Turkey Superleague 2009-2010

  • When will begin 2009-2010 Turkish Superleague? Wich teams will take part in the league this year? Is there any site where i can find stats,results, club rosters?

  • League begins 18th Oct. 2009. First week Fenerbahce Acibadem ll play with Galatasaray. It's one of derby in our league. 25th Oct. 2009 i mean second week Fenerbahce Acibadem ll play with Eczacibasi Zentiva, Vakifbank GSTT ll play with Galatasaray.
    u may see the team's players here;
    also u may find more; http://www.voleybol.org.tr/sistem/
    The Teams r ;

  • Aroma Turkish Women 1. League 2009/10 normal season will begin on 17-18 October 2009 and last till 28-29 March 2010.

    The teams to participate the league:

    Team Name - Titles/Rank for Last Year - City
    1. Fenerbahce Acibadem (Defending champion, 4th in Normal Season, Turkish Cup finalist) (Istanbul)
    2. Eczacibasi Zentiva (Play-off finalist, 3rd in Normal Season, Turkish Cup Winner) (Istanbul)
    3. Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT (1st in Normal Season, Playoff Quarter Finalist) (Istanbul)
    4. Galatasaray (8th in Normal Season, Play-off semi finalist) (Istanbul)
    5. Eregli Belediyesi (5th in Normal Season, Play-off Quarter Finalist) (Konya)
    6. Besiktas (6th in Normal Season, Play-off Quarter Finalist) (Istanbul)
    7. Karsiyaka DYO (7th in Normal Season, Play-off Quarter Finalist) (Izmir)
    8. Iller Bankasi (9th in Normal Season) (Ankara)
    9. Nilufer Belediyesi (10th in Normal Season) (Bursa)
    10. MKE Ankaragucu (Promoted this year) (Ankara)
    11. Beylikduzu Spor (Promoted this year)* (Istanbul)
    12. Yesilyurt (Promoted this year)* (Istanbul)

    * Beylikduzu and Yesilyurt replaced Turk Telekom (merged in Vakifbank GS) and Tarimspor (withdrawn from the league)

    This is the first round schedule for normal season.

    Matchday 1: 17-18 October

    Karsiyaka DYO - Beylikduzu Spor
    Nilufer Belediyesi - Yesilyurt
    Besiktas - Eregli Belediyesi
    Eczacibasi Zentiva - MKE Ankaragucu
    Iller Bankasi - Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT
    Galatasaray - Fenerbahce Acibadem

    Matchday 2: 24-25 October

    Yesilyurt - Karsiyaka Dyo
    Beylikduzu Spor - Besiktas
    Mke Ankaragucu - Nilufer Belediyesi
    Eregli Belediyesi - Iller Bankasi
    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Eczacibasi Zentiva
    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Galatasaray

    Matchday 3: 31 Oct.-1 Nov.

    Karsiyaka Dyo - Besiktas
    Yesilyurt - Mke Ankaragucu
    Iller Bankasi - Beylikduzu Spor
    Nilufer Belediyesi - Fenerbahce Acibadem
    Galatasaray - Eregli Belediyesi
    Eczacibasi Zentiva - Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT

    Matchday 4: 7-8 November

    Mke Ankaragucu - Karsiyaka Dyo
    Besiktas - Iller Bankasi
    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Yesilyurt
    Beylikduzu Spor - Galatasaray
    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Nilufer Belediyesi
    Eregli Belediyesi - Eczacibasi Zentiva

    Matchday 5: 14-15 November

    Karsiyaka Dyo - Iller Bankasi
    Mke Ankaragucu - Fenerbahce Acibadem
    Galatasaray - Besiktas
    Yesilyurt - Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT
    Eczacibasi Zentiva - Beylikduzu Spor
    Nilufer Belediyesi - Eregli Belediyesi

    Matchday 6 :21-22 November

    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Karsiyaka Dyo
    Iller Bankasi - Galatasaray
    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Mke Ankaragucu
    Besiktas - Eczacibasi Zentiva
    Eregli Belediyesi - Yesilyurt
    Beylikduzu Spor - Nilufer Belediyesi

    Matchday 7: 28-29 November

    Karsiyaka Dyo - Galatasaray
    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT
    Eczacibasi Zentiva - Iller Bankasi
    Mke Ankaragucu - Eregli Belediyesi
    Nilufer Belediyesi - Besiktas
    Yesilyurt - Beylikduzu Spor

