TVC Amstelveen

  • This is sad I know,but the risk is too high to participate in CL,and not only for TVC. I think CEV have to think about that...

    This isn't just a problem for 2010/11, my longer-term concern is that CL becomes restricted (by its economics) to teams from a smaller and smaller group of countries. Elsewhere (eg Holland, but there could be others) the leagues don't then benefit from players with CL exposure (obviously) but going forward, the standards cannot be as high, domestic talent either goes abroad or out-of-competition and the gap between the two sets of leagues gets wider and wider. The result would be that top volleyball doesn't get the audience it deserves in a number of European countries (worse than now) and that can only be to the detriment of the sport.

    That isn't my prediction, but it should be cause for concern.