South American Championship

  • Colombia ranks and may be the adversary of Brazil in the semifinals

    The Colombian Cindy Ramirez is just 20 years, nine of selection - from the basic categories - and will play in his third season in Europe. After stints in Cyprus and Spain, Cindy will play in Greece. With 17 points, Cindy was the main scorer of the Colombian victory over Chile in the third round of the South American adult female volleyball early on FRIDAY (02.10), in Porto Alegre. The Colombian team won by 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/19, 25 / 9 and 25/15 after 1:02 of play, and the result ensured qualification for the semifinals of the competition as runner-up in Group B - the Peru finished in first position.
    This SATURDAY (03.10), for a place in the final title of the South American, Peru will face the runner-up in Group A at 19 hours. Colombia now play against Brazil, at 11 hours - if the Brazilian team ratify against Argentina on Friday (01.10) at night, the first in your key.
    An admirer of the Brazilian volleyball - is a fan of Fofão, Walewska and Ana Paula, and the player Fabi, the current generation - Cindy Ramirez said the ratings for the semifinals of the South American is the first objective of Colombia. "We are delighted to have won our second win in the competition," said the young athlete. "I always liked volleyball, especially the discipline," said Cindy.
    At the end of the qualifying round of the key B, Peru ratified the first place in the group after winning a third consecutive victory. This time, the Peruvian of Venezuela won by 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/19, 25/11 and 25/14 in 59 minutes. With the result, the Venezuelan lost the chance to go the semifinals, and now will fight for fifth place.


    Well the server and taking advantage of the counter-attacks, Chile took the lead in the first set: 4 / 1. But it was not blocking the Colombia work to get the reaction. In the first two times the Colombian technicians were 8 / 6 and 16/12. After losing three sets of points, Martha, closed the set on 25/19. Cindy Ramirez, Colombia, who has scored more - seven points, three server, two attack and two blocks.
    With three attacks and three blocks, Cindy was once again the top scorer also in the second set. After making 12 / 1 and reach the second technical time with 16 / 5, Colombia closed on 25 / 9. At the beginning of the third part, the lock gave Chilean work. There were three points that ground. Still, the Colombian reached the first stop technique with 8 / 6 on the scoreboard. With a decrease efficient - 13 server the game - the selection of Colombia came to win 25/15.
    Chile has yet to win in the competition: three games, three defeats. The team now will play the fifth to seventh places. "We played devolved and this has helped to lose again. We could not hit the shots, while the decrease in Colombia hindered our reception, "said the Chilean Mackarena Cartes.


    The Peruvian Leyla Chihuan with six points, and Karla Ortiz, five, were the main scorers in the first two sets of confrontation with Venezuela. Peru was higher than the opponent throughout the match, while the Venezuelan wasted submissions and showed errors in reception. In the first set, Venezuela still offered a little more resistance to Peru - the bullet came to 16/15 to Peru.
    Again, the Peruvian Leyla Chihuan did most scored in the match. The player scored 15 times - nine attacks, server four and two blocks. "We came in order to arrive first in the qualifying round and we did. Peru is investing to improve on the international ranking. We do not want to stay between the 10th and 12th places. For this reason, we are not participating in many competitions outside the country, and South American is a good preparation, "said Leyla.
    The Venezuelan Light Delfines was the top scorer of his team with ten points - seven of attack, two blocking and one server.

  • Brazil beats Argentina and Colombia faces the semifinals

    Brazil and Colombia will compete one place in the final of the South American women's volleyball. This FRIDAY (02.10), the Brazilian team reached the third win in the competition by defeating Argentina by 3 sets to 0, partial 25/15, 25/15 and 25/23, at 1:13 of the game, the gym Kingbird, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul
    With the victory, the team led by coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes finished in first place in Group A and will play against Colombia on Saturday (03.10), from 11am, with live broadcast channel Sportv. In the other semifinal, Argentina and Peru - first place in Group B - compete for a place in the final. The match will be held at 19h.
    Both times he faced Argentina in 2009, Brazil won. The clashes in the Pan American Cup in Miami, and in the qualifying tournament for the 2010 World Cup in Betim (MG). However, on both occasions, the Argentina team had won a set. This time, one more victory, but a different picture.
    The top scorer of the game was Argentina's Georgina Pinedo, with 17 points. For Brazil, the highlight was the player Mari, with 15 hits - seven in attack, three in block and five in the server.
    After the match, Mari recalled that both teams had trouble with the server. "I think the cold is causing the ball is lighter and more difficult to pass the teams. I forced myself not very well and could be effective in this ground, "said the striker, who liked the game:
    "It's good to face Argentina. It is a time fighter, do not ever give up. After all, they are Argentine and leave nothing cheap. In the third set, we fell a little production and they had nothing to lose and came with everything. Risked more on the attack and closed the lock, "he said Mari.


    Argentina required a little more than Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay in the first two games. Brazil began slashing the first set. Early in went four points (4 / 0). The advantage of the technique was first stop of five items (8 / 3). In the second technical time, the Brazilian had seven points difference (16 / 9). The sacking of the time yellow-green difficult reception in Buenos Aires, which has further facilitated for the team in Brazil, which closed in 25/15. Natalya, with six points, was the top scorer of the part. The blockade was the most effective foundation in Brazil, with six hits.
    In the second set, and that Argentina tried, but the green-yellow walls (who scored three points in the set) or stop any attempt smoothing Argentina's like the game. The balance was in May, but at no time Brazil lost the command of the match. A good passage of the looting Mari helped Brazil to make five consecutive points and took off in marked (14 / 7). Ze Roberto put Tiemi Ana, Joycinha Sassá and on the court, and Brazil maintained the pace to close on 25/15, the ace of Mari - the top scorer of the part with seven points, two attacks and five server.
    The third set was the most disputed. For the first time, Argentina was ahead (2 / 3). Brazil has returned to dominate the opening (8 / 3). But the Brazilian was embarrassed and left the Argentine react and return to lead the score (10/13). The attacks of the crowd set fire to Natália in Tesourinha and helped the Brazilian reaction (19/19). The Brazilian could not pass into the hands of setter Dani Lins and the Argentine again be in front (20/22). The Brazilian back to react and was partially set in the final. With a point of Sheilla the bottom half, Brazil scored 25/23 and sealed the victory.


    For Colombia coach Ze Roberto did not expect. For the coach, Venezuela had more chances to be among the semifinalists in the South American. The good performance of the Colombian coach surprised the Olympic champion who will study the semi-final opponent. "We imagined that would be our rival Venezuela in the semifinals. So now we need to study the time of Colombia carefully. Let's see the videos and set up our strategy for the game, "said the coach.
    On the victory against Argentina, Ze highlighted the potential of the opposing team. "We played with no problems the first two sets. In the third part, we were four points ahead and take six consecutive points. This is not normal. Argentina is a team that can still move a lot, "he said Ze Roberto.


    By early afternoon, in front of a television, dozens of Brazilians, among them members of the Brazilian team, welcomed the choice of Rio de Janeiro to host the 2016 Olympic Games. However, the crowd, a different accent. Argentine Horacio Batist was one of the fans.
    At the end of the announcement, Time celebrated as if he had yellow-green blood. "I was really happy. I have lived in Morro de Sao Paulo, Salvador. I was horrified with the choice. I want to congratulate the Rio de Janeiro for this achievement, "said the coach of the Argentina.
    At night, the defeat to Brazil did not surprise Horacio, who hopes to be in the final of the competition. "We had difficulties in passing and, therefore, could not. In the third set, the pass went out and changed the landscape of the game. I liked the attitude of the team that did not quit. Against Peru, if we play like this in the third set match against Brazil, have a chance to go out with the victory, "he said.

