• Hey Guys,

    as long as we have this forum, id love to try some things out.
    I just created a little open usergroup, which is called "the great group of lena d. fans". I chose that as the first group cos its a little inside-joke in one topic, which brought up the whole idea for me.

    Its just a test to know how this group thing generally works.
    If it will have some interesting aspects, ill add new groups, like "brazilian supporters" or sth similar.

    Just to explain how to join a group:
    1. Go to ur profile panel, where u can change several settings.
    2. Click on the Tab "Usergroups"
    3. There u should find a list of available groups u can join

    It would be nice if sb of yours could try to join the group, you dont have to be a Lena fan actually. And then tell me if the join- process works properly.
    I cant check it myself because of the admin rights and i dont know if it is as easy as for me.

    would be nice to have some non-mods who volunteer :wavy: