Nestlé Sollys Osasco

  • Yesterday in São Paulo at the Nestlé headquarters, it was officially announced Osasco's team new sponsor. The new name of the team will be Sollys Osasco (Sollys is the name of the brand for Nestlé's soya products).

    The colours of the uniform of the Osasco team will also change. The new colours will be white an orange and the numbers will be written in blue.

    The new website of the team is

    Nestlé signed a one-year contract, but their managers said in the press conference which was held yesterday that their intention is to keep on investing on volleyball for the next year. In fact this really happened in the past. Nestlé sponsored a very strong volleyball team for four or five years in the past. This team won the Brazilian Superliga three times and was the first runner up once. After ten years of absence they are sponsoring a strong volleyball team again.

  • :drink: Great Osasco is back and the white / orange uniform looks cute. :dance4: