Bulgaria's Matey Kaziyski Named Europe's Top Volleyball Play

  • "Gottlib" wrote:

    i like all the slavonic teams and its style. The powerful volleyball. It looks so good. Someday we well be able to win Brazil team..

    exactly like me :) i`m big fan of balkan volleyball.
    Anyway i hope someday Brazil will be defeated in the final (OG for example :D) by Bulgaria or Serbia... 8):roll:

    "Every volleyball player is a little bit psychopath, there are no normal people who want to voluntarily dedicate their life to this sport"
    Plamen Konstantinov

  • ANN great pics, thans so much for sharing!! :super:

    "To get from the sport what I have got,
    rain what you really like,
    always work at least a little more than you are asked to
    and believe that everything that happens to you
    is leading you to the TOP!"
    Ivan Miljković