European League 2009

  • LAOLA TV will broadcast the following matches this weekend:


    Saturday, June 13th
    16:00h CET Greece - Romania
    17:30h CET Spain - Turkey
    19:00h CET Great Britain - Croatia

    Sunday, June 14th
    15:00h CET Belgium - Germany
    18:00h CET Greece - Romania

  • Results: 12.06.2009
    Pool A:
    Spain - Turkey 3-1 (25-20)(23-25)(25-17)(25-18 )
    Pool B:
    Belgium - Germany 2-3 (25-22)(18-25)(23-25)(25-22)(12-15)

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  • Results: 13.06.2009
    Pool A:
    Great Britain - Croatia 3-0 (25-16)(25-22)(25-23)
    Spain - Turkey 3-1 (25-15)(22-25)(25-20)(25-19)
    Pool B:
    Greece - Romania 3-0 (25-12)(25-23)(28-26))
    Pool C:
    Belarus - Austria 3-1 (25-18 )(24-26)(25-17)(25-21)
    Portugal - Slovakia 3-0 (25-19)(25-20)(25-20)

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  • Been a while since my last post, out here in South Africa even less volleyball than in Scotland.

    Was looking forward to watching the GB games but laola didnt work, was it the same over the world or just here?

  • Quote

    Was looking forward to watching the GB games but laola didnt work, was it the same over the world or just here?

    I didn't watch the whole game but it was working perfectly for me :) I watched the second set only but it was OK!

  • Results: 14.06.2009
    Pool A:
    Great Britain - Croatia 3-1 (24-26)(25-18 )(25-16)(25-18 )
    Pool B:
    Belgium - Germany 3-2 (22-25)(25-19)(18-25)(25-20)(15-13)
    Greece - Romania 3-2 (23-25)(25-19)(25-22)(22-25)(15-11)
    Pool C:
    Belarus - Austria 3-1 (25-22)(25-18 )(20-25)(25-20)
    Portugal - Slovakia 1-3 (24-26)(12-25)(25-18 )(22-25)

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  • Croatian federation received 20 cancellation of 20 best players in country. So in England was like 2nd team of domestic league selection, cause first also cancelled. And it is totally logic that it looks like it does.

    In matter of fact, they are only playing not to get 10years ban from CEV or FIVB, and its shame and disgrace for our country, but finally all Europe can se what was happening under surface this 5-6 years, at least this got out and it is only benefit we have but doubt it will turn around anything. :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos:

  • Thanks for the info, gee, I had no idea there were such problems within the Croatian Federation

  • Croatian federation received 20 cancellation of 20 best players in country. So in England was like 2nd team of domestic league selection, cause first also cancelled. And it is totally logic that it looks like it does.

    In matter of fact, they are only playing not to get 10years ban from CEV or FIVB, and its shame and disgrace for our country, but finally all Europe can se what was happening under surface this 5-6 years, at least this got out and it is only benefit we have but doubt it will turn around anything. :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos:

    may you give more detail about the conflict between croatian federation and CEV?

  • Pool A
    27.06.2009 18:00 Great Britain - Turkey LIVE on 19:00 (CET)
    28.06.2009 17:00 Great Britain - Turkey
    26.06.2009 20:30 Spain - Croatia
    27.06.2009 16:00 Spain - Croatia LIVE on 16:00 (CET)

    Pool B
    26.06.2009 20:00 Belgium - Romania
    28.06.2009 20:00 Belgium - Romania LIVE on 15:00 (CET)
    26.06.2009 20:30 Greece - Germany LIVE on 19:30 (CET)
    27.06.2009 19:00 Greece - Germany LIVE on 18:00 (CET)

    Pool C
    27.06.2009 20:00 Slovakia - Belarus
    28.06.2009 19:00 Slovakia - Belarus
    27.06.2009 17:00 Portugal - Austria
    28.06.2009 16:00 Portugal - Austria LIVE on 17:00 (CET)

  • Pool A
    Great Britain - Turkey 1:3 (25:21 18:25 21:25 17:25) stats
    Great Britain - Turkey 0:3 (28:30 23:25 20:25) stats
    Spain - Croatia 3:1 (21:25 25:17 25:14 25:17) stats
    Spain - Croatia 3:1 (24:26 25:19 25:16 25:22) stats
    1. Spain 16
    2. Turkey 14
    3. Great Britain 10
    4. Croatia 8

