Dutch National Team Summer 2009

  • This is the selection of Dutch National Team who will play all tournaments in summer 2009:

    Kim Staelens
    Nikki Hoevenaars
    Deborah Sgroot
    Chaïne Staelens
    Flore Gravesteijn
    Maret Grothues
    Sharon Zuidema
    Francien Huurman
    Caroline Wensink
    Robin de Kruijf
    Deborah van Daelen
    Manon Flier
    Janneke van Tienen
    Myrthe Schoot
    Debby Stam
    Alice Blom
    Ingrid Visser
    Monique Wismeijer
    Floortje Meijners
    Anne Buijs
    Lonneke Slöetjes
    Elke Wijnhoven

    These are the tournaments and matches they are playing:

    Montreux Volley Masters 08 t/m 15 juni
    Boris Yeltsin Cup 25 juni t/m 04 juli
    WK kwalificatie Almere 15 t/m 19 juli
    GP Polen 28 juli t/m 03 augustus
    GP Taipei 04 t/m 10 augustus
    GP Hong Kong 10 t/m 17 augustus
    Finale GP Tokyo 17 t/m 24 augustus
    Oefenwedstrijden GER-NED 10 t/m 13 september
    DELA Trophy NED-TUR 19 en 20 september (data nog exact te bepalen)
    EK Polen 23 september t/m 05 oktober

  • Is a mix from the "oldies" and some youngsters like Robin de Kruyf, Sharon Zuidema,Anne Buys , who are playing in Young Holland. Some players had to do some other things this summer,like Elke, who is gonna marry Richard Schuil in June.
    I like the mix and was surprised by some names like Myrthe Schoot,she's libero from Martinus and a good player, but we have already Jip and Elke. I'm fan of Nikki Hoevenaars, who is the second setter in Martinus, because she's young,talented and tall.I think she can be grown to be a really good setter.



    I hope to see all in european Championship!!!!!Marieke my friend..you made my day!!!hehehehe

  • yeah all the stars are present :drink: as i'm going on ECH and Holland is in "our " pool i will have chance to see all those great players(unless they don't qulify to 2 nd group phaze :D )
    Flier Stam Wijnhoven :heart:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • She played in Mc-Carnaghi Villa Cortese of Seria A2 in 2008-2009 season

    Click for her profile

    Yes, Villa Cortese will play in A1 nest season!

    Lloyd + Naz + Wołosz + Hanke + Smutná + Mori
    Bokan + Zakrievskaja + Bricio + Vilponen + Jupïter + A.Lazić + Stepanova + Marković
    Onyejekwe + N.Dimitrova + Crkoňová + de Kruijf + Truškina + Thibeault + Omelčenko + Schauss
    Rourke + Bošković + Fabris + Kajalina + Collar + Simić + Miklai + Vasilantonaki
    Courtois + Venegas + Gaído + Castillo + Gómez + Kiselyova

  • The official selection of 18 women of Dutch National Selection:

    Kim Staelens Perugia (ITA) Spelverdeelster
    Deborah Sgroot AMVJ Spelverdeelster
    Chaïne Staelens Dinamo Moskou (RUS) Passer/loper
    Flore Gravesteijn PND/VC Weert Passer/loper
    Maret Grothues DELA Martinus Passer/loper
    Anne Buijs DELA Martinus Passer/loper
    Alice Blom Mc Carnaghi Villa Cortese (ITA) Passer/loper
    Debby Stam Universitet Belgorod (RUS) Passer/loper
    Sharon Zuidema AMVJ Passer/loper
    Floortje Meijners AMVJ Passer/loper
    Myrthe Schoot DELA Martinus Passer/loper
    Francien Huurman DELA Martinus Middenblokkeerster
    Robin de Kruijf DELA Martinus Middenblokkeerster
    Deborah van Daelen PND/VC Weert Middenblokkeerster
    Ingrid Visser St. Petersburg (RUS) Middenblokkeerster
    Caroline Wensink DELA Martinus Middenblokkeerster
    Manon Flier Jesi (ITA) Diagonaalaanvalster
    Janneke van Tienen Perugia (ITA) Libero

  • Thanks so much Marieke! Great to have some Dutch news here.

    Watched them in Hong Kong (met them in real for the first time), they played very well and the mixture of older and younger players is very ideal. Especially glad to see that Ingrid and Franicen are still in the team and share their experience with the younger ones.

    Too bad I can't go and watch their games in Sep....

  • Marieke...do you know if Meijners will have some chance in National Team? I like her game!

    She will get her chance (i guess) if she want to play again. This summer she want to study and only train with national team. But she is really good and capable to play in NT