World Grand Champion's Cup 2009

  • Korea again?????

    That's totally ridiculous. FIVB are making this Grand Champions Cup to look like a joke.
    It's very sad to see how they (fivb) are looking only for money rather than fair competiveness among the best teams in the world. There are at least 10 teams that deserve this wild card. Why Korea? Really dissapointing.

    On the basis of growing the sport of Volleyball within new territories
    and raising the profile of the FIVB World Grand Champions Cup amongst a
    new fan base. :D :D :D

  • that's ridiculous :| i understand idea of WC to Egypt in mens competition but damn Korea?? why Korea?? there are at least 6 better teams in Europe which could get this WC Cuba USA China and even Puerto Rico would be more interesting choice.

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • ^^agree. i really don't understand why the FIVB keeps on picking Korea to participate in this tournament. when in fact there are a lot of stronger teams like Russia, Netherlands, Cuba, etc. who could make this tournament more exciting and fun to watch. their Wildcard selection really sucks!!! i bet this is just going to be a tight battle between Brazil and Italy.

  • In 1997 - Olympic Champion Cuba - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2001 - Olympic Champion Cuba - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2005 - Olympic Champion China - Wild Card gets Korea
    In 2009 - Olympic Champion Brazil - Wild Card gets - I think - Korea, because Japan can beat them :D Japan not agree for Team, who they can't beat :)

    Oh My Gosh! :white: Like many people already said here.The result really sucks.I respect Korea.But the tournament is called Grand Champions.So when did Korea win the last champion not just Asian but regional like Grand Prix? :what: The participants this year make the tournament like Asian vs World excluding Africa. :down:

    And for the reason to not be the last one in this tournament for Japan Oh Come on Japan you can't win Thailand and no guts to challenge Dominica?One thing I don't understand Japan is why their level keeps comparatively low these years.Some of their players are tall.And how come they don't know to find a way to improve themselves a little bit and keeps stable.I know it is not an easy way.But see the situation they hosted and will host so many volleyball events.They have the money and passion about volleyball.But asking for weak participant is not a way to really raise level.I prefer they naturalize some foreigners.That would be better to keep tournaments hosted in their country at a low level.

    By the way why are so many tournaments host in Japan?No other bidder? :love: Are there any articles and clauses about picking the wildcard? participants?

  • By the way why are so many tournaments host in Japan?

    For example because they "can organize great tournamnets"... That's CEV's version :roll:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Korea? :P here's an obvious reason, not to wonder. Japan can beat korea up easily (Korea seems to be much weaker than Japan) and If japan invited a team from europe or cuba, they would be rather beaten up. no one bets to japan win against them.
    anyway,it seriously sucks. Japan,Thailand,Korea. ugh, asian championship again?
    thought they would invite an european team like Russia or Germany for instance. oops, no one will be interested.

    on the other hands, it's great to see ITALY vs BRAZIL. this may be the unique match which is really really exciting and deserve.

  • they should hold this tournament in Brazil or perhaps in Europe. so that Japan won't even qualify (that is, if they win the Asian title). Even in the 2007 World Cup, i was surpirsed that the FIVB didn't even pick Russia as a Wildcard contender, when in fact during that time they are the reigning World Champions, same with Netherlands who won the 2007 World Grand Prix. what are their criterias for picking a Wildcard contender/s anyway?...

  • Therapy in the right shoulder twice a day and weight training. Thus has been the daily routine of the player of the Brazilian women's volleyball Olympic champion in Pequim/2008, Fabiana. Convened by coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes in the Champions League, last year's competition, next month in Japan, Fabiana will be out of the Brazilian team due to tendonitis. Thus, Ze Roberto called Natalia Martins, who presented on Wednesday (21.10), the Center for Development of Volleyball (CDV / S) in Saquarema.

    "It's worth getting off the team in last year's competition, but now is give it time. There's no other way. But I follow the games on television and hope to close the selection in 2009 with a golden key. I believe that Italy is the main rival to be the only opponent that has not faced this year. But even so, we have all the conditions for us to win another title, "said Fabiana, who attended the presentation of the group late on Tuesday (20.10) in the CDV / S

    The Brazilian team will seek its tenth consecutive title during the Champions League, which will be held between 10 and 15 November. Leader of the world rankings, Brazil has not lost a race since July 13 last year.

    In the current season, Brazil has played 40 matches and suffered only one defeat, to the Dominican Republic during the Pan American Cup in Miami, the United States. And the Caribbean side will be the first opponent of the Brazilian Cup champions in 10 days. Then, the Brazilian national team will face Japan (11.10), South Korea (12.10), Italy (14.10) and Thailand (15.10).

  • The middle of Blausiegel / Sao Caetano, Natália Martins, 24 years old and 1m86, be away from the team from tomorrow (22), but for good reason. The player was called by the coach of the Brazilian, Jose Roberto Guimaraes, the race for the Champions League instead of Fabiana Claudino, who is with the injured shoulder.
    The player, which follows today to Saquarema (RJ), where is the Training Center of CBV (Brazilian Volleyball Confederation), received the news with great joy. "This is a wonderful opportunity in the career of an athlete. I'm called to play a world championship and I'm really very happy to have this chance, "said Natalia.

    Natalia's fellow team Blausiegel / Sao Caetano, the opposite end Mari and Sheilla celebrated the convocation of the player. "I was very pleased to see another player in our team in the group selection and I think she has a great opportunity, since I feel as good as the other ways we have here," said Mari.

    "The Natalia deserves this call, it is in a great phase. I'm happy for her because, besides a great player, but a great person. I personally like a lot of Natalie and I'm sure it will help a lot here in the squad, "he said Sheilla.

    For technical Blausiegel / Sao Caetano, Mauro Grasso, the absence of Natalia will be felt, but he misses the point positive call. "It's a player holder of our team coming out in a decisive phase in the Paulista championship, but I'm glad this is another chance to show her his volleyball in Brazil squad," said Grasso.

    The Champions League will be the last commitment of the Brazilian team in 2009. The championship will be held from 10 to 15 November in Japan Since the time of Blausiegel / Sao Caetano enter the court on Saturday (24th), at 17h against APIV / Supricel / Amhpla in Piracicaba.

  • Italian Roster for the Grand Champion's Cup:

    Rondon, Barcellini, Sirressi, Barazza, Lo Bianco, Del Core, Piccinini, Arrighetti, Bosetti, Ortolani, Gioli and Cardullo.

  • No augero :O Guiggi isn't in there because she's injuried. but arighetti is pretty good as well.

    No Aguero, because she left the NT.
    It'll be hard to replace her, but we have good players. :thumbup: