USA Women's Competitions 2009/2010

  • NCAA Volleyball culminates next week with the Final Four in Tampa Bay

    Penn State faces off against Hawaii

    Texas faces of against Minnesota

    Penn State is looking for its 3rd Straight National Championship, has a streak of 100 straight wins

    Some future USA national team players will be in action. Megan Hodge, Alisha Glass, and Arielle Wilson for Penn State. In addition, Destinee Hooker and former Junior National team member Lauren Gibbemeyer will be in action.

    International Players include:

    Penn State 6'3" MB Fatima Blaza, Venezuela and Minnesota 6'6" OH Tabitha Love, Canada

    Notable players eliminated in the last round of play include:

    Florida State

    Mira Djuric 6'2" OH, Serbia

    Duygu Duzceler 5'10" S, Turkey

    Fatma Yildrim 6'0" OH, Turkey

    Rachael Morgan 6'2" OH, New Zealand


    Hana Cutura 6'4" OH, Croatia


    Juliana Paz 6'0" OH, Brazil

  • what do you think about serenat siir yaz from turkey, does not she play well?

  • She found her way into the lineup for Clemson playing in 31 of 33 matches and 112 of 125 sets. Though mainly as a serving specialist and reserve.

    Here are the stats for her team…s/2009-2010/teamcume.html

    It is tough for freshman to crack the lineup especially with two senior in front of her. But all in all I'd say a slightly disappointing start to Yaz's NCAA career.

    I only listed the international players among the final 8 teams. I will post a much larger list within the next week

  • South America


    Jessica Catelano 5’10” S, North Florida
    Juliana Paz 6’0” OH, Michigan
    Barbara Conceicao 6’1” MB, Texas Tech
    Pamela Luiz 5’11” RS/OH, USF
    Marcela Gurgel 5’10” OH, USF
    Ruisa Scheffel 5’11” RS, St. John’s
    Raquel Miotto 5’10” L, UNC Asheville
    Fernanda Bartels 5’10” S, George Mason
    Jessica Ojukwu 5’11” MB, VCU
    Marlucci Toazzi 6’0” OH, Houston
    Alik Cardoso de Sa 5’11” S, Houston
    Tamara da Silva 5’11” OH, Hampton
    Cinthia Silva 5’10” OH, Utah
    Carol Cheade 6’2” MB, Tennessee
    Ana Lucena 5’11” S/RS, St. Francis
    Bianca Bin 5’10” S, Louisiana Tech
    Kassia Pinto 5’8” OH, Louisiana Tech
    Joanne Marras Tate 6’0” S, FAU
    Isadora Rangel 6’1” OH, FIU
    Samia Salomao 5’10” L, South Alabama
    Juliana Pallamin de Almeida 5’10” OH, South Alabama
    Giuliana De Francesco 5’11” S, UALR
    Daniele Souza Moura 5’9” DS, UALR
    Luana Henriques 5’9” S, Northwestern State
    Maya Schlindwein 6’1” OH, IPFW
    Joana Gruber 6’0” OH/MB, Oral Roberts
    Juliane Vieira 5’10” S, Oral Roberts
    Thyele Rechatiko 5’6” S, South Dakota State
    Barbara Silva 6’1” OH/MB, Houston Baptist
    Ligia Clemente 6’3” RS, Houston Baptist
    Lini Cordoba 6’2” MB, Hampton
    Ornela Cadavid 6’3” MB, Hampton
    Maria Gomez 5’10” OH, Florida A&M
    Maria Ceccarelli 6’1” RS, Florida A&M
    Susan Egoavil 5’6” L/S, Florida A&M
    Pamela Barrera 6’1” MB, Florida A&M
    Fatima Balza 6’3” MB, Penn State

  • you know about the setter Betina from Brasil? ^^ I didnt see her in your list...She was second setter from Rexona team here in Brasil last season and were champion, and she left to go play in a university in least is what I heard... ?(

  • She is playing at an NAIA university, Fresno Pacific. She redshirted the 2009 season, her team was able to capture the NAIA national championship. The players I listed are in Division 1, the highest level of collegiate play. NAIA is an alternative division where it is easier for international students/players to start in.

    All of the players on the USA Grand Prix team in 2009 have already graduated and they are either playing abroad or finishing up their education. Players can only compete for four years and Hugh McCutcheon opted for more experienced players who already graduated from college.

    Players in Division 1 from Asia


    YunYi Zhang 6’4” OH, Temple
    Qian Zhang 6’0” OH, Baylor
    Weiwen Wang 5’11” RS/MB, Missouri
    Lei Wang-Francisco 5’11” S, Missouri
    Kun Song 6’1” OH/MB, St. John’s
    Jia Yue Zhai 6’0” OH, St. John’s
    Rae Yin 5’10” RS/OH, George Mason
    Lin Yuan 6’1” MB, Rice
    Jingyi Wang 6’3” MB, Bowling Green
    Long Ga Su 6’1” OH, Murray State
    Xiao Yu Guo 5’11” S, Murray State
    Eva Chunyan 6’4” OH, New Orleans
    Serenat Yaz 6’1” OH, Clemson
    Didem Ege 5’7” L, Clemson
    Cansu Ozdemir 6’0” OH, Clemson
    Fatma Yildrim 6’0” OH, Florida State
    Duygu Duzceler 5’10” S, Florida State
    Lola Arslanbekova 5’11” OH, Louisville

  • Thank you very very much : Justyna and USAfan.
    This is the first time I have had detailed information about US university volleyball.Before that I just knew that some present mega stars in US national team like Logan Tom, Nancy Metcalf were once also super star in their college years.But I never thought that so many foreign students participating in the US college volleyball.And some of them are so tall.OMG 6'6",she could be a big center in basketball.

