World Championships 2010

  • You have to see this

    French team have been between 45-46th floor in lift when it stopped.

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :sos:

  • I'm attempting to watch my Canada team vs my second favourite team, Poland on bwin, but the connection to the the server keeps failing ;(

  • Poland vs. Canada 3:0 (25:22, 25:21, 25:13)
    Poles played really good, all players.

    I can't believe my Canadian team played that badly in the 3rd set, the passing was atrocious and they were desperate enough to use Dallas Soonias (natural rightside) at receiver and get aced multiple times. I wasn't able to catch the first two sets because bwin couldn't load the darn video (connection to server failed msg). Those two first sets looked a lot closer by the scoreboard. The only 3 players I was semi-impressed with on our side were Gavin Schmitt, Fred Winters and Dan Lewis. I'm glad Canada got spanked so hard in the 3rd, hopefully they can rebound hard for the next matches.

    Please upload this match in the Multimedia section if you have it! :D

  • first matches on big tournaments are always difficult specially if you play against underdog who step up and figh so hard. Canada played really well in first set and first half of second but than our block started to work better and we found our rythm . 3rd was just avalange of mistakes of Canadian we didn't need to do anything.
    overall pretty good start. Zagumny needs to play better though he was quite unaccurate today

    i'm surpriced by the problem French team had. i though i would be easy 3 setter but t was not

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • I'm attempting to watch my Canada team vs my second favourite team, Poland on bwin, but the connection to the the server keeps failing ;(

    I tried to watch all the 6 games so far simultaneously on bwin, had no problems with the stream.. It's not possible to keep track of all 6, but at least got the impression of the teams in the first matches :D I hope you won't have further problems because it's the only decent source of all games!

  • oh yeah!! ^^ Bravo Poland! Awesome :)

    it's now time for Germany and Serbia...

    But.... What's happening with Brazil? I known that won.. What Vissotto?? :| Whether is a serious injury?? :(

  • Egypt outclasses Iran in first match of pool A

    Milan, Italy, September 25, 2010 – Egypt made the perfect start by dominating the first match of the FIVB Men’s World Championship 2010 Pool A in Milan by beating Iran in straight sets 25-21, 25-17, 25-21.

    Egypt immediately found the perfect rhythm and managed to hold on for the entire match. It was only in the last set, that Egypt had to respond firmly to Iran who picked up many points and kept the score close but the Africa champions managed to step it up when it matter to seal victory. Ahmed Abdelhay top scored with 19 points as Egypt reversed a 3-2 loss in their last encounter against Iran at the 2009 Grand Champions Cup.

    At the beginning of the opening set, Iran took advantage with the first point of middle Mohammad Mousavi Eraghi. The score stayed close up to 3-3 when Egypt took the lead and reached the first technical timeout (TTO) at 8-5. Despite Mousavi proving to be a key for his team, Egypt managed to maintain the lead and opened a 16-11 lead at the second TTO. Egypt’s Abdalla Ahmed scored an important ace increasing his team’s lead to 18-11. Iran managed to narrow the gap to 18-15 but Egypt recovered and another Abdelhay took Egypt to the brink of a first set win at 22-17. Egypt coach Antonio Giocobbe asked for timeout when Iran narrowed the gap to 22-19 but Egypt finally closed the set thanks to Mohamed Badawy’s final spike.

    Iran captain Alireza Nadi served and opened the second set when Egypt immediately took control with an 8-5 lead at the first TTO. Iran setter Seyed Marouflakrani tried to encourage his team mates with an amazing spike that narrowed the gap to 9-7 but Egypt immediately recovered forcing Iran to ask a timeout at 13-8. Egypt maintained a 16-9 lead at the second TTO and held on for the rest of the set closing it at 25-17.

    Egypt opened the last set with a Badawy ace. Iran tied the score at 6-6 and the score stayed neck and neck up to 16-16 when Egypt managed to take the lead, which they didn’t relinquish. Egypt’s brilliant serving, particularly from Ahmed, saw them close out the match at 25-21.

    Brazil win the first match of FIVB 2010 Men’s World Championships

    The FIVB 2010 Men’s World Championships started with a winning of Brazil into Verona sports hall. In front of a great public frame, about 400o fans, Giba and his team beat a young and pretty good Tunisia 3-0 (25-14, 25-21, 25-14). Brazil team appears without the player Marlon, blocked in hotel for intestinal problems, maybe important absence for the next matches.

    The first point of the game is signed by Rodrigão. With a score of 6-1 for Brazil, the Tunisia coach Mkaouar called the first time out. Brazil thanks to the strong serve, goes ahead with a score of 8-3. Kaabi’s ace takes Tunisia to 4-9. At the second technical time out Brazil moving to 16-9. Tunisia defends good but Brazil doesn’t stop and, dragged by a great Murilo, wins the first set 25-14.