  • Brazil is in the final and seeks his 16th title of the continent

    For the 27th time in the history of South American Championships on 28 occasions - the exception was at 64, if not participated - the adult Brazilian women's volleyball final in the competition, held in Porto Alegre. This SUNDAY (04.10), from 12 hours in the gym Tesourinha, Brazil will seek the 16th continental title, eighth in a row - do not miss from 95. A place in the final was secured on Saturday morning (03.10), after the victory over Colombia 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/16, 25/14 and 25 / 6 in 1 hour game.
    The adversary of Brazil in the final - the channel Sportv forward to the title match will be live-known on Saturday night (03.10). At 19 hours, Argentina and Peru will face in the gym Tesourinha in the second semifinal of the South American. Whoever loses, will decide the bronze medal with Colombia, tomorrow (04.10) at 9 am.
    Colombia will try to repeat his best result ever in South American: the third place. At 91, when the competition was held in Sao Paulo, the Colombian secured the only bronze medal today after winning the Argentina.
    The top scorer of the match was the opposite Sheilla Brazilian, with 13 hits - nine in the attack, three in block and one in serve. "It was a game as expected. We saw the video of them and went into the match expecting a team with a heavy lock and a good offense, and that's what happened. We can print a good pace of play and not distracted. Now, in the end, regardless of the opponent, we must be focused to get this title and spot in the Champions League, "said Sheilla


    With two points of attack - one of Sheilla and another Adenízia - a block Carol Gattaz and two errors in the Colombian national team opened the 5 / 2 in the first set. Colombia, however, responded, drew level and turned to 6 / 5, taking advantage of two errors of the women, and scoring with a block and a serve.
    But it was Brazil who came to the first technical time in front: 8 / 6 with two errors in an opponent's ace and Natalia. In the second technical stop, 10 / 6 for the Brazilian team. Joycinha, who came on for Sheilla, marked the end of victory in the set: 25/16. Natalya, with six points - five attacks and a server - was the main scorer in the first set.
    Natalia was also ripped the applause of the fans with a fine save in the second set, and still resulted then in a counter-attack and the second part of Brazil: 2 / 1. The Brazilian team got the first technical time with 8 / 4 - the eighth point came on a sack of Sheilla. At the second stop technique: 16/10, with Adenízia the middle. Carol Gattaz still stood out with two consecutive blocks at the end. But it was Sheilla, with seven points, who scored more times for Brazil in the set: seven points, four attacks, two blocking and one server. Win 25/14
    In the third set, a start slashing Brazil: 4 / 0. And so to the end. In both technical times: 8 / 2 and 16 / 4. With an effective blockade, the Brazilian team came to win by 25 / 6.


    Coach Jose Roberto Guimaraes liked the performance of the Brazilian team in the third set. "When we study the video of Colombia, we saw that the team had quality in attack, but not much quality in the pass. And they tried to force the service to the maximum. In the first set lost eight counter-attacks, and I thought we were not as effective on defense, and especially in blocking the first two sets, "said Ze Roberto

    COLOMBIA satisfied with the result

    Beating Brazil was not the objective of the Colombian team, which hopes to win the gold medal to cap the well in the competition. After the match, the captain Colombian Mery Mancilla evaluated the game against Brazil. "It's a privilege to play against a team Olympic champion. We came with the goal of making 15 points in the sets, and we did. We can not charge a victory considering that we do not have the same experience than Brazil. We can, perhaps, win tomorrow and win the dream of third place, "said Mery.

  • Andrea Estrada only 14 years made his South American debut against Brazil. Even the semi-final she had not played yet .. Because a victory is unlikely .. The coach decided to debut it in the competition .. At one time technicians coach asked her to seize the moment .. At each point made was enthusiastic .. And every mistake his team supported it ..

  • Final Preliminary round

    Pool A

    Rank Team Pts W L W L Ratio W L Ratio
    1 Brazil 6 3 0 225 116 1.940 9 0 MAX
    2 Argentina 5 2 1 203 142 1.430 6 3 2.000
    3 Uruguay 4 1 2 176 213 0.826 3 7 0.429
    4 Paraguay 3 0 3 113 246 0.459 1 9 0.111

    Pool B

    1 Peru 6 3 0 342 247 1.385 9 1 9.000
    2 Colombia 5 2 1 333 320 1.041 7 4 1.750
    3 Venezuela 4 1 2 209 237 0.882 4 6 0.667
    4 Chile 3 0 3 150 230 0.652 0 9 0.000

    Final round


    3 Oct Brazil – Colombia 3 x 0 25-16 / 25-14 / 25-6
    3 Oct Peru – Argentina

    First place

    4 Oct Brazil – Winner SF2

    Third place

    4 Oct Colombia – Loser SF2

    Fifth place

    3 Oct Uruguay – Venezuela

    Seventh place

    3 Oct Paraguay – Chile

  • I went to Brazil's games yesterday and today. It's the first time in 9 years that any NT comes play in my town. Couldn't miss the oportunity.

    I think we're doing good in this tournament, considering we're playing without our two main MB's. And I believe both Adenízia and Carol Gattaz are doing a really good job.

    Against Argentina, Mari was definitely our best player, she served really well and became our main hitter in the end of the third set, specially since Dani and Sheila's plays weren't very well synchronized. Last set was a bit of a thriller, Argentina's defense was very good.

    In the semis, against Colombia, the biggest surprise of this championship, Dani and Sheila got much better, they played really well. When Paula came into court, she did a good job too.

    Since the games are being broadcasted, I reckon there's no much news to share with you guys. Just that the atmosphere in the hall is really great and the audience seems to really like Sassá and Paula.

    Tomorrow I'm going to the finals, I hope it'll be a nice match!

  • I hope you could enjoy tomorrow's match, yates. Even if our opponents are not volleyball superpowers, the idea of being with the Brazilian girls at the exact same gymnasium as them is just awesome. I believe there will be no surprises, though. Brazil is supposed to beat Argentina in straight sets very easily and I believe that if Argentina were able to win a single set against Brazil that would be too much of a shock already.

    It is nice to see both Adenízia and Carol Gattaz playing well, but honestly, I think they were not really tested during this Championship. I have the impression that the Final Four matches against USA were much more difficult than the whole South American Championship so far.

  • CHILE finished seventh

    Without even having won the competition, Chile and Paraguay entered into court to dispute the seventh. As for the Chilean who won by 3 sets to 0 (25/19, 25/15 and 25/22) at 1:12 of the game. The top scorer of the match was the Chilean Chris Vorpahl, with 20 hits - all attacks. For Paraguay, Patricia Caballero and Karin Timcke were the highlights with 10 points each. The two teams repeated the placement of the last edition in 2007.


    In one of the most hotly-contested matches of South America, Venezuela and Uruguay were face to face in the battle for fifth place. After 2:20 of play, the Uruguayan took the best and won the tie-break, with partial 24/26, 27/29, 25/16, 34/32 and 15/08.
    After losing the first two sets by just two points, the Uruguayan went for the win. In the fourth set, the match was point to point. With the support of the fans, Uruguay did not give up, tied the match in straight sets and took the game to tie-break. The victory in the previous partial propelled Uruguay, which gave no chances to rivals and won the first match in the competition.
    The Uruguayan Florencia Aguirre was the top scorer of the match, with 24 hits - 19 in the attack, four in one block and serve. The Venezuelan side, stood Valdez, with 22 points - twenty attacks and two blocks.

  • Argentina is the adversary of Brazil in the decision

    After two editions, Argentina is back on the end of the South American Championship. Brazil and Argentina will be facing each other in the decision of the 28th edition of the tournament on Sunday (04.10), from 12pm at the gym Kingbird, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, with live broadcast channel Sportv. In this SATURDAY (03.10), Argentina defeated Peru, turning, for 3 sets to 1, partial 17/25, 25/23, 25/19 and 25/21, at 1:43 of the game.
    The Argentine surprised Peru, second force on the continent and second country in number of titles. Brazil is the record, with 15 gold medals, while Peru accumulated 12 victories. Argentina have a chance to win a title unique
    This is the fourth time that Brazil and Argentina will compete under a South American. On all three occasions (1999, 2001 and 2003), Brazil won. In addition to the three silver medals, the Argentine add 12 bronze medals.
    Brazil and Argentina have already been face to face in this South American. It was the third and final round of qualifiers and the Brazilians won by 3 sets to 0. Season, and this game, both teams have dueled other two times. Brazil won both clashes, but Argentina won a set in each (3 sets to 1).
    The Argentine Boscacci was the top scorer of the confrontation, with 20 hits - 16 attacks and four blocks. "We were with the team of Peru stuck in the throat from the Qualification Tournament, when we lost the seat to the World Championship for them. Against Brazil, will go into court without pressure. The technical level of Brazil is very high. Thus, what remains is to play our best, we know the magnitude of the Brazilian team. It will be a learning game in which we have to make a good presentation, "he said Boscacci.
    The statistics of the game showed a balanced game. With the same number of bottlenecks (14) and errors of the opponent (25), Argentina and Peru fought a battle tactic. The difference was in attack: 49 points in 44 of Peru and Argentina.


