I am so lost! LOL

  • :sos:

    Ok so I am trying to learn about other countries and their leagues and players and there is so much info! You guys know everything! And it is probably easier because vb over in europe and other countries is like basketball is here. NBA players and teams are general knowledge because it is on tv all the time.

    So i was just curious if anyone else on here is as lost as i am in all the conversations that go on here cause i am trying to learn as much as i can about international volleyball since i want to play after college in europe somewhere.


  • no worries, once u know what u are really searching for, its easy to get along

    Ive been away from here for quite some time and im having troubles to get back, but im working on it :lol:
    Just keep reading and discussing and u'll find a place u'd like to play :drink: