Esra Gumus

  • Position: OH
    Height: 181 cm
    Bitrh Date: 02/10/1982
    Club: Eczacıbaşı

    When, where and why did you start to play volleyball?
    l started volleyball when l was 13 because my sports teacher in high school was practicing with Vakıfbank Sports Club in Ankara. Also my family wanted I played Some sports and Vakıfbank S.C was famous in Ankara about volleyball.

    When did you realize volleyball could be a job for you?
    When l was chosen for junıour natıonal team and signed my first contract with Vakıfbank senior team l decided volleyball could be a job for me...

    Do you think you're a lucky girl?
    Yes of course, l' m a lucky girl because l have a good job that l enjoy and love too much :)

    Can you make an assessment of your career?
    When l was 17 Vakıfbank closed in Ankara and l transferred to İstanbul Yesilyurt S.C; in this club l caught an opportunity to play in first six and show myself in first division and after 4 years l transferred to Eczacibasi-Zentiva S.C and this season will be my 6th season in Eczacibasi...

    In Turkish championship there are many foreigner players. What do you think about it?
    Yes there are many foreign players in our championship, l am happy about it ,this makes our league stronger because good players we played agaınst only ın national team before, are playing ın Turkey now.

    National team: with the arrival of Chiappini which the many changes? Mentality, tecnical innovation or wht else?
    Of course some big changes we lived, we learned how to use power and technic together. The training hours became longer and longer :) We started to work like the strong teams in the world technically and phisically. We saw that watching video and analysing the opponent team with statistics and scouts helps us alot. Alessandro gave opportunıty to a lot of players expecially younges to play in national team in Turkey who deserve to be in national team. He trusts in young players and worked everyday to improve them.He showed us the high level volleyball mentality and the Italian style of volleyball...

    Turkey is a team with young player. The team made a good job . Which are the expecatives about the team for the future?
    l think the young players start to believe in theirselves. This gave courage to our team. Day by day we improve our play, every game, every training is useful to make one step front for us. We hope that with this young generation we improve our volleyball and will be one of the strongest team in the world. We want also can play olympics.

    What is your strong point? What do you think you can improve?
    We are very young and strong team, we have so many talented spikers in the team. We have enough physical capacity and technical ability to play at the high level if we can improve the main elements of volleyball little bit more. The force side is every player in the team is a fighter, we never give up or afraid about to play with one team in the world and also in the national team we play only for our flag and country and proud of this , l think this is our strong point.

    Would you like to play out of Turkye, for example in Italy?
    Who doesn't want to play in italy! Of course l want to play in Italy, this could be a very good experience for a player. Italian leauge is one of the best in the world but now l have contract in Eczacibasi (one of the best clubs in Turkey also in Europe with its opportunities) and also ın Turkey the league getting better every year :some players coming from Italy and turkish clubs spends much more money for volleyball,so this is very good for Turkish players now.

    Is there a player you like?
    Yes as a spiker l like lots of players in the world, but Francesca Piccinini and Natasha Osmokrovic most...

    Do you have any superstitions (related to matches)?
    l always go into the court first right foot in the beginning of the game and before the game in the dressing room l pray for the health :)

    The most important success in your career?
    Getting the silver medal in 2003 in European championship and in this tournament our game and victory against Russia was unforgettable for us...

    What do you like to do most of all, except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby
    My biggest hobby is again sport, especially tennis. l like watching and playing tennis...and also l lıke cooking.

    Speak to italian reader about Turkye
    Turkey e is the synthesis of many civilizations, so we have lots of historical places and wonderful scenes...many of you know Istanbul, ıs one of the attractive city ın the world. Turkish people are hot and like neighborhood and also like to help foreigners . Turkish kitchen is very delicious we have really good kitchen, my every foreign friends like very much our food :)

    Which are the foreigner country you like?
    l like France, Spain and Italy (not a compliment l really like Italy)

    Do you have a dream?
    Playing Olympic Games in 2012 and getting the medal in European Championships...

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  • Very nice interview. Esra is one of the nicest players. I really like her especially when she smiles.

  • Thanks so much for posting the interview! :)

  • Esra's great player. Mayby she's not the tallest, but it doesn't change the fact, she's just awesome ! Great receiver, great capitain...
    And of course congrats : nice interview ! :)

  • Esra is a legendary person for turkish volleyball! I like her :win: