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  • Really interesting.Everything was going quite good with Nesic and Federation said "Stop" to him and continued with Baltic and he just worked a few months with Bulgaria and conflicts begun.I really can't understand Federations why don't they stay behind of players instead of coaches.If players do undisciplined behaviours thats ok they have to be kicked but looks like there were many troubles inside of team due to Baltic.It must be really sad for Bulgarian players to continue w/o Yaneva coz i watched last F4 live and Yaneva had really good relationships with all players as all captains do...

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  • I really like Eva and wish all the best for her. I agree with StarNight at this point. Bulgarian federation should support their players instead of the coach. Eva and Strashmira have been playing for Bulgaria NT for long years. I do not think they would act unprofessionally otherwise they would not be playing for two of the best club teams in Europe. They should not end their NT career in such a way. They do not deserve that.

    I've written all these assuming that they had conflicts with the coach. The real story might be totally different. Hope to see Bulgaria with its full roster in ECH.

  • we still are not sure what happened with Eva exactely. Strishimira is still with the team, only some assumptions take her out, hopefuly not!
    But Eva 8| that is a real shock! Those explaneaions are surely just a mask of the real reasons. There are certanly some conflicts beneath the surface.
    I agree what you've said - Federation should support the players instead of a coach who worked fot NT only couple of months and probleams arose already.

  • "Scandal" from a coach??? Very popular. :thumbdown: Such an idiot act. stupid stupid stupid. I agree that federation should support the players instead of the coach

  • Eva promised to come as soon as Baltich out!
    But situation is really so strange! We were so shocked when heard cause Eva became our friend during this year and we tried to support her! She had 31th July her birthday, Baltich made a present! :cursing:

  • Since there is no topic about Bulgaria NT as a whole I post the shocking news here:

    Dragutin Baltic, the Slovenian coach of Bulgarian women's volleyball team, has been kicked out in the wake of a sex scandal that rattled the squad at the beginning of the week.

    He will be succeeded by Dimo Tonev. The former volleyball national team player was quick to defend the Slovenian, claiming he has nothing to do with the discrediting text messages.

    The volleyball federation has launched an investigation into the case.

    A sex scandal rattled Bulgaria's female volleyball squad after two players claimed their coach has sexually harassed them.

    Baltic has texted two of his players inviting them to his room, the Bulgarian Tema Sport has reported. "Knock two times, so that I can understand it is you at the door, and be discreet," Baltic has allegedly texted Bulgarian national squad player Hristina Ruseva.

    As a result, Ruseva has contacted the country's national volleyball federation. The other player who complained against the Slovenian coach was Tsvetelina Zarkova, according to the local Kanal 3 TV channel.

    Recently, the Slovenian coach was criticized by Bulgarian media outlets for letting several players out of the national squad, including star and captain Eva Yaneva.

    source: http://www.novinite.com/view_news.php?id=131850

    I can't believe that a professional coach like Baltic does such things :what::thumbdown:

  • oh yeah, I was about to post this info too

    very schoking at least :white:

    there is a chance now Eva Yaneva, Philipova and Nenova to get back in the team.

    Baltic really ruin the team for just few months as a head coach

    BTW IOfficialy Baltic is released for poor results. SMS scandal will be further investigated.


  • Here in Bulgaria have some different versions of the scandal. Some people here believe that some of the girls have invented this scandal to remove baltich which they don't like. The other interpretation is that the assistant coach Dimo Tonev was sent the messages from the Baltic phone to embarass him and to force the federation to fire him and now he is the new head coach. Of course these versions are just malicious rumours and cannot be confirmed. I really hope that Baltich is guilty and was not deliberately framed from someone which don't like him because this scandal will definitely ruin his career. However the scandal will be investigated, but today Dimo Tonev was categorical that despite this situation Eva, Maria and Diana will not be called again and will not play at the EC.So this means that for our team will be very difficult to achieve somenthing on the EC.

  • I have the fear that the girls intentionally set trap to Baltic, because he worked very hard with them, much harder than Nesic before him. They don't want to push themselves to the limit and beyond, and of course some of them had traumas from the heavy fitness so Stoychev sent Enzo Bramard to make them individual fitness programs. I don't think Baltic will do something like that. They didn't have problems with Nesic, who dated and married one of them, right?

  • I expected that such rumors might come up...but one of the girls is Zarkova, and she is in BUL NT since so many years and it would be really hard to believe that she would participate in such dirty actions. No matter who is guilty in the end, 2011 is a year to forget for BUL women NT :thumbdown:

  • I think sexual arrestment is something to serious to acuse someone else, to be just a lie.....the players would have to be really irresponsable to do so. :down: So I dont know...I mean, of course, I believe nothing will be proved, not one or other side, but if the girls were not felling confortable with him, then better he be fired off....lets be honest, talking esclusive of volleyball, Bulgaria NT results were not good since Nesic left...and u have such a talented squad.

  • I expected that such rumors might come up...but one of the girls is Zarkova, and she is in BUL NT since so many years and it would be really hard to believe that she would participate in such dirty actions. No matter who is guilty in the end, 2011 is a year to forget for BUL women NT :thumbdown:

    Don't hurry so much, they still have a chance to take a set in these games at the ECH ... To have Strashimira Filipova and to be unable to win one single friendly is wrong :what:

  • I think Baltic is intelligent Person and He wasn't so stupid to write sms because it is clear that They would show it Someone.
    Black Plan is very very stupid.
    I don't believe in that.