FIVB magazine - VolleyWorld

  • VolleyWorld 2009/01
    -Mass Volley Points to Future
    -The Power of Mass Volley
    -Ten Years of the Press Commission
    -How USA Teamwork Brought Glory Days Back
    -Misty Runs Rule on 2009 SWATCH FIVB World Tour
    -CSV: Mari
    -CEV: The Russian Revolution


  • VolleyWorld 2/2009
    -Harmony with the Olympic Family
    -FIVB Board Convenes in Lausanne
    -Six Things You Should Know About Stavanger
    -SWATCH FIVB Youth and Junior World Championships:
    The Kids Are All Right
    -Portrait: Rita Subowo
    -Portrait: Yuri Chesnokov
    -AVC: Only in the Movies?
    -CSV: Marcio and Fabio’s ‘beach babies’
    -CEV: A Family Affair in Perugia
    -NORCECA: The Bermuda Hexagon


  • VolleyWorld N° 3 / 2009
    -Finland’s Sunny Power Cup Leads by Example
    -Interview: Jacques Rogge
    -The Golden Years of the World League
    -Arakida vs. Ctvrtlik: Volleyball Greats Fight for 2016 Olympics
    -Portrait: Grbić Family
    -The Emergence of Volleyball as a TV Sport in Japan
    -AVC: India Rising
    -CEV: A Star is Reborn
    -CSV: Home Sweet Home
    -NORCECA: Golden Dreams for Cuban Carrillo


  • VolleyWorld N° 4 / 2009
    Steps ahead in development
    The Legend of Shelda
    - PORTRAIT: Jenny Lang Ping
    A Hero’s Homecoming
    The Globe-trotters of the World League
    The backstage actors of the World League
    - WL & WGP
    Serbia and Japan, double hit
    AVC / Extraordinary times for ‘ordinary’ Volleyballer
    CEV / Never too old to earn new
    CSV / Military teams battle in Rio
    NORCECA / Cuban Lion is still a cub


  • VolleyWorld N° 5 / 2009
    The winter of our warriors
    The new Brazilian dance
    - PORTRAIT: Masao Tachiki
    A golden future for Japan
    Rio 2016, the great Brazilian challenge
    Trentino BetClic, Italian leadership
    Where do the champions spend the winter?
    CEV / A bright Orange star
    CSV / Argentina is moving ahead… in an action movie
    NORCECA / Brenda Castillo: A small player with a big heart


  • VolleyWorld N° 1 / 2010
    The Roots of Development
    The new “Haka”
    - THAILAND: Biggest surprise in 2009
    Ladies on Tour: A Winter Map of the Best Athletes
    Dominican Republic’s success comes from hard-working and
    dedicated people
    - PORTRAIT: Erika
    Erika, no more time for puppies
    Farewell, Baba Sy
    CEV / “Rado”, the Bulgarian way
    CSV / Fathers and their children
    NORCECA / American Patak is synonymous with attack


  • VolleyWorld N° 2 / 2010

    - EDITORIAL: A peaceful way
    - THE BIG PICTURE: Watchful eye on the world tour
    - FIVB Board Of Administration Meeting: A time of change
    - PREVIEW : Swatch FIVB World tour
    - PORTRAIT: Time for Nalbert to make his next move
    - Development : Volleyball Cooperation Programme
    AVC / Thailand tunes in to Beach Volley
    CAVB /Cairo seminar a great success
    CEV / Bergamo repeat as European club Champions
    CSV / Many happy returns at South American Games
    NORCECA / Selznick not yet gone with the wind


  • VolleyWorld N° 3 / 2010
    - EDITORIAL: Time for a challenge
    - THE BIG PICTURE: Yuri Chesnokov: A life in Volleyball
    - PORTRAIT: Samaranch the champion of Beach Volleyball
    - FIVB World League Final Six preview:
    Conte counts on passion of Argentina
    - FIVB World Grand Prix preview:
    Brazil wary of Italian challenge
    - Youth Olympic Games:
    Young Writers 4 Young Players
    - 32nd FIVB World Congress:
    All roads lead to Rome
    - FIVB Development Fund:
    Federations’ chance to build for the future
    AVC / Chinese women make pact with ‘Devil Coach’
    CAVB / Africa’s finest fit for Doha in December
    CEV / Trentino trounce Dinamo for double delight
    CSV / Brazil building castles on the sand
    NORCECA / Channon the Trinidad cannon


