Montreux 2009

  • Brazil won Montreux tournament what a surprice :sos: :lol:
    thay are claerly without a doubt the best team in the world right now and i really don't see anyone who can stop them from winning a title after title congratulation Brazil :thumbup: i really start to like this team :D

    and yeah for Poland the only team who won a set with Brazil great job girls :lol:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • Brazil showed good volleyball and the most important thing for me was the team's blocking and fighting spirit. However, with Natália and Mári, Brazil's reception is lacking efficiency. Both Natália and Mári used to play as opposite and maybe that's why Brazil's team reception is not working well. If Natália's reception improve, I believe the team will have less problems in the matches to come. Anyway, Jaqueline and Paula are coming back to the NT, maybe for the World Grand Prix already and the team's reception tends to improve. It is of paramount importance, though, that both Natália and Mári could improve in reception, cause the team will be even stronger.

    Against Italy, Brazil's coming back both in the 2nd and 3rd sets were amazing. In the second set, Italy was leading 17-14 and Brazil scored 11 points against just 1 point from Italy and eventually won 25-18. In the third set, Italy was leading 20-12 and Brazil was able to beat them 25-23, scoring the last four points in blocking.

    The only player who were not given the chance to play in the Montreux Tournament was Camila Brait. I believe her debut in Brazil's adult team will be in the Pan-Am Cup.

  • The awarding ceremony didn't have the subtitles and I couldn't hear what the narrators in the Gymnasium were saying.

    The awarded players were the following, if I were able to make out what they said correctly:

    Chaine Staelens (NED) - Best Server
    Xue Ming (CHN) - Best Attacker
    Caroline Gattaz (BRA) - Best Blocker
    Fabiana Oliveira (BRA) - Best Libero
    Fabiana Claudino (BRA) - MVP

  • Thanks for the information, I appreciate it, Actuaally even a very volleyball amteur would be able to select Fabiana and CArolline.,. SO obvious

  • Remember about World Championships qualification tournament :) For me, it's more important than European Championships... :whistle:

    Yes, I forgot. :D

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • The Best Player
    Best Scorer: Flier Manon
    Best Spiker: Xue Ming
    Best Blocker: Gattaz Caroline
    Best Server: Staelens Chaine
    Best Digger: de Oliveira Fabiana
    Best Receiver: Hui Ruoqi
    Best Setter: Staelens Kim
    Libero: de Oliveira Fabiana
    MVP: Claudino Fabiana Marcelino

  • I was in Montreux saturday for the 1/2 finals.

    I was really impressed with the young italian girls. A great fighting spirit and a beautiful game to watch.
    For germany Kozuch was unstoppable, she can spike all kind of sets like Sokolova.
    Poland really needs to improove a lot if they want to win the european championship at home. I don't like their game, very conventional, noting exciting.
    I was a little bit upset with japan performance, they are not playing fast anymore. The takahashi substitute is not as good as her and Takeshita keep giving her a lot of balls. Erica is really a good player It's a shame that this year she didn't plays with bergamo.
    Brazil is still brazil. Very good in defence, great serves, Fabiana is brazil new star now that Fofao retire.

  • Poland really needs to improove a lot if they want to win the european championship at home. I don't like their game, very conventional, noting exciting.

    I suppose they want to, but I don't think they are capable of doing it...

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Hello everyone! I would just like to ask esp. to our Italian friends here... Is this the new Italian team for the next 4 years or just for this tournament? Thanks (I like them..all are young but can play very well).

    5: RONDON Giulia
    6: MARCON Francesca
    7: QUARANTA Annamaria
    8: MERLO Enrica
    10: PINCERATO, Giulia
    11: ORTOLANI Serena
    12: ANGELONI, Veronica
    13: ARRIGHETTI Valentina
    15: CRISANTI Lucia
    16: BOSETTI Lucia
    17: GARZARO Ilaria
    18: BARCELLINI Cristina

    "[size=8]It's years and years of work and sacrifice and dedication. Along with a lot of these girls, we've sweat and we've bled and we've cried together in past Olympics. It just brought tears to my eyes, & I'm more than thrilled. This will be forever." -LOGAN MAILE LEI TOM (Silver Medallist - 2008 Beijing & 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 World Cup runner up, 2003 & 2007 World Cup 3rd place, 2002 World Champs runner up, 4-time World GrandPrix Champs)

  • A curiosity about the final match between Brazil and Italy.

    In the first set the match was tied 13-13 and Brazil scored 12-4 to take the 1st set 25-17.
    In the second set the match was 16-11 for Italy and then Brazil scored 14-2 to take the second set 25-18.
    In the third set the match was 20-12 for Italy and then Brazil scored 13-3 to take the third set 25-23.

  • Yes, this was really impressive Celso...

    It seems our team is showing the power of growing in the final moments!!!

    Go Brazil!

    "No time for losers 'cause we are the champions" :whistle: :dance6:

    BRASIL, Gold in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games!!!! :obey: :dance4: