Golden formula - radical new rule in volleyball

  • What I especially don't like with the golden formula is the increase of block-out.

    What is spectacular in volleyball is the power of the spikes, how high players are jumping, how far they are digging, the way they move on the field, etc.
    When it comes to blocking, many kill blocks are very spectacular. A ball rebounding on the block might also be spectacular, because there is some suspense (Where is the ball flying? Will someone be able to defend the ball ?).
    But there are very view suspenseful block-outs (when it's not too quickly falling, it's too often crystal clear that nobody will be able to play the ball). And when it's a powerful kill block falling just on the wrong side of the line, it can even be frustrating, because it only look like luck or bad luck.
    Of course, there's a lot of technical skills involved in the act of spiking a block out / blocking the spike properly. But these skills are very tough to enjoy for the audience.

  • Indeed...I agree with you can upload the videos...I think would be nice to see...but I still wont change my mind..for hte many reasons already said here...

    By the way..of course statisticly the counterattack will go higher..after all..who recieves have more trouble to make a point, but the new rule dont change the ralis, cause if has digs after the first ball is cause the team is defending the same way would be other way around. The number increase cause the rule disturb the natural way of volley, and not cause you improved the quality of the game....

  • It was kind of funny to see teams play first tempo back row spikes, but I don't think they were that effective.

    Especially for low level teams it will be horrible. Even at fairly high amateur level players aren't very effective from the backrow. There will be a ton of mistakes, because people will still go for the point.

    I think it's good they're looking for new rules, but this one hasn't had much positive effect. It's normal that ANY new rule will be opposed, but I think it's clear that besides that usual resistance, there is some extra objective resistance against this rule, because it objectively sucks!