CEV Cup 2009/2010

  • INSHALLAH in Baku.Rabita`s president told that we want it in Baku.

    i want that Rabita Bakü win Cev Cup this year :) İKİ DEVLET BİR MİLLET :)

  • So, only after 1 day Baku will host Cev Cup F4:

    March, 20
    17:00 Rabita – Yamamay
    19:30 Uralochka – Crvena Zvezda

    March, 21
    17:00 Third-place playoff
    19:30 Final match

    20-21 March is special days for us, cause it is our traditional New Year :)
    I hope Rabita will give us holiday gift (As newly created team, Rabita did its best participating in F4)
    Matches will be held in Serhedchi. Yamamay and Uralochka have already arrived in Baku ( It was snowing here today, but it is not typival for our city in March)
    Azerisport took interview from Karpol:
    Yamamay has a great team but without any stars. Rabita could beat them. Our semifinal against Crvena Zvezda is not going to be simple neither. Situation is getting worse because of injuries”
    “I am very glad that Final Four will held in Baku. Azerbaijani capital has been a volleyball city for years. Now there are many goods teams there – not only Azerrail. I really like to come to Azerbaijan, I have many friends there. We must about inviting Azerbaijani club to Russian Super League”

  • Baku is ready to celebrate Final Four of Women’s CEV Cup

    2009-2010 CEV Cup Final Four - Women
    Baku, Azerbaijan, March 19, 2010. After some very busy weeks featuring a dense schedule and many exciting matches, the four best teams of the 2009-2010 Women’s CEV Cup are finally ready to celebrate the last stage of this prestigious competition here in Baku, Azerbaijan. In Saturday’s semifinals, hosts Rabita BAKU challenges Italian Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO, whilst the young Serbians from Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD will face Nikolay Karpol’s Uralochka NTMK EKATERINBURG.

    “I’m really pleased with our decision to allot the organization of this year’s Final Four in the Women’s CEV Cup to Azerbaijan and namely to the club of Rabita BAKU”, said CEV President Mr. André Meyer. “Azerbaijan has always displayed a very strong connection with Volleyball and the local national team stands out as a real excellence in the Azerbaijani sports panorama, having qualified for the final rounds of many international competitions”, added Mr. Meyer. “My deepest gratitude is addressed to the local authorities and to the Azerbaijani Volleyball Federation for having both strongly supported the organization of this Final Four and having devoted so many tireless efforts to the celebration of a memorable Volleyball party.”

    During Technical Meeting at Crown Hotel in Baku, the four head coaches were determined to do their best to eventually taking over the trophy that last year was handed over to the Italian club of Asystel Novara. “Even when playing in front of our fans and supporters, Busto Arsizio is the favorite in our semifinal”, explained Baku’s head coach Dragutin Baltic. “They are playing in one of the best leagues in Europe and have strong players”, said Baltic. “We experienced some ups and downs during our short preparation, but we will do our best to surprise them.” Carlo Parisi, head coach of Busto Arsizio, replied: “For many of our players it is their first experience in such a competition. It will be a very emotional moment. However, we are ready; we performed on a good level in the Italian Championship so far.”

    Coaching legend Nikolay Karpol wouldn’t make a commitment on the question concerning the best team here in Baku. “All four teams are performing on a high level; we’ll only know it after Saturday’s duels. Crvena Zvezda Beograd head coach Ratko Pavlicevic stated: “The bare fact that we qualified for the final four is a great success for our young team. By winning the trophy in the Serbian Cup and with our performances in the National Championship, we have proven that we can play consistently over a long period of time, so I hope we will extend our winning streak in Baku. Regardless the quality of our rivals, we will try to do our best, but ultimately we will see on the court what we are capable of doing in this moment”. And Captain Stefana Veljkovic added: “We will not be content with the qualification for the Final Four, no matter what, and against all odds and our youth and more experienced rivals, we will battle for the victory. Honestly, I believe we have the right atmosphere and the energy to make one more step ahead.”

    Results previous matches

    CEV Cup Women’s Final Four in Baku (AZE):

    Match schedule:

    Saturday, March 20, 2010
    17:00h (local time) Rabita BAKU (AZE) vs. Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO (ITA)
    19:30h (local time) Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD (SRB) vs. Uralochka NTMK EKATERINBURG (RUS)

    Sunday, March 21, 2010
    17:00h (local time) Bronze medal match
    19:30h (local time) Final match


    Rabita BAKU (AZE): Doganjic, Rasulova, Hurava, Popovic, Andrusenko, Tomasevic, Correia Do Nascimento, Avramovic, Starovic, Yevsikova, Tsvetanova, D’Yachenko. Head Coach: Baltic.

    Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO (ITA): Ferreira, Valeriano, Kim, Turlea, Kovacova, Decordi, Campanari, Borri, Crisanti, De Luca, Havelkova. Head Coach: Parisi.

    Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD (SRB): Medarevic, Kecman, Ninkovic, Rakic, Rosic, Zivkovic, Veljkovic, Bjelica, Nesovic, Blagojevic, Pusic, Stevanovic. Head Coach: Pavlicevic.

    Uralochka NTMK EKATERINBURG (RUS): Estes, Filipova, Matiasovska, Pasynkova, Klimakova, Beloborodova, Salina, Sheshenina, Chesnokova, Chervova. Head Coach: Karpol.

  • any Livestream their?

    You can see something on the site of yamamay but is a very low quality...

    After click on direttavolley

    Busto is the first team in final :thumbsup: ... they defeat baku 3-2

  • Crvena Zvezda-Uralochka 3-2

    Crvena Zvezda said that they plan to cause major upset and they did it. I am very glad for this young team.The 2 youngest players Ana Bjelica and Nadja Ninkovic were the best. The best for Uralochka were Artamonova and Filipova.The mach could have finished in 4 sets but Zvezda missed 3 match points.

    Top scorer for C.Zvezda :Ana Bjelica(1992)

    Top scorer for Uralochka:E.Artamonova(1975)

  • Sorry for Rabita, they really played very well. In the 5th set score was 10-6, but Rabita couldn't win.
    Maybe Sanja was very tired or they were unexperienced :(
    But at least they showed their best! Congratulation Girls!

  • Rabita Baku - Uralochka-NTMK EKATERINBURG 3-1 (16-25, 25-12, 25-22, 25-16)
    Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO - Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD 3 : 1 (22:25 25:22 25:12 25:22)

    1. Yamamay Busto Arsizio
    2. Crvena Zvezda Beograd
    3. Rabita Baku

    Most Valuable Player: Carmen Turlea (Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO)
    Best Scorer: Carmen Turlea (Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO)
    Best Spiker: Sanja Starovic (Rabita BAKU)
    Best Server: Stefana Veljkovic (Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD)
    Best Blocker: Lucia Crisanti (Yamamay BUSTO ARSIZIO)
    Best Receiver: Tamara Rakic (Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD)
    Best Libero: Silvija Popovic (Rabita BAKU)
    Best Setter: Bojana Zivkovic (Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD)