South American Championship

  • Chile team:

    Alejandra Cornejo
    Chris Vorpahl
    Manuela Matas
    Pilar Olivares
    Francisca Espejo
    Pilar Mardones
    Florencia Garrido
    Macarena Cartes
    Aixa Romero
    Daniela Navarrete
    Maite Sanino
    Magdalena Délano

  • Is there an official site?

    Unfortunately there is no specific official website for the competition. The Infomação we posted here is taken from the site of local federations.

    Brazilian Volleyball Confederation (only in Portuguese)

    South American Volleyball Confederation (only in Spanish)

    Some site about volleyball in Brazil (only in Portuguese) (only in Portuguese) (only in Portuguese)

    The latter site is more about the life of each athlete in the selection.

  • More bad news from a Brazilian team. After the injury of Fabiana (she even this with the group) and Thaisa (remained in the bank) .. Carol Gattaz replacement is announced via Twitter that is a strong pain in the foot .. Even if it hurts she will play in the sacrifice for the group have only 2 middle blockers..

    Translated from Portuguese into English

    "Hi Carol, improved nothing, the foot still hurts, it's not you stop now, everybody hurts, gotta make a sacrifice" about 10 hours ago from web in reply to _CarolOliveira_

    "After much treatment and medication, my foot gave a relieved. Still hurts more than yesterday and less" 2:23 PM Sep 23rd from web

    "Training in Saquarema, and that leg does not stop hurting .. I want to improve soon !!!!!!!!!!!" 9:59 PM Sep 22nd from web

  • Peru and Colombia have begun to win the South American women's volleyball. Wednesday (30.09) in the opening match of the competition, Colombia beat Venezuela by 3 sets to 1, partial 25/10, 27/29, 25/23 and 25/23, at 1:37 of the game, the Tesourinha gym, in Porto Alegre. Next, the court entered into Peru and Chile beat by 3 sets to 0 25/16, 25/13 and 25/18, in 1 hour game. The matches were valid for Group B competition.

  • Blocking is the highlight of Colombia
    Despite the defeat, Venezuela was the top scorer of the game. The attacker Mariangel Perez scored 19 points - 18 attack and a lock. In Colombia, the highlight was the attacker Laura Cadavid, with 15 hits - eight in attack, block and three in four in the server.
    The highlight of Colombia was the block. Were 18 points in six of the ground against rivals. Moreover, the Colombian people benefited from opponents mistakes. Were 40 points in Venezuelan failures.

    Peru wins with ease
    The Peruvian experience prevailed. The team vice-Olympic champion in Seul/88 showed that is still above that of rivals will face in the qualifying stage. With 14 points, Karla Ortiz was the top scorer of the match, with 13 of them attack. In Chile, the highlight was Florencia Garrido, who scored nine times, they all attack.
    The former player Natalia Malaga, who played in the generation of silver in Peru next to Rosa Garcia and Cecilia Tait, is the current assistant coach of the Korean Cheol Yong. For Peru, the result served to the team to adapt to competition.
    "We are happy with their first victory. Still, we need to evolve to the service in the attack and counterattack. This first match served to the group feel the competition, "said Malaga, who pointed to Brazil as title favorite.
    "We are aware of the superiority Brazil, but we are here to get high ranking in the competition. Our next opponent will be Colombia and have seen the team evolves, "said Natalia.

    Argentino commands Chile
    Placed seventh in the last South American in 2007, when he played at home, the selection of Chile wants to grow in the competition. Coached by Argentine Hugo Basares, the team wants to fight for fifth place. "We know the superiority of others, but we have a chance to improve our position with respect to the last edition. Our key game will be against Venezuela. We have real chances to win and fight for fifth place. Technically, the Venezuelan are a little ahead, but physically we are very evenly matched, "said Hugo.
    Despite the defeat, the Argentine was happy with the performance of Chile. "Of course we always fight for victory. It was a predictable result. But a month ago, we played this same selection of Peru and were defeated in a more aggressive. We took a small step, "said Hugo.
    The Argentine is in front of the Chilean team since January. Hugo trained selections of adult basic and Argentina for 10 years. His best result was the runner-up South America, in 2003, when the Argentine team qualified for the Champions League.