    Argentina has only been ahead in the first two points of the game when he scored 2 / 0. From there, the area was full of Peru. At the first stop technical advantage in favor of Peru was four points (8 / 4), which was increased by one point in the second technical time (16/11). Successive Argentine errors helped the Peruvian, who closed the partial 25/17, wasted in an attack by rivals. Blocking Peruvian made the difference: they were five points in just a plea against the Argentine. The Peruvian Chihuan and Ortiz were the highlights of the part with six points each.
    Peru has not seemed to find difficulty to win the second set, opening up four points quickly (8 / 4). However, the Argentinean not given up and leaned on the boards (12/11). The team returned to Buenos Aires press and leveled (21/21) With two consecutive points of Boscacci, Argentina turned (23/21) and fired the game. In Nizetich attack, the Argentine closed in 25/23. Captain Boscacci was the highlight of celestial time, with eight points in part - six in the attack and two on the block.
    The victory thrilled the Buenos Aires team that took the lead in the third set and went ahead at the first stop technique. But the Peruvian responded and turned the marker 9 / 8 As in previous partial to Argentina responded with a good pass, made it difficult to pass Peru and came to dominate the score 13 /18 The Argentine administered the difference and turned the game to seal the victory on the set for 25/19. Again, Boscacci was the highlight of Argentina, with six points in part - five attacks and one block.
    The fourth set was balanced as the second. But now dominated Argentina Peru. The Argentine could be ahead, but always with little advantage, one or two points. With the moves marked, Peru could not turn the ball in the attack, which facilitated the game opponent. Placed in a drawing of the central Busquets, Argentina opened a comfortable lead (21/16). Peru also had the support of about 50 Peruvian attending the gym, that did not stop a minute to encourage the team. But the crowd was not enough to stop Argentina, which sealed the victory by scoring 25/21 in the counter-attack Boscacci, the name of the game.


    When Boscacci nailed the counter-attack that sealed the victory argentina, all the coaches hugged and ran to celebrate with the players returned to the end of the South American. Crying a lot, athletes and members of the coaching staff did not stop to celebrate the victory over Peru, hitherto favorite to be in the decision.
    "We played trying to win. This year we face three times Peru. We lost three and two of them in the tie-break. In the first game, we had three match points and could not win. The team needed this victory. This group has certain physical disabilities, but it is technically and tactically disciplined, "he said Horacio Bastit, coach of Argentina, who made a point of stressing that this was not the best team performance in the competition. "In the third set against Brazil played even better than today."
    For Horace, the Argentine goal has been achieved. "The goal of this technical committee is always achieve a better placement for each league that dispute. So far, we can, "said the coach. In the latest edition of the South American, Argentina finished in fifth place.
    About the decision, Horacio is categorical about what you expect the team. "Play well".


    If the Argentine side the party for victory over Peru was intense. On the Peruvian side, the desolation was evident in the face of each athlete. Natalia Malaga - one of the icons of the generation Peruvian vice-Olympic champion in Seul/88 and current assistant coach - was dissatisfied coma defeat.
    "Our game in the South American was today. Much in the wrong password. We can only count on two or three players to achieve victory. Argentina played with vigor. And it is this strength that leads the Argentine forward. Grab that we have missed, "he said in a disgruntled reporters afterwards.
    Despite the defeat, Natália still believes his team is superior to Argentina. "The fact that Argentina had won the only means that played better, but it is better than our group," he concluded.

