2009 transfer news

  • In many leagues do not yet have the finals, but you have to think about transfers. Which players leave, and who will open the list players transfer? Write!

    A and I have a question: what setter from the higher shelves will be free after this season?

  • Official:
    After 3 seasons with Roeselare, Julien Lemay will be back in France. The 27 years old libero signed a two seasons contract with Tourcoing.
    Julien Lemay had an offer from Friedrischafen, but decided to make the "choice of the heart, rather than the one of the reason", he going to the Hall of Tourcoing since the age of 8.

    US setter Jonathan Winder will most probably leave Tourcoing, as the 41 years old Brasilian opposite Gilson.

  • Shafranovich is theoretically under contract with Montpellier for next year, but Stein's contract is ending this season.

    The problem is that Montpellier and Sète will probably merge for next year. It should be decided before the end of the month. The reason of the two clubs merging, is that the two cities (distant from 30 km) are going to share some services and belong to the same "département" and same "régions" (two french administratives divisions). Département + Région + Cities are currently giving something like 1,1 Millions of euros to each team. They project to reduce this cost by giving 1,5 millions to the new merged team. So there will be one good team instead of two average teams.

    But the two clubs used to be rivals, and for example Sète's supporters don't want the teams to merge. The president of Sète agreed to the merging but said that all the game would have to take place in Sète ! But with something like 80% of the club's budget coming from the city and département, he will probably have no choice...
    This project of the two teams merging evolved very quickly this season, and no team had really planned on it. And right now nobody really knows what will happen to the players under contract. Luckilly enough they are only 4 of each team, so the new Sète+Montpellier team may keep these 8 players and build something around them. Therefore Shafranovich will be part of this team. But I doubt that Stein will be part of it because 3 of these 8 players are middle blockers, so they won't really need him...

  • Thanks Armel, It will be interesting to see what's going on with these 2 teams but what will happen in the PRO B, Does it mean that 3 teams will go to PRO A because the will be one more spot after the merge of Sete and Montpellier?
    Also, from what I understood, the budget of Montpellier this year was 1.4 Mil and Sete was 1.2 Mil, even if instead of 2.6 Mil they will get 2.4, I think there might be a new contender for the championship next season!!

  • Actually there will be 16 team in next pro A championship. (the best 3 teams of pro B will go in pro A and only the last team of pro A - Saint Brieuc - will go down in pro B)
    If Sète and Montpellier merges, then Saint Brieuc will be maintained in pro A next year. (this is almost the only thing that is sure in case of merging)

    About Sète-Montpellier the budget will most probably be around 2 Millions which is more or less the budget of Tourcoing and Tours, the wealthiests teams in pro A this year.
    It won't be more for two reasons:
    - first they will get 1.5 Millions instead of 2.2 Millions overall from the different administratives divisions.
    - second they will not earn as much as they did with two teams. For example, when they got two sponsors on a jersey, they will only get one, and they will lose some audience too. Many people from Montpellier won't go to see games in Sète, and many people from Sète won't go to see games in Montpellier (if there are some). Even if that was the case, there are only 1100 seats in the Hall of Sète, so they won't be able to host the 1400 average audience that Sète and Montpellier combined this year.

    I think they might be possible title contender but perhaps not next year. Seeing how the merge is rushed they might come a bit short.

  • French NT libero Jean-François Exiga will leave Cannes. He has an offer from Friedrichshafen, but he is waiting for other offers before giving an answer to the german team.

  • Bram Van den Dries (age 19, 2.06 m), one of Belgium's most promising talents, opposite player of the youth team that won the bronze medal in the 2007 Youth European Championship (personal nomination as tournament top scorer: http://volleynet.at:82/volleynet/em2007/ ) and ended sixth in the 2008 Youth World Championship,
    will probably sign a 4 year contract with Modena. He leaves next week for some final medical tests.

    The website of his current club, Precura Antwerp (www.topvolleyantwerpen.be), announced this news today.

    It's a big opportunity for this player, but sad to see him leave the Belglian league so soon.

  • Richard, maybe he will sign in Modena this year but I don't think he can play in Italy A1 before he truns 21, I think this is what happened with the Slovenian Tine Uranut who signed in Piacenza but played in Olympiacos because of his age

  • Last news from France:

    Most of the players of Beauvais will probalby leave after a disapointing season. (The team has not been able to qualify for a European competition next season.)
    Only Pavel Bartik (best scorer of the championship and awarded best opposite by "L'Equipe") has yet re-signed for 2 years. Miloslav Javurek and Matti Oivanen (both middle blockers) may remain as well but the rest of the player will probably change.
    Belgian coach Alain Dardenne has already signed a contract with Lennik.He is leaving Beauvais because he wanted to be back in Belgium for personal reasons.

    In Poitiers too there will be a lot of changes.
    First, the Dominican opposite Jose Miguel Caceres will not get a new contract. (neither will the brazilian Fernando Fagner da Costa who came to replace him in the end of the season after an injury).
    Kamil Baranek is rumored to leave (maybe for Poland or Greece). He was elected best oustide hitter of the championship and has been the best player for Poitiers for the last 2 seasons. He might be replaced by a "young outlander" according to l'Equipe. I read on a board that a young US outside hitter was close from signing a contract with Poitiers and there are also some rumors about Nicolas Maréchal, the young (22 years old) french NT outside hitter from Tourcoing, to go to Poitiers next year. Jean-Philippe Sol, the french international middle blocker from Montpellier already signed a contract with Poitiers.

  • Greek League

    Iraklis (rumours)

    Nilson has a very good offer from Japan (~1mil / 2 years)
    Ahrem is targeted by Russian teams. In a recent discussion he was more than willing to sign a new contract with Iraklis but the Russians offer him a lot of money
    Tischer has some discussion with Cuneo but is a target for both pao and olymppiacos (i very much doubt he will sign to a greek team not named Iraklis)

    Brooks will retire
    koulieris - Conseicao will leave the team

    @ Armel
    >Kamil Baranek is rumored to leave (maybe for Poland or Greece).

    Do you know the teams that target him ??

  • Sorry I don't have more informations than what I wrote above...

    All that I can say is that if the outside hitter that Poitiers will recruit is indeed american, then he is probably in NT or close enough from the NT, a little bit like was Kevin Hansen when he was signed by Poitiers 2 years ago. And he has to be a great spiker (look for someone powerful enough !) even if not the best receiver.

    About Baranek, I doubt he will leave Poitiers if he was not having some very good offers. So you can look for a whealthy team, most probably engaged in a European Competition next year.