    As to Betina I wonder why she gave up Brazilian professional league to pursue US college league.Sorry I don't mean to belittle the US college volleyball.But you know the genernal level of Brazilian superliga is higher than NCAA or at least NAIA.I admit I didn't watch any match of NCAA,just based on the players' fame.Sorry if I am wrong please let me know.So it seems Betina thinks more of studying than volleyball at present.Do you know which her major is? I am curious.Thank you. :drink:

  • Yeah..I think is not that she gave up volleyball..but she is more thinking in her studies right now...she is excelente player and a lot of people think that can be a future setter of our National Team..


    She was the setter and capitan from the junior National Team that were World Champions in 2007.

  • The level of play in the NCAA is not as high as Brazil's Superliga, but it is important to remember all of the players are pretty young. For the most part players are 18-22 years old. The benefit of the NCAA is that players can not only continue to develop in volleyball, but they also receive a great education.

    Here is a video of the 2007 NCAA Championship and 2008 Championship

    Players for Penn State include: Megan Hodge (OH), Nicole Fawcett (OH), Christa Harmotto (MB), Arielle Wilson(MB), Blair Brown (Opp), Alisha Glass (S), Roberta Holhouse (L)

    Players for Stanford include: Foluke Akinradewo (MB), Francie Girard (MB) 2007, Janet Okoba (MB) 2008, Cynthia Barboza (OH), Alix Klineman (OH), Bryn Kehoe (S) 2007

    Sam Simmonds 5’11” RS, George Mason
    Rebecca Walter 5’8” OH, George Mason
    Rhiannon Tooker 6’5” MB, Oregon
    Rachel Rourke 6’5” OH, Oregon State
    Marina Medic 6’0” MB, Southern Illinois
    New Zealand
    Rachael Morgan 6’2” OH, FSU

  • Nikole Fawcett is a great player!

    This Alisha Glass has some relative to Kim Glass?

    I think NCAA is really nice for that reason..cause players can study same time as play..I only feel sorry for the fact that there is no major league for volleyball after college. USA always makes incredible sports leagues, and would be nice to have one for volleyball too...also cause players could continium their game in there, instead of having to leave the country to play in other league.

  • As far as I know the Glasses are not related

    Exciting News!…ction=view&articleID=2968
    WNVA to Announce Professional League Plans at AVCA Convention


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    LOS ANGELES, Dec. 15 /PRNewswire/ -- A revolution is on the horizon in the world of team sports as the Women's National Volleyball Association (WNVA) fills the vast void between the exceptional popularity of volleyball nationally and internationally and the absence of the indoor game as a professional sport in the United States.

    The inaugural announcement press conference will take place at 3 p.m. Thursday, December 17 during the American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention at the Tampa Convention Center in Tampa, FL.

    Ron De Shay, the owner of the WNVA, plans to shine light on American indoor volleyball athletes who are revered overseas but basically ignored here in the U.S.

    "Developing the WNVA has been a passion of mine for some time now. This ... creates the opportunity for the dreams of so many others to be fulfilled," said De Shay, who is also the Senior Producer of the country's No. 1 television show, "American Idol."

    De Shay -- who plans to be the first to launch a pro sports league via a reality show -- has surrounded himself with a competent team to help make his dream of the WNVA a reality.

    Leigh Steinberg and his company Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment, is part of that powerful arsenal. Steinberg is widely recognized as the country's leading sports agent. He has represented over 150 professional athletes in football, baseball, basketball, boxing and Olympic sports. The CEO of the company, David Meltzer, is excited to help level the playing field between the sexes.

    "This new association fits perfectly into our core competencies of sports, business, and television. With the unique approach that we are taking, the WNVA will provide the shot in the arm women's professional sports has desperately needed," Meltzer said.

    On the WNVA website ( fans can rally for their city to host a team via video campaigns. And on the reality television show, viewers will watch the athletes compete for a chance to make history as the first to play professional volleyball in America.

    Media must RSVP for the Press Conference. For more information please contact Jocelyn R. Coleman, Favor PR, 323-330-0502,

    SOURCE Women's National Volleyball Association; Leigh Steinberg Sports & Entertainment

  • USAFan can You tell me where are playing now USA players, who played in World Grand Prix 2009?

    In my blog,you can find where all the USA NT players playing now, but you should translate the language from Chinese into English.

    Lloyd + Naz + Wołosz + Hanke + Smutná + Mori
    Bokan + Zakrievskaja + Bricio + Vilponen + Jupïter + A.Lazić + Stepanova + Marković
    Onyejekwe + N.Dimitrova + Crkoňová + de Kruijf + Truškina + Thibeault + Omelčenko + Schauss
    Rourke + Bošković + Fabris + Kajalina + Collar + Simić + Miklai + Vasilantonaki
    Courtois + Venegas + Gaído + Castillo + Gómez + Kiselyova

  • it's a very good news that usa will have a professional league... :dance6:'s another market that can help volleyball to get to another level in many countries...USAFan, do you know if this is confirmed?? and there is any news about men's Professional League??