  • VolleyWorld N° 4 / 2010
    - President Wei – Two Years In Office
    Laying the foundations for the next generation
    - The Big Picture : Kings and queens of the sand
    - The FIVB World Championships
    Italy and Japan take centre stage
    - World League review
    Brazil break World League record
    - World Grand Prix review
    USA triumph leaves Brazil seeking recipe for success
    - Youth Olympic Games
    Young Volleyball writers cover every angle
    - FIVB Development
    Thailand opens door to Asian school project
    - Confederations
    AVC / Sandstorm brewing in Bay of Plenty
    CAVB / Sky the limit for Kenya Prisons
    CEV / Safronova putting up the fight of her life
    CSV / Liberos extend hands of friendship
    NORCECA / Grand finale for Costa Rica’s sister act


  • VolleyWorld N° 5 / 2010
    - World Championships: The victories of many
    - The Big Picture : The Continental Cup comes to town
    - 32nd FIVB World Congress: A triumph for democracy
    - FIVB Women’s World Championship 2010
    Russia’s reign continues but joy for Japan and Turkey
    - FIVB Men’s World Championship 2010
    Brazil and Cuba dominate the ‘in’ sport in Italy
    - FIVB Development
    Congress workshop shines guiding light
    - Confederations
    AVC / Bronze brings hope to India
    CAVB / Africa steps up to Beach Volleyball plate
    CEV / Zwerver hopes to make future Orange
    CSV / South America to host the most in 2011
    NORCECA / Hooker aiming high on twin fronts

    English/Français English/Espanol

  • VolleyWorld N° 6 / 2010
    - Editorial : Looking back, looking forward
    - The Big Picture : Snapshots from a momentous year
    - FIVB Club World Championships
    Women return to double the delight in Doha
    - Asian Games
    Japan and China pre-eminent in Asia
    - FIVB World Championships
    Behind the scenes in Italy and Japan
    - FIVB Development
    Volley All Festival reaching far and wide
    - Confederations
    AVC / Beach Games glory for China
    CAVB / Dakar latest stop on Beach Volleyball drive
    CEV / Turkey’s commander of the net calls time
    CSV / Experience paying off for Argentine youngsters
    NORCECA / Simon sets sights on Olympic gold for Cuba

    English/Français English/Español

  • VolleyWorld N° 2 / 2011

    - Editorial: Anaheim the gateway to our dreams
    - The Big Picture: The ball starts flying in Christchurch again
    - Cover Story: May-Treanor and Walsh back in the dance
    - Profile: Orlando Samuels fired up for Cuba’s World League test
    - Preview: Showdown at the Foro Italico -
    FIVB Beach Volleyball Swatch World Championships,
    Rome 2011
    - In Focus: Turkey making swift progress as investment pays off
    - Development: FIVB playing it Cool in schools
    - Confederations:
    AVC / China’s crisis of confidence
    CAVB / Al Ahly book another trip to Doha
    CEV / European volleyball mourns Derevyagin
    CSV / Málaga puts Peru on medal path
    NORCECA / Catwalk to beach court for Cayman beauty queen

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  • The latest edition of Volleyworld is now available in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian with the latter two appearing for the first time.
    Furthermore, in an effort to make the magazne more accessible to people around the world, it will shortly be available in Arabic.

  • VolleyWorld N° 3 / 2011
    - Editorial: A giant leap for beach volleyball
    - The Big Picture: Proud to paint a piggy bank
    - Beach Volleyball: World Championships Rome spellbound by
    beauty and the beast
    - World League Final Round: Russia raise their own bar
    - Spotlight: Whatever happened to all the Heroes?
    - In Focus: Switzerland’s women seizing their moment
    - Interview: Manabe pointing ‘Phoenix Japan’ to the podium
    - Development: Volleyball at School
    - Confederations
    AVC / Making waves in the Maldives
    CAVB / Togo inspired by primary colours
    CEV / Myszkowska leads referee revolution
    CSV / Claudinha sets her sights on the Seleção
    NORCECA / Pavan holds Olympic dream for Canada

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  • - Spotlight: Whatever happened to all the Heroes?

    where one can read:

    The selection procedure is as rigorous as you would
    expect – only those with eye-catching charisma who
    act as role models for future generations are
    considered for membership of this exclusive club.
    Other factors brought into consideration are the
    competition statistics from recent years, tournament
    wins and ranking points. Only those who score
    highly enough in all of these categories earn the title
    of “FIVB Hero”

    Come one!

    They more or less picked one player of each current NT involved in WL or GP (usually the best scorer meaning there's not a single setter)! the so-called "selection procedure" is a huge joke !

    If Starovic is a hero, how come Miljkovic isn't one as well ? If Rouzier is a heroe, how is it possible for Nikolov not to be one ?
    And what about Tille when neither Verbov, Henno or Sergio are in the list !

    How can someone be stupid enough to write that these are the players "with eye-catching charisma who act as role models for future generations", when Nikola Grbic is not among them ? :wall:

  • I think you are involving too many emotions for a stupid FIVB initiative that no one cares about :D