    Pool B
    Belgium - Romania 3:0 (25:22 25:20 25:22) stats
    Belgium - Romania 3:0 (25:22 25:19 29:27) stats
    Greece - Germany 1:3 (20:25 27:25 25:27 17:25) stats
    Greece - Germany 3:1 (18:25 25:20 25:20 25:23) stats
    1. Belgium 13
    2. Germany 13
    3. Greece 12
    4. Romania 10

    Pool C
    Slovakia - Belarus 3:0 (25:15 25:17 25:23) stats
    Slovakia - Belarus 3:0 (25:20 25:12 25:21) stats
    Portugal - Austria 3:0 (25:23 25:21 25:17) stats
    Portugal - Austria 3:0 (25:14 25:23 25:20) stats
    1. Slovakia 14
    2. Portugal 12
    3. Belarus 12
    4. Austria 10

  • Final Four of the 2009 Men’s European League will be staged next July 18-19 in Portimao, Portugal.

    Having been appointed as organizer of the event, Portugal is automatically granted a spot for the finals; teams topping the final standings in Pool A, B and C will join the Portuguese.

  • Spain and Germany sail to 2009 European League final
    In the crucial phase of the 2009 European League in Portimão (POR), Germany and 2007 European champions Spain will meet in tomorrow Sunday’s European League final. Whilst Spain struggled against Slovakia in the first set (12-25) before winning 3:1, Portugal couldn’t take advantage of the home court, losing against Germany in straight sets.

    The duel between host Portugal and Germany started tightly with both teams hitting top gear early on and scoring some fine winners. The second technical timeout came with the hosts in front 16-14 while Germany bounced back strongly on the back of improved blocking and cover defence, 23-23. German super star Jochen Schöps brought up a first set point for Germany with a burning back row winner, and when Max Günthör blocked for 26-24 some moments later, the guests from Germany led 1:0.
    The match remained a tight affair and spikers from both sides continued smashing home some awe-inspiring winners. Portugal reached the first technical timeout in the second set 8-7 ahead after a clever Flavio Cruz attack, but the Germans used a 9-4 run to take a 16-11 lead. The German pressure was now very intense with Portugal faltering on the net. A hammer from middle blocker Georg Wiebel and a Günthör block kill kept the German team four points ahead at 21-17. When Flavio sent his serve wide, Germany won the second set 25-20.
    Sebastian Schwarz, Robert Kromm and Schöps kept the Germans on course in the third set, and the team of head coach Raul Lozano led the first technical timeout 8-6. But the Portuguese spikers came back, with Valdir and Flavio working effectively once more, 20-21. But it was the Germans, though, who kept the upper hand and a spike by György Grozer brought up match point at 24-22. Schwarz finally closed it out for the Germans with a smart block out on the left.

    Juan Diaz, head coach of Portugal commented: "We started the match very stable. Unfortunately, we missed some serves at the end of the first set. Tomorrow there's another day, we'll do our best to claim the bronze medal against Slovakia."

    Raul Lozano, German head coach said: "We started poorly, but grew during the match. I think my players deserve this victory. Now we turn the page and concentrate for tomorrow's game against Spain."