    Matchday 8: 5-6 December

    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Karsiyaka Dyo
    Galatasaray - Eczacibasi Zentiva
    Eregli Belediyesi - Fenerbahce Acibadem
    Iller Bankasi - Nilufer Belediyesi
    Beylikduzu Spor - Mke Ankaragucu
    Besiktas - Yesilyurt

    Matchday 9: 12-13 December

    Karsiyaka Dyo - Eczacibasi Zentiva
    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Eregli Belediyesi
    Nilufer Belediyesi - Galatasaray
    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Beylikduzu Spor
    Yesilyurt - Iller Bankasi
    Mke Ankaragucu - Besiktas

    Matchday 10: 19-20 December

    Eregli Belediyesi - Karsiyaka Dyo
    Eczacibasi Zentiva - Nilufer Belediyesi
    Beylikduzu Spor - Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT
    Galatasaray - Yesilyurt
    Besiktas - Fenerbahce Acibadem
    Iller Bankasi - Mke Ankaragucu

    Matchday 11: 26-27 December

    Karsiyaka Dyo - Nilufer Belediyesi
    Eregli Belediyesi - Beylikduzu Spor
    Yesilyurt - Eczacibasi Zentiva
    Vakifbank Gunes Sigorta TT - Besiktas
    Mke Ankaragucu - Galatasaray
    Fenerbahce Acibadem - Iller Bankasi

  • Thanks,alde and Europe :wavy:
    which team do you think is better this season? fenerbahce or vaftbank sigorta?
    i can just say for the foreign players as i dont know very well turkish ones...both teams seem to be in the same level

  • these two teams have both good foreigners and turkish players. so it is hard to predict which one would be the winner.but to compare the players,
    fenerbahce has better setter choice (naz aydemir and frauke dricx) than vakifbank(ozge kirdar and veteran arzu gollu)
    both teams' liberos are not great as much as gulden kayalar(eczacibasi) gizem and nihan are weak at receiving and probably libero position will be the weakest part of them
    as opposite gamova and neslihan are great players. so it is hard to compare.if neslihan plays as she can, she can beat fenerbahce own her own; but last championship show us she is not her best shape...
    for middle blockers eda from fenerbahce showed outstanding performance in EC but cigdem and ipek are not such great international players.but cigdem also have receiving skill(lik walewska or murtazeva) so she will help to team with her receiving. but vakifbank has maculewicz and poljak. they are 2 of best european MB (after gioli and furst) but vakifbank would probably play with macu or poljak and bahar toksoy or duygu bal because of foreign players limit.
    as OH osmokrovic is miracle. but there is a problem if fenerbahce played with seda as OH.it woul be problematic.because infact seda is opposite and cannot receive.so even if cigdem cover her, i think it would makes them trouble. maybe they use alice bloom instead of seda. (for beginning of season they have to. because seda would be still recovering from her injury....) for vakifbank, stam is good receiver and nikolic is good attacker.if guidetti want to play with both maculewicz and poljak he should play with guldeniz or gozde kirdar(they are also good receiver)

    as a result the starting six of these 2 teams is not predictable yet, but just for prediction, fenerbahce looks a better team especially in terms of trainer and setter...

  • I'm sorry but I disagree with you about your setter ideas. I definitely think that Arzu Gollu is much better - even though she's 40, she's no different or no less than Kirillova - than both Naz Aydemir and Frauke Dirickx. I don't know whether Fenerbahce or Vakifbank will be the winner in their matchup but all I know is that Arzu is still the best setter in Turkey.