    In the second set Tunisia played well from the start, gave Brazil a competitive game. A Kaabi’s attack takes the score to 7-6. At second technical time out Brazil managed a score of 16-15. The score was level at 17-17 with Kaabi’s game again. An unfortunate net attack of number 19 Micadi takes the score to 20-18 for Brazil, that wins the second set with 25-21.
    Tunisia found the game in the third set, dominating the begin of the set 4-2, but Brazil reacted with powerful service of Dante and strong spikes of Vissotto, moving on the first technical time out with the score 8-5. Brazil continued to attack taking the score to 16-9. A wrong serve of Tunisia number 4 Garci gave Brazil the point of 20-13. Both sides did a lot of wrong service but Brazil close the match with 25-14. Match close after 64 minutes

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Russia defeated Cameroon in 72 minutes

    Modena, Italy, September 25, 2010 – Russia defeated Cameroon in straight sets (25-11, 25-20, 25-22) in a Pool C match of the FIVB Men’s World Championship. Maxim Mikhaylov and Yury Berezhko contributed 14 and 11 points to the win while Jean Patrice Ndaki and Nathan Wounembaina compiled 15 and 13 respectively for the defeated side
    The World Championship in Modena begins with Russia, one of the favorites as the final winner. Russia plays against Cameroun, number 21 in the world ranking.
    PalaCasaModena is full of enthusiasm: an atmosphere of joy and friendship with people coming from all over the world.
    Russia’ Coach Daniele Bagnoli, who trained Modena in the past – winning two Italian titles – chooses Grankin as setter, Mikhaylov as opposite, Khtey e Berezhko as spikers, Muserskiy e Volkov as middle-blockers, Komarov libero.
    Cameroun’ Coach Peter Nonnenbroich displays the setter Kari Adeke, the opposite Ndaky Mboulet, spikers Wounenbaina e Moussa, middle-blockers Dolegombai and Tonemassa, the libero Fossi.
    At the first technical time-out, Russia is ahead 8-2 and closes the second technical time-out 16-7. Thanks to a really efficient serve and good blocking, the set closes at 25-11.
    Second set: Cameroun displays Nongny as titular middle-blocker. Cameroun plays better than showed in the previous set, both in reception and attack. Nongny and Wounembaina are the best players. Cameroun’ players celebrate with a dance each point scored, and we are in parity on 6-6. Then Russia improves with Berezhko and Muserskiy, but Cameroun stays in there (19-17). A winning serve of Volkov closes the set (25-20).
    Third set: Bagnoli changes Kthey with Sivozhelez and Volkov with Astashenkov. Cameroun, led by the opposite Ndaki Mboulet, takes advantage 11-9 and then 16-14. Russia finds parity at 19-19 and then obtains an advantage break with a spike of Astashenkov. The point 25 – worth 3-0 for Russia – is signed by Poltasvkiy.
    It was a good result for Russia, which controlled both the game and the score, but also a positive trial for Cameroon, too. After a beginning where emotion stopped the African players a little, then offered a good quality game. One aspect to underline was the defense of their libero Fossi.

    Argentina hammers Venezuela in straight sets
    Argentina big guns Facundo Conte and Rodrigo Quiroga led their team to a stunning victory over Venezuela 3-0 (25-23, 25-17, 25-18) in the opening pool D match of the 2010 Men’s Volleyball World championship here at PalaCalafiore hall in Reggio Calabria, Italy on Saturday. Conte was the match scorer with 18 points while Quiroga used his experience to score the critical points of each set. Carlos Tejeda was Venezuela best scorer (11 points) The victory was the first for Argentina over their South American counterparts in the history of their head to head matches.
    The match started very competitive as both teams were highly concentrating in their defense to stop the opponent’s attacks. Argentina captain Rodrigo Quiroga made the difference when he deceived Venezuela block several time to give his team the first lead 8-7 at the First Technical Timeout (FTT). Venezuela rearranged their block efficiently through Freddy Cedano and Ivan Marquez to stop relatively Argentina attacks from the wings and lead 16-15 at the Second technical timeout (STT). Venezuela players committed several mistakes in the backline defense and attacks that allowed Argentina to come over and win the set 25-23.
    The highly motivated Argentina started the second set with better discipline as their setter Luciano De Cecco started to arrange his combinations that worked well with Quiroga and Facundo Conte who send their razor sharp spikes from position 4 allowing Argentina to lead 6-2 before they reached 8-7 at the FTT. Venezuela’s defense disturbance allowed Argentina to dominate the match completely until they won the set 25-17 to lead 2-0.
    The third set showed early come back from the Venezuelan side that fought back through their blockers and used the wing spikers to penetrate Argentina block specially Carlos Tejeda from position 2. Argentina regained back their rhythm and used their big guns Luciano De Cecco and Conte to lead 10-8. The Venezuelan coach called a timeout at 13-10 to save the match where he changed the strategy to use the quick attacks and the combinations to the centers and he succeeded to keep the point deficit at two points till Conte again emerged to finalize the job for his team and win the third set 25-18

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • France Wins First Turin Match Over Czech Republic

    Turin, Italy, September 25, 2010 – France won its opening match at the FIVB Men’s Volleyball World Championship with a 25-19, 22-25, 25-21, 24-26, 15-10 over Czech Republic at Palasport Ruffini in Turin, Italy.