    Cubans in Colombia
    Six months ago the selection of Colombia is directed by a Cuban. Jorge Garbey - one of the commanders of the selection of Cuba for 16 years - took charge of the team Colombia in order to assist in the development of the national volleyball.
    And the victory in the premier South American animated coach and led to his celebrated enough on the court at the end of the match. "We knew it would be a difficult match, but our blocking was very effective and essential to victory. We are emphasizing this very ground, as well as defense and serve, "said Jorge Garbey, who explained what the philosophy that attempts to apply the Colombian volleyball.
    "I want to merge the school with the Cuban volleyball modern. I want the team has the strength to attack Cuba, but that serve and defend very well. A service well done and a defense well positioned are the first steps to a good block, "said Garbey, which was what is the reality of volleyball in Colombia:
    "We have young players and high. It is a team that has everything to evolve, but needs to train and play competitions like this, "said Jorge Garbey that between 2003 and 2004, coached the adult team in the Dominican Republic.

    Venezuela regrets defeat
    The good efficiency in the attack - 47 points against 36 of the Colombian - was not enough to prevent the defeat of Venezuela. For assistant coach, Sergio Rivero, the youth team also hurt the group.
    "Our offensive power was the strength of our game, however the points that convert to attacks and looting were not good enough to stop the opponent's block," said Sergio, who expects a better game against Chile in the second round.
    "Tomorrow we have a new game against Chile and we hope to improve. The girls are new, with a mean age of 18 years, and we understand that they are still in the process of maturation, "he said Sergio Rivero.
    The best result of Colombia in South American was in 1991 in Sao Paulo, where she won the bronze medal. In the latest edition of the competition, the Colombian finished in sixth place. Venezuela already won five bronze medals, including the last edition in 2007 in Chile.

  • After two years, back to Brazil face Uruguay

    Twenty-one games, 21 wins, 63 sets defeated and only two lost by 73 and 75. This is the retrospect of Brazil over Uruguay. The two teams will face each other in this THURSDAY (01.10) in South American women's volleyball, in Porto Alegre. The match will be held from 19.30 at the gym Tesourinha, and will be broadcast live by the channel Sportv. Brazilian and Uruguayan faced last time in 2007, the South American Championship in the city of Rancagua, Chile.
    The Uruguayan debut in South American in the afternoon of today and lost to Argentina by 3 sets to 0, with partial 15/25, 17/25 and 10/25, after 1:02 of play. No time of Uruguay, a peculiarity: the sisters Fabiana (libero) and Paola Galusso (setter), and central Victoria and Florencia Aguirre.
    "We did not play well against Argentina, below what we really," said the sweeper from Uruguay. Fabiana Paola and play volleyball for 12 years and also work together as a sales executive of Sharp in his country. The middle-of-network Florencia student of architecture and his sister Victoria attends Eng. "This South American is a great opportunity for us to play good matches, especially against Brazil, which has a very high level. We must seize the chance to face them, "said Florence.


    The top scorer of the game was the argentina Leticia Boscacci, with 11 points. "We pressed quite Uruguay, especially on serve, and we were also effective in the attack. The victory is important because our team is very young and he gains more confidence. " For Uruguay, Lucia Guigou scored eight times.
    In the drawing, Argentina had 13 points, against only one of the opponents. Moreover, the Argentine scored 34 points on shots. Since the Uruguayan made 21 points.

  • Paula returns after five months, and Brazil win the weak Paraguay

    Paula Pequeno returned to the court on Wednesday after five months away. Recovered from knee injury, the tip came in the second set of the easy victory of the Brazilian national volleyball team on the poor of Paraguay, for 3 to 0 (25-10, 25-5 and 25-10), the debut of the South American Championship , held in Porto Alegre (RS).
    After using reserves in the Final Four, Brazil again count on your team in the continental tournament. The only thing missing is the middle-of-Fabiana, who has tendinitis in his left shoulder. With bursitis, the central Thaísa was on the bench. For the posts of the injured, coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes used and Carol Gattaz Adenízia.
    The two middle blockers were part of the starting lineup next to the setter Dani Lins, the outside Natalya and Mari, Sheilla the opposite, besides the player Fabi. Faced with a public good in the gym Tesourinha, Ze Roberto took the fragility of the adversary to promote the entry of reservations, including Paula Pequeno, who had not played since the final of the Superliga female in April.
    "It's a very special moment for me. I'm very happy not only for victory, but again, for overcoming this difficulty more. Back on the court playing in Brazil has been fantastic," said Paula to the channel Sportv.
    Brazil has found no difficulty to maintain their unbeaten record on the weak Paraguay. Now there are 13 wins in 13 clashes, without giving the opponent no set, which on Wednesday scored higher errors than Brazilians own moves.
    The current Olympic champions found across the network without a team tradition and misses basics. With this, took advantage to build a peaceful score, without any threat. The only problem faced in the first set, incidentally, was arbitration. The judge gave point to Paraguay in the same ball and struck out as a result, accused two touches Dani Lins.
    Still, the setter insisted three consecutive times roll china with Carol Gattaz and it worked. The middle-of-network closed the first set at 25-10 (these points Paraguayans were four and six attack errors Brazilian), after 16 minutes.
    The second set was even easier and Brazil was open 10-1. The feel of the period was the entry of Paula Pequeno, recovered from knee injury in the match. The tip came to stare at the point of 20 yellow-green, which won the set by 25-5 (two points of attack Paraguayan and three errors), again in 16 minutes.
    The same facility was found in the third set. The team of Ze Roberto arrived first team time with a 8-1 advantage. Even without all the owners in court, Brazil won again by 25-10 in 18 minutes - the longest part of the game.