  • Fenerbahce and Vakifbank have absolutely most powerful attacking options and compared to other teams their rosters look one level higher on the paper. Both teams have attackers who can hit from every possible position on the pitch therefore I dont think they will have any scoring problems. And blocking options also look very strengh. As for defensive abilities, no doubt that Fenerbahce will suffer receving problems if the trainer choises Seda and Gamova at the same time but it's very likely that Vakifbank will run into the same problem lack of receving if Nikolic plays. And i dont think the liberos Nihan and Gizem have capability that can tolarate Seda or Nikolic. To get over receving problems both teams have Blom and Gozde options. They are week at attacking but very good at receving. So both teams' strong and weak points look identical on the paper at the moment and it's very hard to say which one is better. Last month on the club's offical TV, Fenerbahce's team manager mentioned that there would be one or two pre-season games between Fenerbahce and Vakifbank next midweek but i havent got any official confirmation or news about the games from each sides since the TV announce. So if it's true we will see both teams practically on the pitch and we can make more accurate predictions about their current conditions. However i dont think these games will show us the teams' real shape especially for Fenerbahce's. Because Fenerbahce has made huge changes in roster and moreover they couldnt find even one training session chance with all players due to EuroVolley and injuries. And the team has still many players missing from the tranings so they need more time for adaptation and reach to team's real dynamics.

    Except these teams, Eczacibasi Zentiva is another favorite for the title. Although Eczaci's roster looks weaker compared to Vakifbank and Fenerbahce, it's much more balanced at defensive and offensive. Also Galatasaray and Besiktas have good players but they also made huge changes in their roster. Galatasaray replaced almost whole players compared to the last season's roster and they need time. Anyway probably it's impossible they find a way to get the title amongst the big three but they will try the best to challenge and make some hard times against them.

    The rest will challenge to get play-offs or stay in the league for the next season. Anyway i think it's too early to say what will exactly happen in the end since we saw how all preseason pretentious predictions were messed up last season.

  • Hi everyone ! Very little time remained before the start of the league. League teams wishing to enter the ambitious season opened Eczacıbaşı Zentiva and Galatasaray.First week of the season starts with a great derby.I think Fenerbahce will win the derby of this.

    "Lo sbaglio più grande e quello di credere di aver vinto prima ancora di giocare la partita"

  • Fenerbahce Acibadem won the first pre-season game 3-0 against Rabita Bacu with sets 25-14, 25-13 and 25-13. Fenerbahce's starting line-up was Gamova, Naz, Osmokrovic, Cigdem, Blom, Eda and Nihan (L).

    Tomorrow Vakifbank GS and Fenerbahce will meet and on Thursday there will be one more game between both teams.

  • Tomorrow Vakifbank GS and Fenerbahce will meet and on Thursday there will be one more game between both teams.

    please, let us know the results ...i did not find anything... turkish is a quite difficult language ehehhe

  • please, let us know the results ...i did not find anything... turkish is a quite difficult language ehehhe

    Well, the game wasnt yesterday, it's today :) Sorry for confusing but even if you knew Turkish you would have the same problems to get the news just as we do. It's very hard to get official information and even rumors about Fenerbahce Acibadem at the moment because the club concantrates now fully on football and basketball. There is a very important basketball game tomorrow so its official press stuff launches only news on football and basketball. No news about Fenerbahce Acibadem. And Vakifbank is too lazy to give information about the team. Its web site wasnt updated for a long time so no information on Vakifbank side.

    As for the game, i dont know what time it is played, maybe it's already played but i didnt see any score or news about the game. Probably on this night Fenerbahce's official TV channel will give score and some information. When i get the score and any other detail about it, i will write here.

  • Eczacıbaşı Zentiva İstanbul ==> Setters : Maja Ognjenovic - Asuman Karakoyun
    Receivers : Esra Gümüş - Mirka Francia Vasconcelos - Natalia Hanikoğlu - Büşra Cansu
    Middle Blockers : Maria Borisenko - AYSUN ÖZBEK!!! - Gökçen Denkel - Neşve Büyükbayram
    Wing Spikers : Neriman Özsoy - Seray Altay
    Liberos : Gülden Kayalar - Sevinç Dalgıc

    Fenerbahçe Acıbadem==>Setters : Naz Aydemir - Frauke Dirickx
    Receivers : Natasha OsMokrovic - Seda Tokatlıoğlu - Alice Blom - Cemre Erol
    Middle Blockers : Eda Erdem - Çiğdem Can Rasna - İpek Soroğlu
    Wing Spikers : Ekaterina Gamova
    Liberos : Nihan Yeldan - Songül Dikmen

    Vakıfbank GS Türk Telekom ==> Setters : Arzu Göllü - Özge Kırdar
    Receviers : Jelena Nikolic - Debby Stam - Gözde Kırdar - GÜldeniz Önal
    Middle Blockers : MAJA POLJAK - Kinga Maculewicz - Bahar Toksoy- Duygu Bal
    Wİng Spikers : NESLİHAN DARNEL - Polen Uslupehlivan
    Liberos : Gİzem Güreşen - Serpil Ersarı