    European champion Spain clawed back from one set down to beat Slovakia 3:1 (12-25, 27-25, 30-28, 25-19) in today’s first semi-final of the Men’s European Final Four in Portimão, Portugal.
    2007 edition’s winner Slovakia were into the game quickly and after an ace by Martin Nemec, the Slovakians came into the first technical timeout ahead 8-4. Spain spiker Iban Pérez popped up on the right to strike home, but when Marlon Palharini sent it wide, Spanish head coach legend Julio Velasco tried to reorganize the game by calling his first timeout. However, the Slovakian boys continued their top form with Spain stumbling in reception, 16-6 at the second technical timeout. Spain had a lot of trouble in finding their range in this first set, while Slovakia showed great battling quality in their defense, at the net and on the backcourt. After 21 minutes, Slovakia closed it out 25-12 (!) after another Spanish serve fault.
    Spain was still having difficulty finding their form as they dropped some points early in the second set because of poor attacking. The spotlight was on Spanish setter Miguel Angel Falasca who tried to find better solutions to destroy the two-strong and even three-strong blocking system of Slovakia to keep the points coming for Spain, who reached the first technical timeout 8-6 ahead. The teams then went head to head through to 22-22, before Falasca blocked for a first Spanish set point, 24-22. However, a Jozef Piovarci quick attack and a Nemec ace leveled again, 24-24. Spanish middle blocker Julian Garcia-Torres finished it two rallies later with a well-timed block kill on the right.
    Having increased their reception from 46% in the first set to 73% in the second, 2007 European champions Spain tried to boost their game, but Slovakian superstar Nemec moved his team four points ahead at the first technical timeout in set No. 3. Slovakia had the momentum and scored three out of the next four points to lead 11-5, forcing Spain off for their second timeout. The Spaniards sought to take advantage of small Slovakian setter Michal Masny at the net, but outstanding Slovakian Libero Martin Pipa kept his team on pace in defense. But when the Spaniards bounced back bravely from 17-23 to 23-23, 24-24 and 28-28, the score turned around in Spain’s favor. With Slovakian Nemec’s spike into the net and Spoko far too long, the Spaniards ended it 30-28 for 2-1 set lead.
    The Velasco team kept the upper hand in the fourth set when the Spaniards led 16-13 at the second technical timeout. Young Sergio Noda brought up match point with a well-timed shot on the base line, and when Nemec sent his serve into the net, 2007 European champions Spain secured their spot in Sunday’s final of the 2009 Men’s European League. Best scorers of the match were Martin Nemec (26 points) as well as Iban Perez (16).

    “My players have to think about the end of the third set”, said Slovakian head coach Emanuele Zanini. “A six-point lead was not enough to close out the third set. Spain took advantage of their experience, congratulations.”

    Julio Velasco, Spanish head coach said: “We didn’t manage to control Martin Nemec in the first set. After some substitutions, we found our rhythm to come back strongly. I’m looking forward to play Sunday’s final here in Portimão.”


    Saturday, July 18, 2009
    Spain vs. Slovakia 3:1 (12-25, 27-25, 30-28, 25-29)
    Portugal vs. Germany 0:3 (24-26, 20-25, 23-25)

    Sunday, July 19, 2009
    18:00h CET Bronze medal match: Slovakia vs. Portugal
    20:30h CET Final match: Spain vs. Germany

    Team line-ups:
    Portugal: Andre, Malveiro, Marco, Fidalgo, Teixeira, Violas, Eden, J. Jose, Valdir, Flavio, Ruca, Ivo. Coach: Diaz.
    Slovakia: Bencz, Masny, Kohut, Pipa, Piovarci, Joscak, Sopko, Ogurcak, Nemec, Janusek, Zatko, Divis. Coach: Zanini.
    Spain: Perez, F. Rodriguez, Hernan, Salas, Valido, MA Falasca, Torres, Palharini, Rodriguez, Noda, Saucedo, Parres. Coach: Velasco.
    Germany: Westphal, Schwarz, Wiebel, Böhme, Schöps, Rieke, Tille, Kromm, Günthör, Bakumovski, P. Steuerwald, Grozer. Coach: Lozano.

  • Germany take European League gold after a thrilling five-setter

    Germany won the gold medal of the sixth edition of the CEV Men’s European League after a thrilling five-setter against Spain. The Germans defeated the European champions Spain 25-20, 21-25, 25-20, 17-25, 15-7 Sunday at Portimão Arena in Algarve to take their first European League trophy. Host Portugal claimed bronze with a straight-set victory over Slovakia.