  • Ze Roberto reaches 350th win as coach

    The 350th career win at the Olympic champion Jose Roberto Guimaraes as coach of Brazilian teams adult volleyball (male and female) came in the night this WEDNESDAY (30.09) without difficulty. Brazil has opened with an easy victory in South American women, in Porto Alegre. The Brazilian team beat Paraguay by 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/10, 25 / 5 and 25/10, in just 52 minutes. Carol Gattaz was the top scorer of the match with 12 points, five of the attack, five of block and two of server.
    "It was an easy game because of the difference of the two technical teams. But our intention is to try to wear as little as possible in these games, theoretically, more relaxed, "said the top scorer of the game.
    In the first set, Carol Gattaz was the main scorer of Brazil. The middle-of-network scored seven points for the Brazilian team. The Brazilian team got the first two days with 8 technical / 2 and 16 / 4. Of the ten points scored by Paraguay, five were obtained by error of the sample.
    And after four months away from tennis because of an arthroscopy on his left knee, the tip Paula Pequeno came in the second set with the score at 18 / 2 for the national team, and was responsible for the 20 th point of Brazil. Mari and Natalia, with four points each, were the leading scorers of the Brazilian team on the set.
    The Brazilian team for the third set with the same team that finished the previous part: Dani Lins, Joycinha, Carol Gattaz, Adenízia, Sasser, and Paula Pequeno, in addition to player Fabi. In the server, Adenízia secured three points - four in total.
    Adenízia even was the second top scorer of the match with 11 points. "It was an important victory for a different team, merged by players who competed in the Final Four," said a middle.

  • Paula back to wear the selection

    She's back. The best player in the Olympics Pequim/2008, the outside Paula restr shirt with the Brazilian team in the opening round of South American women. Wednesday (30.09), against Paraguay, Paula again felt the heat of the Brazilian fans wearing the yellow-green. The striker was not included in court since the final stage of Superleague, when he defended the team of Osasco.
    "When I called Zé my eyes filled with tears. It was a delight to be back to wear the team and even playing at home. I'm sure my mother and my husband must be thrilled at home. They know how difficult this was my recovery phase. It is further evidence of resilience. In life there are no obstacles for nothing when we are sure we can, "moved to tip.
    About the competition Paula noted that the time to think about the present and future. "We have to play thinking of giving our best to ensure another title that was what we propose. In practice, we have to make the most of the time we're having and thinking ahead, already in the Champions League, "added the striker, who scored seven points during the game.

  • Peruanas guarantee first place in the semi

    The Peruvian setter Elena Keldibekova into action .. Elena was born in Kazakhstan .. However at age 20 in an exchange between the two countries she decided to stay for it ..

    Advert for the 2010 World Cup in Japan, Peru guaranteed the morning of THURSDAY (01.10) to first place in the semifinals of the South American adult women's volleyball. In turn, after 1:25, the Peruanas surpassed Colombia for 3 sets to 1, with partial 21/25, 25/20, 25/20 and 25/13, Group B at the gym Tesourinha in Porto Alegre. The top scorer was Jessenia Uceda, Colombia, with 21 points and 14 attack, four block and three server.
    In the game that opened the round of the day, Venezuela secured their first victory by beating Chile by 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/19, 25/13 and 30/28 at 1:22. The Venezuelan Mariangel Perez who was more marked: 12 points, all attack.
    This FRIDAY (02.10), Peru may ratify the first key position at the end of the qualifying stage in front of Venezuela, from 11 hours. For Colombia, only interested in winning against Chile, at 9 am, to ensure the second position and classification.