    Galatasaray İstanbul==> Setters : Elif Ağca - Serpil Dönmez
    Receviers : Valeska Menezes - Deniz Hakyemez - Ebru Elhan - Neslihan Keskin
    Middle Blockers : Natasha Krsmanovic - Özlem Özcelik - Gözde Dal
    Wİng Spikers : IVANA DERISILO - Dilara Bilge
    Liberos : Ayca Naz İhtiyaroğlu

    Beşiktaş İstanbul => Setters : Seda Uslu - Nilay Özdemir
    Rc : Jasna Majstorovic - SANJA POPOVIC - Yağmur Koçyiğit - Hilal Yabuz
    Mb : Melis Gürkaybak - Müge Şakar - Duygu Sipahioğlu
    WS : Yeliz Askan
    L : Pınar Eren

    Dyo Karşıyaka İzmir => S:Tuba Meto
    Rc : Kara Uhl - Aslı Köprülü
    Mb : Emel Çelikpazı - Tuba Köseoğlu - New Transfer??
    WS : Natalia Korobkova
    L : Gamze Korkmaz

    Ereğli Belediyesi Konya ==> S : Gizem Giraygil - Tuğce Hocaoğlu
    Rc : Selime İlyasoğlu - MALIKA KATHONG - Çiğdem Kaplan
    Mb : Tülin Altındaş - PLEUMJIT THINKAOW - Sevtun Doğar
    Ws : WILAWAN
    L : Mediha Zenger

    İller Bankası Ankara ==> New Transfers : Alessia Safronova - Aneta Germanova

    MKE Ankaragücü ==> New Transfers : Nilay Konar-Funda Bilgi(from Türk Telekom) - Valentina Serena(from Conegliano)

    Yeşilyurt ==> New Transfers : Merve Dalbeler - Gözde Yılmaz(from Eczacıbaşı) - Lidiya Maksimenko(AZE) - Darya Chimil(from Jesi)

  • Fenerbahçe Acıbadem==>Setters : Naz Aydemir - Frauke Dirickx
    Receivers : Natasha OsMokrovic - Seda Tokatlıoğlu - Alice Blom - Cemre Erol
    Middle Blockers : Eda Erdem - Çiğdem Can Rasna - İpek Soroğlu
    Wing Spikers : Ekaterina Gamova
    Liberos : Nihan Yeldan - Songül Dikmen

    oh my lord that team look scary. Fenerbache has one of the best if not the best squad in Europe :white:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • Preseason game result:
    Vakifbank GS 2 Fenerbahce Acibadem 2
    (25-22, 18-25, 25-23, 23-25)

    The game was played only four sets and not too much information. I could get only a few comments from people who watched the game so i have no idea about the line-ups. To spectators both teams made many errors during the game and Vakifbank looked better but Vakifbank used four foreign players on the pitch at the same time. It's impossible for the leage games. Nikolic was bad at receving and but good at attacking and Stam was vice versa. Neslihan was good too.

    As for Fenerbahce they lost two sets which setter was Naz but they won other two sets Frauke played as setter. Gamova and Eda vas very good but Osmokrovic was blocked mostly due to bad passes from setters. Blom was weak at attack and blocks but very good at defence and services as expected. Fenerbahce's blocking was better and Vakifbank had hard times finding a way to get through Fenerbahce's blocks unless they didnt set the game quicker. Fenerbahce Coach tried many different settings and position changes for example MB Cigdem played as hitter sometimes.

    This is all i learnt about the game for now.

  • thanks agains , alde!!
    as you said, season is just beggining , both teams have a lot to improve ... it takes time to get used to a setter you never played with

  • The Bulgarian receiver ANETA GERMANOVA in İller Bankası Ankara!!!1

  • thanks agains , alde!!
    as you said, season is just beggining , both teams have a lot to improve ... it takes time to get used to a setter you never played with

    You are welcome. I watched a short video about the game on tv but it is impossible to make a game comment on it. Though they showed two blocks from Gamova and i think she was very effective on blocking just as people who watched the game live commented. There is one more game between both teams today. I will post the details here when i get.