World Grand Champion's Cup 2009

  • Champion from Asian Confederation: Thailand
    Champion from European Confederation: Italy
    Champion from North & Central American Confederation: Dominican Republic
    Champion from South American Confederation: Brazil
    Host Country: Japan
    Wild Card :

    Prediction Game:

    Gold Medals - 14

    Silver Medals - 12

    Bronze Medals - 9

    Overall: 35


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  • In this situation I think that Wild Card gets China. What do You think?

  • This tournament will be very weak at the technical level. The final will be the winner of the Europe X Brazil. The rest will be friendly luxury.

  • What Do You think?

    Probably will check for any asia team. For those who choose the job is: FIVB+ Japanese federation + Channel that broadcasts the competition.

  • :lol: So when will we know the result for the wild card?I am sorry but based on the already known participants FIVB should ask a a bit strong team to come in?Or the name of Grand Champion would fall short a little bit.Which team was the defending champion?Perhaps it would be a better choice?

  • :lol: So when will we know the result for the wild card?I am sorry but based on the already known participants FIVB should ask a a bit strong team to come in?Or the name of Grand Champion would fall short a little bit.Which team was the defending champion?Perhaps it would be a better choice?

    Defending champion is Brazil. And i think idd that not only sport aspects play a role in their choice. I think broadcasting will be an item also. In Holland they showed only the final of EC, which they unfurtunately lost. But i don't think any of this tournament will be live broadcasted it's difficult to get a wildcard. I think China will get this wilcard because the size of the country and potential supporters/people watching.

  • In 1997 - Olympic Champion Cuba - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2001 - Olympic Champion Cuba - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2005 - Olympic Champion China - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2009 - Olympic Champion Brazil - Wild Card gets - I think - Korea, because Japan can beat them :D Japan not agree for Team, who they can't beat :)

  • Wild card going to Korea (:

    "With little more than one month remaining before the start of the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup in Japan, the two wildcards for the prestigious quadrennial event have been announced with the women’s wild card going to Korea and the men’s awarded to Egypt.

    A working group consisting of representatives of the FIVB, Japanese Volleyball Association (the host Federation) and NTV (the host broadcaster) were responsible for making the wildcard selection, on the basis of growing the sport of Volleyball within new territories and raising the profile of the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup amongst a new fan base. The timing of the announcement, 35 days out from the start of competition, is in accordance with the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup competition rules, in order to give the wildcard teams the chance to prepare for the event.

    The FIVB World Grand Champions Cup will feature the winners of continental qualifying tournaments for men and women with the women’s tournament running from November 10-15 in Tokyo and Fukuoka and the men’s competition following from November 18-23 in Osaka and Nagoya.

    All but one continental tournament remains with the NORCECA qualifier (the NORCECA Men’s Championships) due to be held from October 10-18. The Italian and Brazilian teams were the most recent women’s teams to qualify having won their respective continental championships on Sunday, while on Monday, the Iranian men’s team booked their place at the Asian Men’s Continental Championships after finishing second to the FIVB Grand Champions Cup hosts Japan."

    2009 FIVB World Grand Champions Cup Qualified Teams:
    Asia: Thailand
    Norceca: Dominican Republic
    Europe: Italy
    South America: Brazil
    Hosts: Japan
    Wildcard: Korea

  • Surprise surprise!! - Korea - what a shocker.... :lol:
    and Egypt...heh

    The level of the competition will be ridiciolous - if Brazil play Italy on the first day everything will be known then who's first who's second...

    The influence of Japan to the World Volleyball makes some of the tournaments really not worth seeing...
    They always want to give wildcard to someone who's worst than them.
    And the biggest shock for me was World Olympic Qualification (3 best plus Asian 8| )... sorry I wanted then so much to Japan finish out of the top 3 and then be after some Asian team but it was really not possible. I wonder if they would not have qualified what regulations would FIVB give in 2011 before London - 3 best plus plus Japan ;) . Ok I'm getting out of topic....

  • 2 reasons for choosing Japan to Korea:
    1) The Japan not to be last in the competition.
    2) There are many Koreans living in Japan for having audience.

    It comes down to money. It was asking a sports program that the host of japan so many competitions and the answer was simple: they buy the right of the FIVB tournament.

  • Unfortunately the tournament wrath come down to a game: Brazil vs. Italy .. Whoever wins is the champion .. If you were to do justice to the wild card should have gone to an African team .. Even though the team is weak we would be encouraging the sport in that region ..

  • The pull that Japan has in the volleyball world is getting ridiculous!! They know they have an average team, so they need to get political to get better results. This really is sad and kills the best thing in volleyball which is competition on a good level.

  • Korea again?????

    That's totally ridiculous. FIVB are making this Grand Champions Cup to look like a joke.
    It's very sad to see how they (fivb) are looking only for money rather than fair competiveness among the best teams in the world. There are at least 10 teams that deserve this wild card. Why Korea? Really dissapointing.