    Karla Ortiz, leading scorer in the Peruanas team opener, who was most marked in the first set. Karla scored six times. Nevertheless, the blockade of Colombia was the crucial foundation. The Colombian made six blocking points in the first set - three against the opponents. After opening 6 / 1 on the scoreboard, saw Colombia Peru react and get to draw. At the end of the set, the Peruanas missed the submissions and Colombia came to win by 25 to 21.
    In the first technical time of the second set, Colombia had 8 / 6. With two consecutive points to draw, Jessenia Uceda Peruanas put the team ahead in the second technical time: 16/11. The Columbian, turn mistakes on shots and passing. After losing three-set points, the Peruanas came to win 25/20. Jessenia was the main scorer with six points.
    The Peruanas has found some difficulties in the third set. The score remained until the 14th point. After opening four-point lead (19/16), the selection of Peru saw Colombia react and touch: 20/19. But stop there: 25/20. Again, the looting was the difference. In the fourth set, the Peruanas victory was smooth, and the 25th point came on a block: 25/13.


    Natalia Malaga, which was part of the most successful generation of the history of Peruvian volleyball, and currently works as an assistant in the selection, said the initial goal has been achieved. "But we want to finish first in group to run away from Brazil in the semifinals."
    The captain of Peru, Leyla Chihuan, said the goal is to remain as the second power of the continent. "We are aware that Brazil is on another level. This year has been very good for our team. Even so, we must work much more. Have qualified for the 2010 World Cup, but we do not get to Japan and play three, four matches, and go home. We need a better performance than the last World Cup when we lost to Cuba, Serbia and Turkey, all by 3 to 2, "said Leyla.
    técnico da Colômbia, o cubano Jorge Garbey, espera que sua equipe possa assegurar a classificação para as semifinais nesta SEXTA (02.10). “Fizemos um jogo equilibrado com o Peru. Perdemos, mas nossas jogadoras quase não competem internacionalmente. Ainda temos chances de classificação e acredito que a possamos, inclusive, chegar no pódio”, disse Jorge Garbey.


    The service was the main basis of the Venezuelan team in the first set. With setter Daymare were four consecutive points that contributed to Venezuela to open 7 / 3 on the scoreboard. The advantage was maintained until the end of the set: 25/19. At the beginning of the second part, Chile has a little more work to opponents. The marker was tied until the eighth point. From then on, the Venezuelan again dominated and won by 25/13. In blocking, both teams scored three times each.
    The Chilean took the lead on the scoreboard for the first time in the game early in the third set, making 4 / 2 and 6 / 5. But the first technical time, Venezuela had 8 / 6. Even with the departure of one of its owners, Mariangel Perez, who suffered a sprained left ankle when the team won by 10 / 8, the Venezuelan came to have an advantage of 12 / 8. At the end of the set, however, the Chilean reacted. In the withdrawal of Aixa Romero came the tie on 22 points. But Venezuela won by 30/28 in 36 minutes.


    After the victory, the coach of Venezuela, Tomas Fernández, already thinking about the next opponent: Peru. "We have to stress more the service. The Peruvian team has more experience, so we need to use our strength to serve and attack, "said the coach, who hopes to reach the podium in this South American. "The only thing that can disrupt the cold. The team is not accustomed to playing with this low temperature, "he said Fernández.
    The setter and captain of Chile, Manuela Matas, lamented the second consecutive defeat in the competition. "At times we make mistakes that could not have committed. Now we will look to Colombia to try to win the next match. Our team is very young, was formed this year, and this is the first experience in South American for the majority, "said Manuela, who is a photographer. "We train three hours every day but we are not professionals. All study or work, "said the athlete from Chile.

  • Brazil is the semi-finals and decide first place in the group with Argentina

    Brazil and Argentina will go into the court of the gym Tesourinha in Porto Alegre, this FRIDAY (02.10), already qualified for the semifinals of the South American women's volleyball. The two sides will decide only the first and second placements in group A at the end of the qualifying stage. The game will be played starting at 19 hours, with live broadcast channel Sportv. On the night of THURSDAY (01.10), the Brazilian secured the second win in the competition: 3 sets to 0 over Uruguay (25 / 7, 25/14 and 25/17) at 1:03. The top scorer of the game was a Middle blockers Adenízia with 11 points, followed by also central Gattaz Carol, who scored ten times for Brazil.
    In 2009, the two teams have clashed twice. In June, the Pan American Cup, held in the United States, Brazil defeated Argentina by 3 sets to 1. The following month, the mining town of count, where it was played the qualifying tournament for the 2010 World Cup, Brazilian victory by the same score.


