Azerbaijan - Superleague 2009/2010

  • We have four Brasilian players in Azeri Superleague. Two of them are new in Igtisadchi which names had not been told yet. One Tatiana Dos Santos in Azerrail and another Rosangela Correia de Nascimento from Rabita Baku. But they say that from the next seson teams are gonna transfer many players from Barsil and USA!
    There are many good players,but I will call some just from finalists.
    In Lokomotiv Baku the leaders are: Kseniya kovalenko,Yelena Parkhomenko,Nicole Davis and Kremena Kamenova.
    in Rabita: Bojana Doganjic,Sanja Starovic,Silvija Popovic and Rosangela Correia! But they have an amazing setter Evelina Tsvetanova which will play against her teammate from Bulgarian NT Lyubka debarlieva from lokomotiv Baku.
    I think final will be very interesting,because every macth is watched by minimum 2000 spectators. All the play off and semi-final matches were watched by 3000-3500 people!
    INSHALLAH,if we can play this season in Champions league I think our teams will make some suprises.
    Thanks to you that you are interested in our league!

  • Azeri young star Polina Rahimova against Germany
    Azeri young star Polina Rahimova against france

    Azeri young star Polina Rahimova blocking Aguero

    Azeri young star Polina Rahimova actions against Italy

  • Thanks a lot!!! ^^

    Hopely is going to be a great final! Is it best of 5 games?

  • Not at all! Yes it is the best of five!
    Today was the first phase of the final match! I can say just one word! UNBELIVABLE!
    Amazing match between Lokomotiv and Rabita in Guba Olympic complex. In front of 4000 spectators Nicole Davis,Bojana Dogajnic,Kseniya Kovalenko,Silvija Popovic,Rosangela Correia and the others were showing just volleyball spectacle!
    Rabita won the firt match 3-2. Tie break ended 21-19. I liked these match! Will try to upload at least tie break of that match!If I can I will do INSHALLAH!

  • Not at all! Yes it is the best of five!
    Today was the first phase of the final match! I can say just one word! UNBELIVABLE!
    Amazing match between Lokomotiv and Rabita in Guba Olympic complex. In front of 4000 spectators Nicole Davis,Bojana Dogajnic,Kseniya Kovalenko,Silvija Popovic,Rosangela Correia and the others were showing just volleyball spectacle!
    Rabita won the firt match 3-2. Tie break ended 21-19. I liked these match! Will try to upload at least tie break of that match!If I can I will do INSHALLAH!

    Wow...must had been incredible indeed!!!! I hope you can make the uplaload :whistle: :thumbsup:
    Thanks again... ;)

  • Shabovta, what are the Azeri players who stood out this championship?
    Any new name to join the NT?
    What are the expectations for the next season?

  • Thank you both.
    In the up i put some vidoes about Polina Rahimova,Azeri Nt memeber,which became the real leader of Azerrail Baku,everybody call her second Mammadova. She is so strong,clever and athlethic player. That videos made when she was 18,now she is 20. In youtube you can find some fragments from match Azerrail Baku-Rabita Baku(technical videos)
    Another player which stood up,is Natavan Gasimova,second setter of Azeri Nt. This year she overplayed Nisa Guliyevain Azerrail.Her team won Azerbaijani cup with her. But their coach put Nisa in championship and they could not even qualify to the finals.Rocheville le Cannet,and several teams from Italy are interested in her. She plays so fast,defences like libero. I like her too much. I believe that she will play in the best teams!
    Aynur Karimova in NT,Ayshan Abdulazimova and Oksana Kiselyova,Anita Bredis from Nagliyyatchi will play this year for the main team of Azerbaijan.
    One very strong player we earned this season too. Odina Aliyeva. She came from UZbekistan. She is 19 years old,but very talanted player. I think she will be one of the best players.
    Kseniya Kovalenko,Yelena Parkhomenko,Valeriya Koroetnko,Shafag Karimova are doing quite good in the championship.
    From the next season we are waiting for very good suprises. if we play in Champions League again INSHALLAH,we can transfer world star players. The level of the superleague improves day after day,come the players which we could see only in our dreams.)

  • Middle blocker Mira Golubovic and opposite Olga Tocko, who just won championship of Romania, from tomorrow April 26st will be the new members of Rabita Baku from Azerbaijan together with our players Bojana Doganjic, Silvija Popovic, Evelina Tsvetanova, Aleksandra Avramovic and Vesna Tomasevic. Rabita defeated Lokomotiv Baku in the first match of Championship finals. Golubovic and Tocko will have chance to win two Championship titles in the season 2009/2010 of Romania and Azerbaijan.

  • Finalsits of the 1st league of Azerbaijan Sumgait and Tovuz will play in the Superleague of Azerbaijan fom the next season!
    One more new team,volley team of Baku Professional Football tam will play in the Superleague of Azerbaijan! Baku PFC`s vice-president is Tunc Avshar from Turkey,he is the manager of Neslihan and Gamova. Baku PFC president Hafiz Mammadov decided to put Avshar to the post of the president of Baku volleyball team!

  • Is Nicole Davis the american libero? She's great.
    Rô plays verry well too. I'm seeing that Azebaijain Legues is good!
    Rabita Baku or Azerrail Baku would play the Champions League, why they don't play?
    Valerya Korotenko and Marina Tumas are playing good? Last season, in Fenerbahçe, they played a lot.

    Thanks! :D

  • Aeurthur,I am thankful to you also!
    Yes of course any of these team s is able to play champions league,but unfortunately becuse of ranking which was high last years and low now we can not participate. But we hope that we will be able to receive a wild card INSHALLAH.
    Level of Superleague grows up day after day. Marina Tumas plays normal,i think she is not enough for her team. That`s why Azerrail lost the second match to igtisadchi 3-0 for bronze medal!
    Velariya Korotenko does good. Nicole davis,Silvija Popovic and Wanna Buakaew are really high level competitors for Valeriya Korotenko!

  • shabovta,

    could u give me the roster of igtisadchi team?

    I know that cundy and Holness had already left the team, right?

    so the roster include McGinnis,Weaver,Arrington,Narumon,Hatakeyama,Mahon,Stoyneva,Wanna,and two Brazilians(who),anyone else?

    in Rabita & Lokomotiv


    Lokomotiv: Debarlieva,Mammadyarova,Kamenova,Sabkova,Kovalenko,Zarkova,Parkhomenko,Klimovich,Dudnic,Obolonska,Davis

    anyone missing or wrong?

    Lloyd + Naz + Wołosz + Hanke + Smutná + Mori
    Bokan + Zakrievskaja + Bricio + Vilponen + Jupïter + A.Lazić + Stepanova + Marković
    Onyejekwe + N.Dimitrova + Crkoňová + de Kruijf + Truškina + Thibeault + Omelčenko + Schauss
    Rourke + Bošković + Fabris + Kajalina + Collar + Simić + Miklai + Vasilantonaki
    Courtois + Venegas + Gaído + Castillo + Gómez + Kiselyova

  • Igtisadchi Baku: Narumon Khanon,Wanna Buakaew(Thailand),Patrice Arrington,Angie Mcginnis,Cheryl Weawer(USA),Tammy Mahon(Canada),Elyanna Silva (Brasil),Indira Abdullayeva,Alina Dobrovolskaya,Elina Abbasova,Veronika Tarazanova, Nadezhda Serebryannikova ,(Azerbaijan), Natalya Matseichyk (Belarus),Polina Stoyneva (Bulgaria)

    Lokomotiv: Kseniya kovalenko,Yelena Parkhomenko,Oksana Mammadyarova,Lala Bagiyeva,Ayshan Abdulazimova,Anita Bredis(Azerbaijan),Lyubka debarlieva,Tanya Sabkova,Tsvetelina Zarkova,Kremena Kamenova(Bulgaria),Nicole Davis (USA),Nadezhda Nalyotkina, Aleksandra Samoylova (Russia),Yuliya kutsko(Kazakhstan)

    Rabita Baku: Evelina Tsvetanova (Bulgaria), Sanja Starovic,Bojana Doganjic,Mira Golubovic,Aleksandra Avramovic,Silvija Popovic,Vesna Tomasevic( she has left-Serbia), Olga Tocko(Latvia),Rossangela Correia de Nascimento (Brasil),Olga Andrusenko,Ganna Yevsikova,Lidiya Dyachenko(Ukraine),Victoriya Hurava (Belarus),Farida Rasulova,Maja Hanifayeva(Azerbaijan)

    Azerrail Baku: Lindsay Danielle Philips,Elisha Thomas( USA), Marina Tumas (Belarus), Tatiana Dos Santos (Brasil),Polina Rahimova,Aynur Karimova,Natavan Gasimova,Shafag Karimova,Darya Zamanova,Lada Maksimova,Valeriya Korotenko,Odina Nazarova,Nisa Guliyeva (Azerbaijan)

  • Rabita Baku 3-0 Lokomotiv (3-0 in series) Rabita Baku is a champion of Azerbaijan Superleague in a row! 2009 and now 2010!
    Igtisadchi Baku overplayed Azerrail 3-2 (from 0-2) and won 3-0 in series and became a bronze medalsits of Azerbaijan Superleague! Was amazing match!
    Azerrail Baku,the last Cup winner finished Azeri Superleague in the 4th place without medals! Suprise! Big suprise!

  • There is some place I can find statistics of this matches?

    Shabovta....could you post some pics of the winner, the celebrations?

    Thanks in advance@

  • Thanks to you all!
    I will try to upload photos soon. Maybe even videos!
    Rabita-Lokomotiv match 3. 3-0 (25:20, 25:17, 25:18 ) 2nd match: 3-0 and 1st match: 3-2 (tie break 21-19)
    Azerrail -Igtisadchi for brozne medals! First match 2-3( from 0-2) : 2nd match 0-3 :
    the last 3rd match: 2-3 (25-12: 25-12: 12-25: 21-25: 9-15) Igtisadchi just amazing team with full motivation!

  • Rabita BAKU wins Azerbaijani Super league

    Baku, Azerbaijan, May 5, 2010. The Azerbaijani Super league came to the end this past weekend with some surprises. The finals which were held at the Olympic Complex located in the city of Guba were attended by a total of 19’200 spectators over three days, for an average of 3’200 fans per match.

    Rabita BAKU – that had finished third in this year’s CEV Cup - easily smashed out Lokomotiv in the final series with three victories in a row. Bulgarian setter Evelina Tsvetanova organized Rabita as an orchestra. Captain Bojana Doganjic and Sanja Starovic put up a great performance as well. Mira Golubovic was one of the heroes of the match with her killing blocks. Best player for Lokomotiv was Belarusian-born Kseniya Kovalenko who also displayed great skills in blocking and attacking. The third and last match ended with a 3:0 (25-20, 25-17, 25-18) and Rabita could start its celebrations for that major accomplishment.
    In the third match of the series being played for the bronze medal Igtisadchi outclassed Azerrail for the third time in a row and did not leave any chance to prolong the duel. Azerrail started the match very confidently and with strong attacks of Polina Rahimova and Tatiana Dos Santos won two sets in a row with the same result (25-12). But the girls of Igtisadchi did not give up and wanted to reach their bronze medals without any delay. With the great contribution coming from Patrice Arrington and Tammy Mahon – who is also the current captain of the Canadian national team - Igtisadchi won the third set 25-12 and started the fourth set highly-motivated. Thai libero Wanna Buakaew showed a great performance in defense as if she were answering to the opposite team libero Valeriya Korotenko who was also displaying a very strong performance. Igtisadchi finally won this set 25-21 and then clipped also the tie-break with the killing blocks of Natalya Matseichyk and Cheryl Weaver for the final 3-2. So Igtisadchi won the bronze medals in this year’s Super league, thus surprising many Volleyball fans who were convinced the well-decorated club of Azerrail could not have missed the podium.

    Best Players Awards:

    MVP: Bojana Doganjic (SRB/Rabita BAKU)
    Best Spiker: Sanja Starovic (SRB/Rabita BAKU)
    Best Scorer: Polina Rahimova (AZE/Azerrail BAKU)
    Best Blocker: Kseniya Kovalenko (AZE/Lokomotiv BAKU)
    Best Receiver: Wanna Buakaew (THA/Igtisadchi BAKU)
    Best Receiver: Rossangela Correia de Nascimento (BRA/Rabita BAKU)
    Best Setter: Evelina Tsvetanova (BUL/Rabita BAKU)
    Best Libero: Silvija Popovic (SRB/Rabita BAKU)

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"