer nor basketball is as popular as volleyball. There are many good players. National players are in the view.

    -As an abroad experienced player, what will you say about the foreign players? What is the benefit for Turkish Volleyball to increase or decrease of the number of foreign player ?
    Contribution of the foreign players to the leagues that they play in is so much unquestionable. Number of foreign players should be fixed by evaluating the level of domestic players and country volleyball. For example for Russia that has so many good players and foreign player number should make a little difference but for the countries as Italy, Greece, France and Turkey, level should decrease sharply. Arise would contribute the league level but in middle or long term, national team potential would be affected negative.

    -Who do you think are the good and skilful players in Turkey?
    In Galatasaray, young middle players Ahmet and Ibrahim, opposite player Kemal have potentials if they work hard in the future.

    source: http://www.voleybolunsesi.com

  • 12th round
    SGK - Polis Akademisi 3-0 (25-22 25-20 25-22) stats
    Ziraat Bankası - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 0-3 (28-30 17-25 18-25) stats
    Fenerbahçe - Bozkurt Belediye 3-0 (25-20 25-19 25-14) stats
    Arkas Spor - Galatasaray 3-0 (25-20 25-20 25-18 ) stats
    Belediye Plevne - MEF Okulları 1-3 (25-21 22-25 23-25 21-25) stats
    Halkbank - Maliye Milli Piyango 3-1 (25-22 26-24 21-25 25-21) stats

    1. Arkas Spor 33
    2. İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 29
    3. Halkbank 25
    4. Ziraat Bankası 24
    5. Fenerbahçe 20
    6. Galatasaray 19
    7. Belediye Plevne 16
    8. Maliye Milli Piyango 16
    9. Polis Akademisi 10
    10. Bozkurt Belediye 9
    11. SGK 8
    12. MEF Okulları 7

    13th round
    17-01-2009 Polis Akademisi - Fenerbahçe
    17-01-2009 İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - SGK
    18-01-2009 Maliye Milli Piyango - Arkas Spor
    18-01-2009 MEF Okulları - Ziraat Bankası
    18-01-2009 Galatasaray - Belediye Plevne
    18-01-2009 Bozkurt Belediye - Halkbank

  • Salmon Riley departs Ziraat Bank.

    Due to continuing medical problems Salmon Riley, Olympic Gold Medal winner with his national team USA in the past 2008 Olympics, has come to a definite decision of going back to the United States to continue with the treatment for the condition that has afflicted him during the past months.

    It all started in the middle of the first round when Riley was at a great level of play and helping Ziraat become a contender for the Aroma Voleybol Ligleri season 2008-2009 when suddenly he started to get sick of the stomach and after a couple of days his blood pressure started to spike for no apparent reason. Since then there have been more than plenty of studies done both in Turkey and also in the US and finally Riley and his doctors back home thought that he was getting better during the Christmas break and cleared him to start again. He came back to Turkey convinced that he was going to be able to help Ziraat in this second half of the season but as soon as he started practicing once again his blood pressure started spiking once more.

    After more tests done in Turkey they have diagnosed him with Thyroid Disease. The treatment might involve surgery and that is why both Riley and Ziraat Bank Sports Club have agreed that he is free to go and continue with his treatment in his home back in the United States.

    source: contrerasivan.com

  • In Zirat Bank is playing now Vlado Aleksandrov from Chernomore BASK Varna :) i think he replaced Salmon becaue of this injury.

    "Every volleyball player is a little bit psychopath, there are no normal people who want to voluntarily dedicate their life to this sport"
    Plamen Konstantinov

  • I hope Riley will get well from that illness.

  • 13th round
    Polis Akademisi - Fenerbahçe 2-3 (15-25 26-24 17-25 25-12 13-15) stats
    İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi - SGK 3-0 (25-19 25-17 30-28 ) stats
    Maliye Milli Piyango - Arkas Spor 1-3 (25-18 21-25 17-25 16-25) stats
    MEF Okulları - Ziraat Bankası 2-3 (22-25 25-22 22-25 25-22 14-16) stats
    Galatasaray - Belediye Plevne 3-0 (28-26 25-15 25-19) stats
    Bozkurt Belediye - Halkbank 1-3 (22-25 25-22 21-25 24-26) stats

    Ranking after 13th round
    1. Arkas Spor 36
    2. İst.B.Şehir Bld. 32
    4. Halkbank 28
    3. Ziraat Bankası 26
    5. Fenerbahçe 22
    6. Galatasaray 22
    7. Belediye Plevne 16
    8. Maliye Milli Piyango 16
    9. Polis Akademisi 11
    10. Bozkurt Bld. 9
    11. SGK 8
    12. MEF Okulları 8

    14th round
    Halkbank - Polis Akademisi 3-2 (25-15 25-22 15-25 23-25 15-8 ) stats
    SGK - Ziraat Bankası 0-3 (24-26 21-25 29-31) stats
    Galatasaray - MEF Okulları 3-2 (25-20 25-21 21-25 17-25 15-12) stats
    Arkas Spor - Bozkurt Belediye 3-0 (25-14 25-21 25-16) stats
    Belediye Plevne - Maliye Milli Piyango 0-3 (18-25 22-25 21-25) stats
    Fenerbahçe - İst.B.Şehir Belediyesi 29.01.2009