South American Championship

  • SASSÁ won his 4th South American

    Player of the current group that most often wore the shirt of the Brazilian team, Sassá won on Sunday (04.10) their fourth title South American (03/05/07/09). Remember that shares with the player Fabi. "This was the year when we played more in Brazil, and is always very good. Gaucho The crowd helped a lot in our campaign," said Sass, who had the support of parents John Carlos and Sonia in the stands between fans. "It was the first time I played in Porto Alegre, and was very good, "added the athlete mining.


    After overcoming Peru in the semifinal, Argentina knew hardly break the hegemony of the Brazilian continent. One of the highlights of Buenos Aires was the time sweeper Robinet, voted the best libero and best defense of the competition.
    "The selection of Argentina's young, with a mean age of 18. We have only three athletes who are more experienced. We went on the court aware of the superiority of Brazil. We did the best we could and we were super happy with second place," said.


    Carioca Fabi left Porto Alegre with two awards individual trophies: best player in the competition and better reception. "I do not like to celebrate individual titles as the most important is helping the group to win another title," ordered the Brazilian sweeper, 29.

    The more experienced Brazilian team, highlighted the importance of another title in the first year of a new Olympic cycle. "This achievement is good because in addition to maintain the hegemony of South America, also earned a spot in the Champions League where they face the best teams in the world. This title is also important because this group is new and starting a new cycle with a team that blends youth and Olympic champions athletes, "he concluded Fabi, who thanked the encouragement of Gaucho fans throughout the competition." We went cold all the time during the week, but the warmth of the crowd warmed up, "he said.


    With the absence of owners and Fabiana Thaisa, recovering from injury, mid-grid network in Brazil Carol Gattaz took the position holder, along with Adenizia, and was one of the highlights of Brazil in South America. In all matches, Carol was among the leading scorer in equipe.No final, left Porto Alegre with the trophy for best blocking competition.

    "I was happy I could have helped the team. As far as I can replace the Adenízia the holders to match. This struggle for a place in the middle-of-net is sound is very good for the group. It is a headache for the good Ze Roberto, "celebrated the striker, who took stock of the goals achieved in the South American:

    "The most important was the place in the Champions League. Here in Japan face the best teams in the world. In fact, we face Italy, one of the selections that have not yet had an opportunity to meet. Now, let's chase to give our better and end the year with another title, "said Carol Gattaz.

  • Awards

    Best Spiker: Leyla Chihuan (PERU)
    Best Blocker: CAROL GATTAZ (BRASIL)
    Best Server: Yael Castiglione (ARGENTINA)
    Best Digger: FABI (BRASIL)
    Best Setter: DANI LINS (BRASIL)
    Best Receiver: Marianela Robinet (ARGENTINA)
    Best Libero: Marianela Robinet (ARGENTINA)

  • I went to the final game today and the hall was completely full, instead of what happened in the past games. The energy was fantastic, for sure.

    I agree with Celso that this championship isn't the best level. The best moments from Brazil's opponents actually happened when we lost a bit of our concentration, but, overall, we gave nice presentations.

    It was a bit weird when Fabi was announced the MVP. The crowd surely loved it, but I thought she wasn't in her best shape and once again our weakest fundamental was the reception. I hope we can work on that and, also, that Thaísa and Fabiana will be good for the Grand Champion's Cup. Now that Italy has won in Europe, I'm sure it's gonna be a fierce battle between brazilians and italians. I do believe those two are the best teams in the world right now.