Ex-Rexona-Ades ----> now Unilever Volei

  • Unilever present today (25.08.09) the news that will come in next season 2009/2010

    The volleyball female team from Brasil, six times champions of national league has new name, new uniform, new site, new home and a strong team to come inside the court looking for their 7th national title!

    Since June, the team six-times Winner of Brasilain League Women's Volleyball won a new name. The Rexona-Ades came to be called Unilever, assuming the corporate identity of the company that maintains one of the most successful projects of women's volleyball in the last decade, with 12 years of life.
    "The change is part of business strategy from Unilever designed till 2012, when will happen the Olympic Games in London one of the capital cities of the company Unilever. We want to give more visibility to the corporate brand and building on a successful project that brings also an important social arm, which has served more than 70 thousand children, "said Luiz Carlos Dutra, vice president of Corporate Affairs at Unilever.
    "Of the 12 Olympic medalists who were in Beijing, nine had played for Unilever team," said the coach Bernardo Rezende, adding that today there are six members of the Brazil squad that won the eighth title of the Asian Grand Prix last Sunday. The middle Fabiana, elected the best block of the competition, the player Fabi and setter Dani Lins, also the middle Carol Gattaz and Joycinha and Regiane.
    The group also has Erika, highlight of last season, the twins Michelle and Monique, Amanda and libero Luiza, all with contracts renewed. This year, the team will be strengthened by setter Camilla Adam, who is returning to the team, thealso the middles Mara and Dani and the OH Carolina Oliveira, all young and willing to gain experience with the olders. The technical staf has not changed and remains under the command of Bernardinho.
    The team will have their games in Rio de Janeiro still, but in a different gymm, with more comfort. Retired for the Pan-American Games of 2007, the gym Maracanãzinho is the new home of Unilever. "We understand that volleyball is a great moment for the country and the challange is to have an even wider audience in the matches. So let the Tijuca Tenis Club, we have always fuild very well, but was limited in the number of spectators. Maracanãzinho has capacity for 12 thousand fans and is the natural place of great performances in Rio de Janeiro, "notes Bernardinho.
    The team colors - blue and white - will be maintained in the new uniforms that earn Unilever logo. The site was redesigned and beyond continue to bring content on the team, news and special materials, the team will also have blog and twitter, with active participation of the players and the coaching staff, allowing greater integration with the fans.
    new site http://www.unilevervolei.com.br

  • Yeah, I totally agree with you there, Joana. Érika's still in great shape. If it was up to me, she'd still be in NT, hands down. No way Sassá and Jaqueline are better than her - and she's much better in reception than Mari, Paula and Natália.

  • Erika had a great chance in 2007 but just didn't take it... she didn't do good on WGP.
    I think that despite of Erika being better (or not) than the other players, it's time to give opportunity to new people... (just my opinion!!)

  • I'm a little biased about this, because I'm an Erika fan, have been for a long time.

    Truth is I don't actually believe that such a chance was given to her in 2007. Remember that before the Pan Games, with Mari as opposite, Jaqueline out 'cause of the dopping thing and Sassá coming from an injure, Zé still would rather have Sassá in the starting 6 - both in the Pan Games and GP. I don't think he liked Érika that much and there's also that whole fiasco of her considering being a setter.

    I do agree with you, though, that right now it should be all about the younger players. Her years in the NT are long gone, but I think she still maintains top level.

  • I couldn't agree more with you Mathias, Natália, Sassá, Jaqueline, Mári and Paula are much better than Érika.

    Érika is not that young anymore, she's 29 and I believe that physically all other outside hitters are in a better shape than her. She's not tall too and her blocking lacks efficiency.

    Besides, after Brazil's 4th place in the 2004 OG, she said that her intention was becoming a setter and for this reason she was not called for the NT. She changed her mind even in 2005 and in 2007 after playing well for Chieri she was given another chance to play the 2007 WGP and she was not able to grab it.

    I believe now that Érika's volleyball is good for playing in the local league, but not international matches.

    It is unconceivable to compare Érika to Sassá, Jaqueline, Paula, Mári and Natália.

  • matthias alsa said the same thing ı guess :whistle:

  • matthias alsa said the same thing ı guess :whistle:

    Serdar, in case you haven't noticed, I started my post saying that I completely agree with Mathias.

    Thanks for the info, anyway!

    I just wonder the point you were trying to make in your post... I have no clue, though.