Milena Rosner

  • New (Google translateable) interview with Milena:…tematu-kadry-nie-zamykam/

    About national team:
    Everybody ask me about representation. For now, quietly, step by step I have to come to proper disposal. After two years certainly not be easy. First you have to go back to good use, to a good attitude on the pitch, then as it turns out that the coach would be interested in this topic staff certainly did not close. Not yet. Just think about it

  • hm really cant wait for tuesday..Im little bit afraid of Milena´s form but I hope she will play good :)

  • Very nice and interesting interview! I like Milena since many years to this day. It would be very nice if she would return to the Polish national team in future, possibly in 2013! Of course, someone can tell "We have better players", but I remember many wonderful moments with her in the national team some years ago and we can assume that not all her skills are gone. Let's see: for example reception. Polish national team has now many problems with this element and Milena was always good in reception. She ever played for some time libero in Romanian team, so she must have been really good in this element.
    But what will Polish coach Alojzy Świderek do - nobody (except him himself) knows!