    Awaiting for the second match of the day, Bulgaria versus China, France is ahead of the Pool E with 2 points, followed by Czech Republic, 1 point. France's victory was suffered, since Czech Republic held on until the fifth set, animating fans of both teams.

    France's Antonin Rouzier scored a match-high 28 points, while teammate Nicolas Marechal added 16 points. Czech Republic's Jan Stokr tallied 26 points and teammate Peter Platenik scored 15 points.

    France started Set 1 with a 5-0 lead by a crushing France serving from Hardy-Dessources. Czech Republic coach, Jan Svodoba, had to ask for the first timeout of the match. It was not enough, because at the technical timeout (TTO) France was leading 8-2 with a good performance both in serving and attacking. Czech Republic had to run after France for almost the totality of the set, up to 9 points to recover. Only at the end of the first set Czech Republic gave more balance to the match improving their serve and attack.

    The second set was another story, with a more confident Czech team and a point to point score. Czech serving was more incisive, causing a less precise French receiving. Jacub Vesely and Stokr brought their team together winning set 2 with high attacking performances.

    During the third set, the French team tried to get some advantage on the opposing team (firstly with a 3-0, then 16-13) always recovered by the Czech, 16-16, then 17-17. At the end France, with 4 consecutive points and with Rouzier, star of the second set (and of the match), reached 2-1 set score.

    Set 4 was again tight and French coach Philippe Blain called for a timeout on 9-10 score immediately after the first TTO to change something in their strategy. The end of the set was very balanced with the two teams alternating serving errors, strong spikes, quick hits. The French team reached the first match point on 24-23.
    But Czech team didn’t lose confidence and scoring off the French block on the last point to win the battle 26-24.

    The last set began with an electric atmosphere and big fan support from both sides exchanging point for point. The two teams changed the court side at 8-7 for the Czech team. On 11-10 for the French, a serving error by Czech team offered to France a straight way to the final 15-10 set victory

    Poland cruise past Canada in straight sets to delight thousands of fans

    Trieste, Italy, September 25, 2010 - Although the game did not fully live up to the initial expectations, Poland scored a convincing 3:0 victory (25-22, 25-21, 25-13) this afternoon at the Palatrieste with Canada evidently lacking the right consistency to turn into a real threat for the 2009 European champions. The next call for the guys of Daniel Castellani will be much more demanding as on Sunday evening they will take on a very ambitious German side mentored by Poland’s former head coach Raoul Lozano.
    Poland and Canada opened their World Championship campaign in Trieste in front of a house almost fully packed with loads of fans accurately dressed in red and white – actually it looked like the game was being played in Lodz or Gdansk as the Polish community was massively represented in the hall. The Canadian guys around coach Glenn Hoag were fully aware that this was going to be quite a real challenge since – with their excellent technical skills - the Poles are able to raise the bar extremely high. However, as a result of quite a few mistakes from both sides, the score stayed extremely close in the opening set; finally, after the longest and most exciting rally, Poland clipped the final 25-22 but still their performance was far away from being sensational. The 2009 European champions could not find the right momentum also in the first rallies of the second set where Canada sailed rapidly away for the provisional 8:3. However, that margin was quickly dissolved as Canada suffered a severe black-out to pave the way for a tie at 8. Bartosz Kurek fired up the Polish offense and with his precious contribution –including a couple of blocks - the scored moved rapidly from 10:9 to 16:12. The destiny of this match was in a way already defined, the Poles did not slow down their rhythm and Bartosz Kurek stamped the 2:0 on the scoreboard with a great pipe for the delight of thousands of frenzied fans. The game was certainly not stellar, but still good enough to trigger the enthusiasm on the stands, with the Polish supporters singing, dancing and having fun all the way through. Poland’s play did work pretty well in the third set whereas Canada was again harmed by continuous ups and downs, so finally the opening game of Pool F did respect the scenario initially foreseen with a straight victory for Kurek & Co

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Vissotto felt his feet durig the game, and for safty matter he was took off the game. dont know yet if its serious. the good thing so far is that it was not the ankle that he had problems in World League.

    but Brasil have a big problem, Marlon is serious ill, I dont know exacly, doctors say maybe he has Crohn Disease, He felt bad the hole night and was take to Modena to make exams, where they suspected of that, if it is confirmed, he wont be able to play the tournament. So We have only one setter to play the tournament, the organization didnt aloud Brasil to put another player.

    We dont know yet if Marlon will be able to play the rest of the tournament, the only thing for sure is that he is out of first Fase. But the important right now is the human being. Cause looks that what he has is quite serious. :(

    Brasil looks like having a curse over them...first Serginho, now Marlon. Dante felt his back during time in Gemrany, and is slowly recovering, glad to see him on court today. Now Vissoto feel his feet. hope is nothing serious. Anyway, I hope the guys can pass this problems outside the court, and try their best inside it. The good new is that Giba is coming back to his best form looks like.
    But now we lost out 5x1 substitution, so important in our game. And bruninho have to look out, cause he will have to play hole tournament.

    Anyway, Strenght guys!!!!! :super:

  • Bulgaria - China 3:0. Good game, could be better in reception and concentration

    Serbia beat Germany quite easily :what: