Italy Serie A1 2009-2010

  • not only Pesaro, Bergamo and Novara....
    beware to Villa Cortese, you will see.
    team of my city (Piacenza) should reach the playoffs but not more, and anyway it would be enough for the second year in top division ever...

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  • Does anybody knows where can I watch Pesaro - Piacenza match on the inthernet, give me a link please

  • Today Eurosport 2

    8 o'clock Pesaro- Piacezna

  • Where can i see match Novara - Urbino??? in internet

  • Where I can see any game on the internet??

  • shock

    Novara-Urbino 0:1

  • I can't belive...



    (16:25 26:28 )


  • It looks pretty dangerous that Novara goes with only Kirilova in this season, although there's a bench setter,but as far as I know,she is really young and not that experienced.

  • What is happening to the powerhouses of Italy?

    Scavolini is missing their score machines Skowronska and Costagrande(i've watch some bits from 1 and 2 sets and Caroline wasn't there)
    seems Kaczor will have her dream debut in serie a :D defeating Italian "monster" in first round away 3-0 is something you don't see quite often :)
    but damn Asystel lost :| that's shocking result. they played with full force and still easy loose against new team of serie a :|
    yep 3-0 for Piacenza :(

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