  • Final:

    Brazil X Argentina

    Third place:

    Peru X Colombia

    5 Uruguay
    6 Venezuela
    7 Chile
    8 Paraguay

  • Peru wins by 3 to 1 and guarantees the bronze

    Peru has assured the 27th medal in its history - fifth bronze - in the South American Championships. Early on Sunday (04.10) at the gym Tesourinha in Porto Alegre, the Peru national team women's volleyball defeated Colombia by 3 sets to 1, with partial 25/11, 25/21, 22/25 and 25/14, in 1:31 minutes of play. Leyla Chihuan was the top scorer of the match with 17 points, with 12 attacks and five of attack.
    With the win, Peru sum up 12 gold medals, 10 silver and five bronze medals, the second biggest winner in the history of South America. Since 2005, however, the Peruvians were not out of the end of the competition.


    Colombia began the set surprising Peru to open 4 / 1. But the Peruvians reacted and reached the first technical with 8 / 5, after a good service it difficult reception opponent. At the second stop technique, the advantage of Peru was even greater: 16 / 9. After 20 minutes, win 25/11. Karla Ortiz who was more pointed: six submissions.
    In the second set, Colombia has a little more work to the team in Peru. Still, the Colombian continued to show flaws in the reception, and 24 minutes, the Peruvian victory came to 25/21. With six points each, Martha and Laura, of Colombia, were the main scorers. For Peru, who was more Chihuan scored four times.
    With the support of the fans gauchos, Colombia opened 4 / 0 - with two consecutive blocks and two finishes - and reached the first stop technique with the advantage of 8 / 7. After a four-point advantage 12 / 8 the Colombian allowed opposing reaction. In the second technical time, they had just one point ahead: 17/16. The balance between the two teams until the score remained the same in 20 points. Pushed by the cries of "Colombia, Colombia, the team came to win 25/22, after a point of blocking setter Mery.
    In the fourth set, despite the support of the fans, Colombia has failed to keep pace of play. The balance remained until the eighth point, but thereafter, the team dominated Peru - the Colombian has hit two consecutive blocks and pulled up the marker. The service was instrumental in the Peruvian win 25/14.
    Top scorer of the game, Leyla Chihuan, one of the most experienced athletes from Peru, did not like the team's performance in this South American - was expected to reach the final with Brazil.
    The coach of Colombia, Cuban Jorge Garbey, regretted the absence of five key players on your team - one injured, two who work in the United States and another who plays in Italy. "Colombia did not dispute a medal for 14 years, but had little preparation time, only 12 days because the players were playing for the national championship. Therefore, in the decisive moments, the team still felt the lack of international experience. Anyway, the group played well and we still have the Brazilian fans in this fight for bronze, "said the coach.

  • Brazil has beaten Argentina in straight sets (25-16, 25-16, 25-22) an will join Thailand, Dominican Republic and either Italy or the Netherlands in the World Grand Champions Cup. Japan will also take part of this tournament as the host country and the wild card team is still unknown. I have no clue about which team will be invited for this tournament. In 2005, Korea was given the opportunity of playing such tournament, but I am pretty sure there are stronger teams than Korea willing to play this tournament. If I were to choose a team, I would choose the strongest team I could and in order to make the right choice I would ask the possible candidates if their idea is competing with their best players. Then I would possibly choose Russia, USA, China or Cuba.

    I heard that the FIVB criterium is choosing a team from the same continent as the Olympic Champions, then Puerto Rico, Cuba, USA, Argentina and Peru would have chances. On the other hand, China is the former Olympic Champions and they are from the same continent as the host country, they might have been given a chance (remembering that the new FIVB president is Chinese) and finally the European teams are reallya strong (the ECH is the most difficult continental championship and for this reason the European teams should have been given a chance). I have no idea what FIVB will consider to make this choice but I am really looking forward to this definition.

