Valentina Fiorin

  • Valentina Fiorin

    Position: Outside Hitter

    Height: 187cm

    Birth Date: 09/10/1984

    Birth Place: Dolo (Ve - Italy)

    Club: RC Cannes

    1. When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
    I started playing volleyball when I was 8, in the club of my little town. My father used to help this club when he had time, and one day he asked me if I wanted to try to play volleyball. You know, in that period male Italy volleyball team was in its “golden age”, they were winning a lot, and I used to watch them on tv every once in a while... I was curious to try! I started going to the gym and it was love at first sight.

    2. What would you have done if you hadn't been a volleyball player?
    Probably I would be a good university student... You know I was pretty good at school! But I don't know what I would have done, I mean I had no preferences about the school subjects... Maybe languages.

    3. What is your most memorable volleyball moment?
    I will always remember the 2005 world grand prix... We were a very young team, with no much experience, but we got the silver medal (after Brazil!). I played very well those matches, my parents recorded them and they use to watch them every once in a while.

    4. What do you think about level of volleyball in the French League?
    The level here in France is lower than in Italy. We won all the matches so far... But we'll see at the end of the season!

    5. What are your plans on the future?

    Frankly... I don't have big plans now! I'll just try to play volleyball as long as I can and then... I don't know. I don't think I will want to coach, maybe I'll definitely change kind of work... No idea!

    6. What country, of those where you played (with NT or club), you memorized most of all and why?
    Well I've been a lot of time in Japan (grand prix, world cup, world championship....) and I found that it's so different from every other country I've seen! Everything is clean and well organized (in fact if you try to mess up their program they go crazy!), people is kind and polite, there's a completely different mentality over there.

    7. Who is your favourite male volleyball player if you have one?
    I've always loved Lorenzo Bernardi as player, I used to watch him play on tv when I was younger and he really was the best player ever.

    8. What do you like to do most of all, except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby?
    I like reading, the last book I've read has almost 700 pages and I've finished it in 3 days! And I love watching movies too, of all kinds, except horror movies. A couple of week ago I planted a bonsai seed, it's just sprouted up. I hope I'll be able to take care of it, but it's gonna take years! We'll see.

    9. What is your favourite place/city in Italy?

    One of my favorite place in Italy is Verona, you know, the city of Romeo and Juliet! I really like it, the downtown is nice, and it's not too big (I hate big cities, they're too chaotic...). But I'm also fascinated by Rome, I like it because anywhere you look you find a piece of history.

    10. What's your favourite movie?

    I like so many movies that I can't say which one I like the most...

    11. What kind of music do you prefer
    I listen mostly pop and I also like hip-hop. My favourite group is U2, but I rarely update my ipod because I'm not music-addicted... I like very much listening my favourite movies' soundtrack.

    12. What is your motto?
    I have no motto... But once I've heard one that really intrigued me: “be the bullett, not the target”.

    13. If a movie was made about your life, which actor or actress would you want to play you?
    Nice question... Can I choose the hottest actress in the world?? No, mmhh I think I'd want Anne Hathaway, I like her, she's simple.

    14. Do you have any dream?
    I'll leave aside the “sport dreams” cause I think that it's obvious that every sportsman/woman wants to win as much as he/she can. So, I don't want to sound philosophical or something, but what I really want is having no regrets in my life, because having no regrets means that, whatever happened in your life, you went hard at everything, you used all the resources you had. That's a great thing and it's not granted.

  • I love Vale! :) She's so nice and also I like her a player!
    She has ups and downs, but I think it happens, and I am sure she'll play better :)
    Sometimes, trust is what matters :)

  • She is a sweatheart indeed!!!Very polite and inteligent girl! ^^