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All Stars Game 2009. Russian Stars - World Stars

  • i'm downloading it as we speak from the torrents. can't wait. before it finishes (about 20-30 mins left), can you tell me who won? =d

  • I won't write result here, coz some people may not want to learn it before watching ;)
    You can get result and statistics here

  • awesome match, won't tell anything else because i don't want to ruin it. definetly worth the download. a lesson of deffence from both teams :)

  • Hi Lightmaster!

    Do you know where are the links os the "All Star Game 2008" ?


  • here's the torrent link also:


    and the lineups:
    Russian players:
    Main team:
    S - Vadim Khamuttskikh (Lokomotiv-Belogorie)
    OH - Sergey Tetyukhin (Loko-Belogorie), Alexander Kosarev (Loko-Belogorie)
    Opp - Semen Poltavskiy (Dinamo M)
    MB - Aleksey Kazakov (Ural Ufa), Andrey Egorchev (Iskra)
    L - Alexey Verbov (Iskra)

    S - Konstantin Ushakov (Ural), Sergey Grankin (Dinamo M)
    OH - Yuriy Berezhko (Dinamo M), Ilya Savelyev (Ural), Igor Shulepov (Gazprom-Ugra Surgut)
    Opp - Maxim Mihaylov (Yaroslavich), Mikhail Beketov (Fakel)
    MB - Alexander Volkov (Dinamo M)
    L - Aleksnadr Yanutov (Gazprom-Ugra)
    Head Coach - Boris Kolchin (Fakel)

    Foreign players:
    Main team:
    S - Lloy Ball (USA, Zenit Kazan)
    OH - Giba (Brazil, Iskra), Dante (Brazil, Dynamo M)
    Opp - Clayton Stanley (USA, Zenit)
    MB - Tsvetanov Hristo (Bulgaria, Lokomotiv Yekaterinburg, 2nd league), Vladimir Titarenko (Russia/Ukraine, Dynamo M)
    L - Richard Lambourne (USA, Lokomotiv-Belogorie)

    S - Kevin Hansen (USA, Fakel)
    OH - Reid Priddy (USA, Lokomotiv N), Sean Rooney (USA, Fakel), Peter Veresh (Hungary, Ural), Domotor Meszaros (Hungary, Gazprom-Ugra)
    Opp - Johann Schops (Germany, Iskra), Gabriel Gardner (USA, Ural)
    Opp/OH - Hector Soto (Puerto Rico, Lokomotiv)
    MB - Alexander Krivets (Russia/Ukraine, Dinamo-Yantar, 2nd league)
    L - Alexis Gonzalez (Argentina, Dinamo M)
    Head Coach - Daniele Bagnoli (Italy, Dinamo M)

  • thanks for the amazing material you upload, but sadly I couldn´t make it work. only the audio is played. any codec to recommend????

    Greetings from Uruguay

  • Hey

    I wanna ask, maybe someone have al star from 2008 (Superlig) I bought Giba jersey from that match on harrity auction (Agata Mroz Olszewska allegro pl) and I want match too, please upload that game