    Adenízia, with three points and one block attacks, and Sheilla, who scored in three finishes and a time to draw, were the main scorers in the first set. Uruguay has yielded tens of Brazil's 25 points on errors. In turn, the Brazilian team contributed only one point to the opponent. In Mari, the middle, the Brazilian team arrived at the first technical time: 8 / 2. At the second stop technique, in a counter-attack, did 16 / 6. The 25th point came on an error by Uruguay.
    Natalie was the top scorer in the second set with a point of attack, a block and two to serve. In the latter ground, the Brazilian team secured seven points in the set. Brazil has reached in two days with 8 technical / 4 and 16 / 7 until you get to win 25/14, after completion of Sassá. The Uruguayan yielded eight points on errors.
    The third set was the Uruguayan scored more, taking advantage of the errors of the sample. Uruguay came to jump ahead on the score being 6 / 5. But stop there. After that, the team of Brazil saw the opponent to touch the marker 16/18 but not threatened. 25/17 win in 24 minutes.

    CAROL GATTAZ: "The championship BEGINS NOW"

    Top scorer of the Brazilian team in the opening game against Paraguay, the Middle blockers Gattaz Carol was again one of the main parts of the team's victory tonight. "With the move came at the hands of good lifters, makes the job easier, and certainly I, as the Adenízia, we are very driven. And that's cool because we can contribute to the team. But the contest even starts tomorrow against Argentina. Nevertheless, we have the climate of competition, "said Carol
    The libero Fabi, which drew applause from the fans Gauchos in the third set after two consecutive defenses, said the rivalry between Brazil and Argentina. "The match tomorrow will be more difficult. It's a classic coming of football, and the Argentine come here to try to spoil our party, "said Fabi.
    Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes admitted that the Brazilian is not much required in the competition. "So far the two games (Paraguay and Uruguay) have been good to test our pace of play, and especially pay attention to the attack and defense. In the game today, have succeeded in reducing drawing errors. This was positive, "said Ze Roberto.


    The victory was considered impossible by the Uruguayan players. However, progress during the game and can play on equal terms with the Brazilian team in the third set was satisfactory for coach Juan Olave.
    "In the third set, Brazil is not so difficult to serve. Thus, we have a standard drawing better and gain confidence in the attacks and blockade. I leave this game happy because I saw my team fight all the time. This game will be important for us in this championship, "he said Olave.
    The coach noted that one goal was achieved. "We wanted to develop a partial for each set, and we did. Now we have to beat Paraguay and play the fifth place, perhaps against Venezuela, "said Juan.
    Uruguay's top scorer in the game with nine points, Lucia Guigou was pleased with the performance of the team, especially in the third set. "We knew it would be a game very difficult and complicated. But playing on equal terms with the Olympic champions, even if for a set is always very good. We can not compare the level of the two teams. We are a team formed by young people, who either work or study. So having that amount of play against Brazil gives us great satisfaction, "said Guigou.

  • Argentina is in the semifinals

    The selection of Argentina is classified for the semifinals of the South American women's volleyball. This THURSDAY (01.10), Argentina's walked on the court and killed in Paraguay by 3 sets to 0, partial de 25/09, 25/14 and 25 / 2 in just 54 minutes of play in the gym Tesourinha in Porto Alegre.
    This was the second victory of Argentina, who beat Uruguay (3 sets to 0), the debut of the competition. This FRIDAY (01.10), Argentina's return to court to face Brazil to decide first place in Group A, starting at 19h, with live broadcast channel SPORTV. Before, at 16h, Paraguay and Uruguay will face each other.
    Argentine coach Horacio Bastit changed the whole team for the second set and had chances for the players reservations. "It was a good game to give chances to players who had not defended the shirt argentina a South American," he said Horacio.
    The starting lineup, only the central Jersonsky, 18, was in court until the final confrontation. And it was just the highlight of the game with 13 points. Julia Fresco, with 10 hits, was another highlight of Buenos Aires.
    "We made a good start and kept a regular basis. Paraguay has made many mistakes. Against Brazil will be a difficult game. The team will face Olympic champion, who has plenty of power to reach attacking and blocking, "he said Camila Jersonsky, which opens this year's adult selection, having had a quick passage through the youth team.


