Brazil's NT 2009 - 2012

  • Fabiana: "I Walewska the mirror, I still get to play like it"

    The athlete Fabiana Claudino, Middle blocker's national team and he was outside South America because of severe pain in the shoulder and knee because of tendinitis, following treatment with the club's physiotherapist, Fiapo. The two follow the schedule established by performing daily sessions in order to ease the pain and recover quickly the player for their commitment to the club and with the selection. In the midst of one of these steps, Fabiana said the Best of volleyball exclusively.

    How you're feeling and what actually happened to you or have traveled with the Brazilian team?
    Week before last I began to feel pain more intensely and established that it was time to stop to recover as soon as possible, but I already feel better.

    Staying out of South American and he played here in Brazil is more difficult?
    Absolutely. I had already played a South American in Cabo Frio, but I would greatly be there with my companions, helping and contributing what was possible. However we must now focus on the championship final of the year in Japan

    Some players feel the lack of his presence in court, what do you think of this?
    You see, we have Dani Lins that is doing very well, she is captain of the track, but it is not overloaded because older women like me, Fabi, Mari and Sheila are always there to talk and spend our experience, then for the newest sure that we will do everything to help the progress of the group makes them more quiet. They certainly are cheering for me and vice versa.

    Has enjoyed working with this new group?
    Our very, very like it. The girls all showing great desire and that is the most important. Each group is different, there's no how to compare this with what happened, but each has its value and each one has done and will do to deserve it. And as for example in clubs, I played four years at Mines, I am now five seasons here in Rio, and while we're happy everything is going well.

    Speaking of clubs, have you thought about going abroad, came to entertain this hypothesis?
    In fact one time I thought I saw that and here I am at home, here is special, it's like a family and that's where I feel happy and secure. At the moment I do not think of anything else but to continue playing in the selection and make it an excellent Superliga. Going forward perhaps follow other paths.

    For many of you are regarded as the best Middle blockers in the world today. How do you deal with it, who's your big mirror in the position?
    Frankly, from my heart? I can not see myself as the best, because I know how to evolve at certain points. I also know that I had a breakthrough a few years here, I can not deny, but how to be better, that I'm not sure. Middle blockers for me is the Walewska, I saw her play and was surprised, certainly has a lot to show yet, I mirror it, I still get to play as her.

  • Hi sne,

    The interview was taken from the blog of Bruno Voloch. He is a journalist who writes about volleyball, much disputed by some sensational material. However he usually has access to several players and coaches who often give this type of interview.

    Thanks for the information.I have seen B.Voloch before, on Band Sports, where he hosted programme about volleyball.

  • After what I've seen this year, I believe Brazil's team for the World Championship next year should be:

    Setters: Carol Albuquerque and Dani Lins
    Opposites: Sheilla and Natália
    Outside hitters: Mári, Paula, Jaqueline and Sassá
    Middle-blockers: Fabiana, Thaísa, Adenízia and Carol Gattaz
    Liberos: Fabi and Camila Brait

  • The ups and downs of the players in 2009

    Selection arrives tomorrow in Sao Paulo and bring the luggage the silver medal won in the Champions Cup.

    2009 was a year of intense observations and testing for Ze Roberto and his coaching staff.

    Some conclusions we reach in these hours of flight, travel, training and competitions.

    The wave of setter is open.

    Ana Tiemi ended the year as a starter and that's the way Ze Roberto wants to work in 2010. Dani and Fabiola be observed in the Superliga, Carol can run out and Fernandinha is unlikely.

    The fact of being in reserve in Osasco Carol hampers and much Tiemi Ana, Zé leaves unhappy but will not influence the coach's decision in investing in Japa Girl as a starter in 2010.

    But remember that once the coach said that only a holder who convene in their respective clubs.

    And now?

    The truth is that Sheilla following untouchable as opposed.

    Fabiana was sorely missed in the Champions Cup and has vague captive as holder of the selection. The same can be said of Thaísa you need them regain their form.

    Carol had ups and downs, is selectable, but far from guaranteed.

    Adenízia passed the test in the first year of screening adult and takes advantage of Carol in the case of 3 means.

    Natália do São Caetano is promising, needs to be evaluated and the committee did not have time to evaluate.

    Paula Pequeno struggled, has the confidence of the coach but it will be observed in the Russian league. Ze is concerned with the distance, the physical conditioning of athletes and knee surgery.

    Mari is another guaranteed. Sassá fight against the shadow of the youngest. But the looting and the pass leave the tip of Osasco still well in the tape.

    Natalia fully approved. It's like a seventh player, if not holder. Just keep the consistency that will be permanently on the list.

    A second opposite would still be under observation. Regiane hardly back to the group and Joycinha yielded lower than expected.

    Ivna of Mines will be closely watched in the Superliga and is tipped to name at least train with the group.

    Fabi and Camilla are both libero. Camila played little but approved and Fabi following as "untouchable".

    The ups and downs of selection, Sheilla, Mari, Thaísa, Fabiana Fabi and follow upstairs. Ana Tiemi and Natalya went many steps. Adenízia and Camila Brait also rose, but not at the pace of Anna and Natalia.

    Sassá, Paula, Carol and Fabiola say they stopped on the same floor. Paula is not at risk of falling.

    Joyce and Dani Lins down at the end of the year and fell Regiane