• Hmm what about games in China? Any League there? Maybe someone has info about?

    China Female Super league was over nearly one month ago.This year Tianjin Bridgestone won consecutively the 6th champion. The team has NT players Wei Qiu Yue, Li Juan who went to the 2008 Olympics. And both were recruited in the new NT again with their teammate young libero Wang Qian. The second place is Shanghai Dunlap.The team only had one NT player Ma Yun Wen in the final. But now Ma and her club teammate opposite Zhang Lei were both recruited in new NT.

    The final was 4 matches. Tianjin is the #1 in regular season. So first two matches in Shanghai then 2 matches in Tianjin. If both team won 2 matches. Then the champion was conferred to the team who lost more points. The final was called Tire vs Tire. Tianjin won 3 matches.

    Actually this year China super league is not the most important event for any team.This year China will have National Games in Shandong province in October. The National games only holds every four years.Its importance is just less than Olympics.So every team wants to have a good performance in that big event.At that time the team like Liaoning who has NT players Wang Yi Mei, Chu Jin Ling will try their best. Actually in this super league Liaoning players were not in their best condition.

  • Thanks! Tell me all name's of china's clubs in Superleague.

    :white: Sorry. I am not very sure about it. They probably are:
    Group A:
    Lian Ning,
    Shan Dong,
    He Bei,
    Tian Jin,
    Zhe Jiang,
    Bei Jing
    Jiang Su,
    Si Chuan.

    Group B:
    Fu Jian,
    Yu Nan,
    He Nan,
    Wu Han physical culture institute,
    Guang Dong,
    Southern Army.