    Argentina dominated the entire first part. With a forced server, which secured four points for the team in that regard, the Argentine team fully annulled the opponent, which, again, as in the game against Brazil showed that they are well below technically. Argentina's victory was 25 / 9. Captain argentina Boscacci was highlighted by five points in part, any attack.
    Paraguay surprised at the beginning of the second part. Taking advantage of the flaws in Argentina and good efficiency of the service, the Paraguayan balanced the game until the fifth point (5 / 5). But it was there. At the first stop technique, Argentina had three points clear (8 / 5). Thereafter, the Buenos Aires team dominated and closed the partial 25/14, to attack the middle of the attacker Jersonsky. The Argentine Sosa was the highlight of the set, with four points of attack and a block.
    The total was the Argentine in the third set. With the decrease Curatola, Argentina's walked on the court. By the second stop technique, the Paraguayan failed to score a point (16 / 0). The sequence argentina continued. Paraguay has only scored the first point where the rivals had already reached the mark of 21 hits. In a fast attack by the middle-of-network, the Argentine closed the part-25 / 2.


    The eyes of the Argentine coach Horacio Bastit glow when speaking of the Brazilian volleyball. "The Brazilian team is the best team in the world," he says flatly. Horacio want the national team learned from its neighbors. So whenever possible come to Brazil to watch the games in the Superliga.
    "In the last issue, I spent 15 days in Brazil following the games of the Superliga closely. Next, of course, will do my best to come too. I am a lover of Brazilian volleyball, "said Horacio.
    Before the South American, Argentina was to Osasco (SP), where he played five exhibition games. Lost three matches for Sollys / Osasco and won two of the team of St. Bernard.
    For Horace, the Argentine volleyball is under renovation. "We have a very young group. The oldest player on the team has 28 years, the rest have less than 24. The Pinedo and Robinet are more experienced. In two years we will competing for a place at the Olympics this time, it has everything to evolve. And we depend on Brazil because the Brazilian is a description in the World Cup, will open a spot for South America, "says the coach.

  • Paraguayan swing

    With the ball in play, Paraguay lost heavily to the national team, led by coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes. It was a wash ... 3 sets to 0, with the second part completed in 25/05. However, in the question booty, the Paraguayan gave a show. At the premiere of the South American in Porto Alegre, the foreign esbaldaram is the sound of funk.

    Juliana Mattos, dear friend and producer of SporTV, is in the cold South covering the event and kindly sent some photos of the Paraguayan dance.

    Furthermore, the video shows up every swing of the girls. Check it out!

    Link to dance video:…ANO+DE+VOLEI+FEMININ.html

  • Group A

    Pos Equipe Pts J V D PP PC PA SP SC SA
    1 Brasil 2 1 1 0 75 25 3,00 3 0 MAX
    2 Argentina 2 1 1 0 75 42 1,79 3 0 MAX
    3 Uruguai 1 1 0 1 42 75 0,56 0 3 0
    4 Paraguai 1 1 0 1 25 75 0,33 0 3 0

    PTS - Points, J - Games, W - wins, D - losses, PP - points for, PC - points against, PA - average points, SP - sets pro, SC - sets against SA - sets average

    Date Match Partial

    30/09 Uruguai 0 - 3 Argentina 15 - 25 / 17 - 25 / 10 - 25
    30/09 Brasil 3 - 0 Paraguai 25 - 10 / 25 - 5 / 25 - 10
    01/10 Argentina 3 - 0 Paraguai 25 - 9 / 25 - 14 / 25 - 2
    01/10 Brasil 3 - 0 Uruguai 25 - 7 / 25 - 14 / 25 -17

    Group B

    Pos Equipe Pts J V D PP PC PA SP SC SA
    1 Peru 4 2 2 0 267 203 1.315 6 1 6.000
    2 Venezuela 3 2 1 1 165 162 1.019 4 3 1.333
    3 Colômbia 3 2 1 1 258 277 0.931 4 4 1.000
    4 Chile 2 2 0 2 107 155 0.690 0 6 0

    PTS - Points, J - Games, W - wins, D - losses, PP - points for, PC - points against, PA - average points, SP - sets pro, SC - sets against SA - sets average

    Date Match Partial

    30/09 Venezuela 1 - 3 Colômbia 10 - 25 / 29 - 27 / 23 - 25 / 23 - 25 -
    30/09 Peru 3 - 0 Chile 25 - 16 / 25 - 13 / 25 - 18
    01/10 Venezuela 3 - 0 Chile 25 - 19 / 25 - 13 / 30 - 28
    01/10 Peru 3 - 1 Colômbia 21 - 25 / 25 - 20 / 25 - 20 / 25 - 13