Marisa Fernandez

  • Position: Middle Blocker
    Birth date: 06.09.1982
    Birth place: (Fuentes de Andalucía) SPAIN
    Height: 194 cm
    Club: Panathinaikos

    When did you start playing volleyball and why did you choose this sport?
    I started to play at 14 years old in my town, Fuentes de Andalucía. I did it because my cousin Manolin motivated me to work at this sport.

    What is your most memorable volleyball moment?
    It was last year, when I was named "Best Blocker" in the Final Four of Indesit Champions League for all the effort, because the week previous to the competition I suffered a cut in my wrist and played with two stitches and also for the bad economic situation of the club.

    Have you got a role model in volleyball?
    In Spanish Volleyball, Rafa Pascual and Marta Gens.

    What for you is the most different playing in Greek League than it was playing in Spain?
    There are no many differences to technical - tactical level in the game, but I'm impressed because the players are present in media and a great quantity of fans come to see Panathinaikos.

    What are your plans on the future?
    At the personal level, I want to finish my studies of Physical therapy and to be a mom in a future.
    At the sport level, I want to become strong in the Greek League and to continue growing like player, to make a good season with the national team.

    If you were a coach and could create a team with players from all over the world, who would you choose?
    Fofao, De Carne, Glinka and Kilic, Gioli and Ana Ibis Fernández, Sykora as libero.

    Which National Team or club do you like the most for the way they are playing? (you cannot name your own NT or Club)
    The Chinese national team to the final of the Olympic Games of Athens 2004.

    Who is your favourite male volleyball player if you have one?
    I have no one in particular. I try to observe the things I like most about high-level players, to keep learning from them.

    What are your aspirations with your current club, Panathinaikos Athens?
    I consider myself an ambitious person and that's why I always aspire to everything that I can get. We currently play in three competitions and my goals are to achieve the maximum in each: get the title of Greek Cup and Greek League and, why not, the European League Challenge Cup

    Please, name three things that most people don't know about you.
    1- I can sleep easily
    2- I am a member of the Spanish Asoociación against Cancer
    3- I don't like fake people

    How do you see Spain NT for the next European Championships in Poland?
    I see an excited team, wanting to do something important, to get beyond the participation of other years and wanting to work and continue to grow.

    What do you like to do most of all, except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby?
    I love walking in my free time

    What is your favourite movie?
    Million Dollar Baby

    What kind of music do you like the most?
    As good Andalusian, I like flamenco, but in general music in Spanish.

    What is your favourite place on the Earth?
    My home, near to my family and husband, with whom that love me.

    What are the three words that describe you best?
    Sincerity, honesty and character.

    Do you have any dream?
    Olympic Games, to which all athletes aspire.

    I want to thank all those who believed in me from the beggining; my family, my husband, my friends, all those who like me, have made a great sacrifice to see me where I am today. Your steadfastness, strength and unconditional trust have fueled my success and I always have to go ahead. I am here because you walked with me, along to me, steadily and without allowing me to never surrender.

    Big thanks to elchicha for a help with interview.