  • Brazil is champion for the 16th time

    The Brazilian adult women's volleyball winning this Sunday (04/10) the 16th South American title of the category, sixth in 2009 and the ninth in a row - from 13 July 2008 that Brazil remains in the highest place of the podium. The Brazilian team defeated Argentina by 3 sets to 0, with partial 25/16, 25/16 and 25/22 after 1:08 starting at the gym Tesourinha in Porto Alegre. The bronze medal went to Peru, which has overtaken Colombia 3 to 1 (25/11, 25/21, 22/25 and 25/14) at 1:31 of the game.
    Besides the gold medal in the Olympics Pequim/2008, the team won two editions of Grand Prix and Final Four, the Montreux Volley Masters, the Pan American Cup Qualifying Tournament and the 2010 World Cup.
    In South American, Brazil now stands 16 gold medals and 11 silver, the same number obtained by Peru, however, has fewer titles. There are 12 wins, 10 deputies and five third places, being the second biggest winner in the history of South America.


    With four points in the opposite Sheilla, three on shots and a block, the Brazilian team arrived at the first technical time: 8 / 2. Brazil continued blocking effectively, and the second stop technique had the score 16 / 8. A departure of Mari over the block Argentine sealed the win on the set for 25/16.
    Sheilla was the top scorer on the set, with six points, four attacks, one block and another drawing. In total, the Brazilian team scored seven times in the block, only two points against Argentina in the ground. Brazil has yielded seven points in errors for the opponents.
    Argentina came to be in front early in the second set: 4 / 3. But stop there. Brazil, top, made 8 / 4 on the first technical time. The Brazilian team arrived at the second stop after a withdrawal of captain and setter Dani Lins: 16 / 7. On the way back to the court, new point of Dani on the same ground: 17 / 7. With a completion of Mari, Brazil clinched the set on 25/16.
    Sheilla was again who scored more on the set. The opposite of the Brazilian team scored four points of attack and drawing two.
    With a server point, Argentina has 2 / 1 at the beginning of the third set. With the score tied at three points, Leticia Boscacci was to serve and his team scored three points in a row: a lock and two after two failures of Brazil approval: 6 / 3 to the Argentine, who reached the first stop technique with 8 / 6.
    Argentina sat on the edge until the 13th point, but Brazil turned to 15/13. With a good performance of middle-of-network Gattaz Carol, the Brazilian took the time to peak from the 19th spot. Dani Lins has a great defense that contributed to the 23 º point: 23/20. Adenízia in block, marked the 24th point. In a server out Georgina Pinedo, Brazilian victory by 25/22

  • With this title Brazil remains unbeaten this year. 6 contests were played and 6 victories. A total of 10 titles are already followed .. Spot Olympic Games, 2 WGP, Mountrex, Pan .. And now prepares for the Champions League which will be held later this year in Japan.


    Six competitions and won six titles. This is the retrospective screening of women in 2009 to date. "Another mission accomplished. We have one more title and most importantly, to qualify for the Champions League. In Japan, we have the chance to play against top teams from each continent," said Jose Roberto Guimaraes, coach of Brazil.

    On the South American, despite the favoritism Brazilian Ze Roberto highlighted the importance of competition in the preparation of the team. "As the Final Four, the South American was important to test the players who had just worked so far. Here, in Porto Alegre, played without the two Middle blockers owners, but Carol and Adenízia were very well" evaluated Ze Roberto.

    Now, players return to their clubs and return to training on 20 October, when they will return to the Center for Development of Volleyball in Saquarema, in Rio de Janeiro.


    The tip Mari celebrated its first South American title. "I've never played that series. It was really cool, especially because the fans appeared to cheer for us. I am very happy to have won this title in most years," the tip of Brazil, Olympic champion in Beijing, who scored 12 points in the decision - eight attacks, two locking and two server.

    The captain and setter of the Brazilian team, Dani Lins, also celebrated its first continental title. More than that: it was also voted the best player in the position. "The championship was very good and had not thought to win the individual prize. The most important thing is to win another title for Brazil."

    Along with Carol Gattaz, Adenízia formed the Middle blockers in the holder. "It was a major league team to train for the Champions League. Everything worked out, and thanks for the dedication of the entire group. Now let's forget the title and seek to close the year 2009 on a high note, in Japan," said the central Brazilian.