Asian World Championship Qualification

  • Hmm Chinese Taipei or Kazakhstan? Which of these Teams win last ticket to Japan 2010? How do You think?

    On last two asian championships Kazakhstan beat Taipei, 3-1 and 3-0. I think it is only 2 official matches they have played last years. And Kazakhstan also was part of Beijing olympics, so if they could pass hard qualifications for Beijing they could do it here also. Only question here is does Yelena Pavlova play? Cause she was best scorer of Asian Championships 2005, 2007 and of qualifications tournament for Beijing in 2007. Does anyone here have such information. Tnx :sos: :sos: :sos: :sos:

  • It looks like Kazakhstan will beat New Zealand tomorrow. I don't think that Chinese Taipei is able to beat Korea. And we wont see Chinese Taipei on WC 2010. For me it is a little surprise. I remember how well they've done 4 years ago. There will be probably a big slip in ranking for them.
    And it's strange because I think they are much better than both teams which will advance from NORCECEA Playoffs ...