VIII Pan-American Women’s Volleyball Cup 2009

  • Quote from rainbow

    Puerto Rico seems to have a big chance to be in semi-final to play against Brazil.

    Today in the last day of preliminary round Dominican Republic upset Brazil:

    DOM 3x2 BRA (25-23, 18-25, 19-25, 25-23, 15-13) :what:

    Brasil: Fabiana, Sheyla, Mari, Dani Lins, Thaisa, Sassa. Also Fabi and Natalia

    USA 3X1 PUR (25-15, 25-20, 24-26, 25-23)

    With this results, both USA and DOM qualified to semifinals.

    In the quartefinals BRA x PER and PUR x ARG

    The game BRA x PER will be broadcasted on Wed 2nd (21:30 GMT) :D

  • heck yeh! go USA! =]

  • The Dominican Republic team has been causing lots of trouble to Brazil. In the WGP 2008 they almost beat Brazil. They were leading the match 2-0 (25-23, 25-22) but eventually lost (22-25, 23-25, 07-15) if I am not mistaken.

    Besides having a young and promising team, the Dominican Republic strategy against Brazil of using forced serves seems to be very effective. Another feature of the Dominican team which should be taken into consideration is their head coach. Marcos Kwiek is a Brazilian coach and he used to be Zé Roberto's assistant before being invited by the Dominican Republic's Volleyball Federation to take charge of their women's team. He knows the Brazilian team as the palm of his hands and also the Brazilian players, cause he used to be Pinheiro's team head coach as well.

    It is easy to see that the Dominican Republic serves caused lots of trouble to Brazil's team and that Kwiek's team strategy was to try to neutralize Fabiana's attacks worked out just fine.

    As for Brazil's team, it is important to point out that Zé Roberto have chosen to start the match against the Dominican Republic with Fabiana and Thaísa rather than Fabiana and Carol Gattaz. He also tried to improve the team's reception (in detriment of the attack) with Sassá replacing Natália in the outside hitter position.

  • Can't believe that Brazil lost to Dominican Rep. At first I thought that they're playing with their deep reserve... :) But as I remember Brazil had some troubles with the Domenicans in the past especially in tournaments held in America such as Pan American Games

  • Semi-finals: Brazil - USA 3-1, Dominican Republic - Puerto Rico 3-2. So Brazil - Dominican Republic again


  • Brazil claims second title in Pan Am Cup

    MIAMI, Florida, July 4, 2009.- Olympic champions Brazil claimed its second crown in the history of the Women’s Pan American Cup by scoring a convincing straight set victory over Dominican Republic in the gold medal match at University of Miami on Saturday. The score was 25-18, 25-20, 25-14.

    The previous Brazilian title in the event was in 2006 when the competition took place in Puerto Rico. Dominican Republic was the defending tournament champion.

    The Brazilians’ serves and subsequent blocking were the keys for the triumph of the South American representatives. The winners out-blocked their opponents 14-5.

    Sheila Castro led the balanced attack of Brazil with 15 points including four blocks and Natalia Pereira had three blocks en route to her 10 tallies. Fabiana Claudino added nine points and Mari Steinbrecher and Thaisa Menezes contributed with seven apiece.

    Milagros Cabral topped Dominican Republic with 11 points, Lisvel Eve added 8 and Bethania de la Cruz was limited to only seven points.

    “I am happy we won the game and tournament,” Brazil Head Coach said. “This is not the team from the 2008 Olympic cycle, as we are starting a new Olympic cycle. This is the second tournament we have played this year, and we have won both events with this roster.”

    “I am extremely happy in winning this tournament, our second of the year,” Brazil captain Danielle Rodrigues Lins said. “We started today’s sets slow, but were able to serve and block well.”

    “We had a sub-par performance and played different than we have the whole tournament,” Dominican Republic Head Coach Marcus Kwiek said. “Brazil put pressure on us through its serve and we had trouble with our service reception.”