    In the final encounter of the 2009 Men’s European League facing European champions Spain and Germany, the Iberians had difficulty finding their range at the beginning in the opening set; the Germans were kept on course through some aggressive attacks and blocks from Gyoergy Grozer. The German team, starting without their super star Jochen Schoeps, came into the second technical timeout in front 16-8, following another Grozer hammer from the right side. As in their semifinal against Slovakia, the Spaniards were mentally not ready to play the first set on their standart level. They tried to return with some classic play, but it was the German block that impressed, notably Grozer and Wiebel. Max Guenthoer continued his top form, delivering another skillful block, to move the Germans ahead, 22-18. The Spaniards looked in peril, having difficulty breaking through before awarding Germany the first set at 25-20.
    Some classic winners by Grozer on the right and a majestic serve ace from Patrick Steuerwald still triggered applause of the audience in the Portimão Arena in the second set, but Spanish players obviously raised their game, coming into the first technical timeout trailing only by two. The Iberian skippers swatted some fine winners, delivering a 4-0 run, and Germany head coach Raul Lozano called a timeout at 8-10. The momentum had changed, and the experienced Iban Perez and Israel Rodriguez kept points coming for Spain with breathtaking blocking and fine winners, moving them four points ahead at the second technical timeout, 16-12. Perez again climbed well on the right to beat the strong German defense and was able to pull back one set for Spain after a lob, 25-21.
    Germany came out for the third set with vastly improved blocking and attacking, jumping to a 5-1 lead and prompting an early timeout from Spain. Alberto Salas pounded some winners on the left for Spain but it was Germany that came into first technical timeout ahead 8-4. The never-say-die Spaniards tried to return with a comeback, sometimes cutting the lead to within three points. However, Germany claimed the set 25-20 at last after a Grozer missile from back court and a poor Falasca serve.
    The Spanish team showed some battling quality in the fourth set and reached the first technical timeout at 8-3. The 2007 Eurpean League winners continued the pressure upon Germany and stretched the lead to 16-8. The set was over as a contest now; and when Perez brought up set point for Spain at 24-17, both teams were already focussing on the upcoming tiebreak.
    Spain did not help themselves with poor attacking in the tiebreak, 0-3 after three glorious German blocks. Perez and Schwarz exchanged winners through to 6-2 in Germany’s favor, and Schoeps found some room with a well-placed spike for 7-4. Schoeps again beat the red block for 8-4 Germany at the turnaround, and a Schoeps ace on the restart sent Spain into a timeout, trailing by five. Germany capitalised on a loose Spanish attack to make it 10-4, and Wiebel's block for 13-6 dashed the Spanish hopes for a comeback. Rodriguez sent his serve too long to bring up match point for Germany at 14-7, and Schwarz closed it out with a clever block kill on the right to secure gold.

    "We expected more than this", said Spanish head coach Julio Velasco. "It was impossible to recover after three consecutive German block kills at the start of the fifth set. We experienced some problems in attacking today due to poor receptions and a very strong German block. Congratulations!"

    Raul Lozano, German head coach, is "very happy with this historical win. It is very important for us to have won the first European League title. Spain did a great job with a young team too, congratulations."

    Host Portugal seized the bronze medal with a straight-set victory over Slovakia. The Slovaks were not able to play again on the same top level what they did against Spain on Saturday. Especially in attacking, the hosts showed their class to the delight of the home crowd in the Portimão Arena. However, all three sets were hard-fought as the Slovaks never gave up. But Portugal showed their great fighting spirit. Slovakian Martin Nemec was the best scorer of the match with 20 points while Portuguese Valdir Sequeira scored 18 points.

    Michal Masny, the Slovakian captain said: “We started badly, and we finished even worse. It has been a tough weekend for our team.”

    Joao Miguel Jose, captain of Portugal added: “We are happy with the way we played today. It was essential to come back after yesterday’s defeat. In the second set when things were tight we kept cool.”

    Individual Awards:
    MVP: Jochen SCHOEPS (GER)
    Best Scorer: Martin NEMEC (SVK)
    Best Server: Sequeira VALDIR (POR)
    Best Spiker: Jochen SCHOEPS (GER)
    Best Blocker: Gyoergy GROZER (GER)
    Best Setter: Miguel Angel FALASCA (ESP)
    Best Receiver: Lopes ANDRE (POR)
    Best Libero: Martin PIPA (SVK)

    Picture Gallery

    Bronze medal match: Slovakia vs. Portugal 0:3 (22-25, 23-25, 21-25)
    Final match: Spain vs. Germany 2:3 (20-25, 25-21, 20-25, 25-17, 7-15)

    1. Germany
    2. Spain
    3. Portugal
    4. Slovakia