What do you think Turkish National Team and our league??

  • Turkey has a great league with a lot of stars. Maybe the second or third most important league in the world. I'd like to know how volleybal is seen over there. Is it popular?
    As to NT I guess there is an over and ill dependence on Neslihan skills. She's fine but some Turkish players simply forget how to play when she is in. It is very easy anulate the team: focus on Neslihan.

  • Well if you want to learn ratings of female volleyball in Turkey I can give some facts.

    Volleyball is the most popular sport here after football, basketball and formula 1. But dont get "the popular" wrong. It doesnt mean there are a lot of fans or press coverage interested in volleyball. It's very hard to find any article or news about volley on regular sport journals, tv channells, magazines, blogs or big sport portals. For example last summer National Team's WCH qualifying games in Poland were not broadcasted or even recapped. Turkey is basically a football country and football always takes all the ratings by itself and then basketball gets the rest and sometimes like during big games or tournaments basketball becomes more popular than football. Only big successes or important tournaments take media and people's notices to volleyball but it's not enough to make it the most popular only enough to allow it above average and that duration is always temporal not pernament. Domestic league games are usually played with empty seats even in important games. Only teams like Fenerbahce, Eregli, Nilufer, Ankaragucu and sometimes Karsiyaka have outstanding crowds in the halls in most games.

    In Turkey big and popular sport clubs that have so many fans over the country only concantrate on football and a little basketball. But for some years one of these clubs Fenerbahce has started to invest on volleyball consistently and the team has reached the title the first time ever. So the club's fans began to interested in volleyball besides football and basketball. Whenever other big sport clubs who challenge Fenerbahce in other competitions start to invest on volleyball and then ratings will be higher so press and TV channells will begin to care about volleyball and sponsors will invest money. Otherwise it's impossible to make volleyball a popular sport in Turkey.

  • well i think Turkish volleyball is backing on right track. the league is devoloping very quickly. i mean if you look at their transfer list from past 2 years you can clearly assume that-yes they do have lots of money :lol: i'm not much into Turkish league but i think it's not very well balance. of course there are "big" teams like Fenerbache Eczacibasi or Vakifbank but the second half of the ranking is not that impressive.Italy Serie a is like a model to copy for every other league in Europe. 1st team can lose to last one and so on. i think Turkish volleyball community should focus on devoloping level of the weakest team in the league and not make already strong teams even stronger. cus such unbalanced league is not always profitable. cus if Fenerbache is hardly ever push to their limits they may not be able to keep their performance consistent through out taught matches cus their player will unconsciously lose concetration.

    about NT i really dunno what;s the problem. good players very good coach so the problem must be the weak mentality. their whole starting 6 is fine , i think they could have better second MB and second OH. Eda Naz and Darnel are top player in europe on their respectiv possision Esra is is also stable player, but still they lack something in the main tournaments. i don't know if it;s luck(or lack of it) or ussually bad drawing, but if they want to win medals they need to be able to win over strong team in big games and not only in meaningless matches.

    ufff why i am not able to write such a long essays for my psychology assesment :lol:

    Anyone can support a team that is winning - it takes no courage. But to
    stand behind a team to defend a team when it is down and really needs
    you, that takes a lot of courage.

  • I agree with you mateo..Our weakest point is mentality..And we havent got good 2nd MB...I think we have good OH I think in world championship Seda and Esra will play OH..Seda is really good at spiking..They will be OK and ı want to see GÜLDEN in WCH..Nihan is very bad at recieving.. :S