European Men's Handball Championship

  • ECh are comming. Are there any fans of one of the best sport ever- handball? :D
    Here u have pools:

    Pool A

    1. Croatia
    2. Russia
    3. Norway
    4. Ukraine

    Pool B
    1. Denmark
    2. Island
    3. Austria
    4. Serbia

    Pool C

    1. Germany
    2. Sweden
    3. Poland
    4. Slovenia

    Pool D
    1. France
    2. Spain
    3. Hungary
    4. Czech Republic

    Any favourites?
    What do u think about pools? :D Who's gonna be the winner of ECh? U have any reflections? Write it here!
    Personally I think it's gonna be of the most interesing ECh so far :D Look at the pools. It's just the first phase of tournament, but there's already copule of promising matches ;) Like: Russia-Croatia, Denmark-Island, Poland-Germany ;) Imo the most difficult pool, is pool C. It's like pool of death :D Here we have one of the most interesting matches between very strong teams like: Poland, Sweden and Germany. It's gonna be fun :D
    I can't wait!
    Ok, so now it's ur turn, what do u think abt ECh? ;)

  • The french NT will be looking for a triple win after the World Championship and the Olympic Games.

    I'm not enough into handball to tell if they have good chances or not, but I hope they'll be doing well and maybe get an other medal.

  • Pool A very strong. How many Teams qualified to second round?

    3 teams from each group will play in the next round.

    France, Denmark, Croatia and Poland are favorites for me. Although European handball championships are the most difficult tournament in team sports, I think - no really weak teams. Polish group is really strong, every team has chance two win. Unlike the group A, which shouldn't be too difficult to Croats.
    It will be hard to achieve that, but I hope for another medal for Poland. We have really good team and no medal in ECH, while 3 in WCH...

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Poland vs Germany 27:25
    Yaaay! Poland won! :dance4:
    Today we played very well on defensive! I had some doubts about this element of the game, because during Interwetten Cup our defensive wasn't so good, actually it looked average. :whistle: But today it was great! Szmal proved his high, world class!
    Basicly Poles played good today, but it seems to me that the biggest problem of our team is...effciency. :S
    This problem was already present during Interwetten Cup(especially against Croatia). Unfortunately since that time our effciency isn't better :| . Today we had a lot of unused opportunities. We have to improve our effciency!
    During the second half of the match I thought that I'll get heart attack :white: . Poles least strange.
    We didn't finish soo many attacks, and let Germans win some actions. We could even loose that match!
    Fortuanately, the end belonged to us :)
    Tomorrow we're gonna play another difficult match with even strogner opponent than Germany- Sweden.
    Guys, improve effciency, and everything will be fine :)

  • Yes, the victory was really sweet, especially, that we played almost in Germany :lol:
    And I agree with everything you wrote: too many missed shots, posts etc. We need better efficiency today against Sweden. Swedes lost to Slovenia yesterday and wants to win desperately...

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Yeah, today it'll be very hard against Sweden, but if our effciency will be on good % I believe that we can beat Sweden without any problems.
    It's seems that Slovenia with Serdarusić is gonna be very tough opponent. It's gonna be very interesting match ;)
    France vs Hungary 29:29
    It's really big suprise for me.
    I didn't expect such preformance from Hungarians. We beat them pretty easy during Interwetten Cup. Unfortunately I couldn't watch this match, but it looked like Hungary was really good yesterday. It's not easy to play agianst such team like France. They're the best in the wolrd- no doubt. I can't wait for matches against Hungary and France ;)

  • POLAND vs SWEDEN 27:24

    Another win for Poland! :cup: Today our victim was Sweden! :D :box: Just kidding, but we really played well today. Szmal was soooo amaaazing! :obey:
    I have no words for him! The best goalkeeper so far! Even better than
    Omeyer! Yaaay Kasa- u rock! And the efficiency was better today! :D
    Maybe we didn't play perfectly on the defensive, but it was still not
    bad, and we have king Sławek who saved some dangerous shots! :super:
    Gosh, guys u played great today! Michał Jurecki finally started playing
    on better efficiency! And Tomek Rosiński! Mr.almost 100 % hehe ;) Wow, great match! I'm so proud of u guys! Keep playing like this, or even better!!


    FRANCE vs CZECH REP. 21:20

    Again suprise for me. Did Czechs play so well, or France played so...average? I'm very curious...

  • Great Polish victory over Sweden =D> We won, cause we had amazing Szmal in the goal and Rosiński played his best game in NT :!: Also M. Jurecki scored some fantastic and very importnant goals in crucial moments . At last! Her hadn't looked well before that - to many weak games.
    So we have already qualified, but it would be also nice to beat Slovenia to have the best situation as possible in the next round. Sweden is still alive thanks to draw in SLO-GER. GER-SWE will be decisive for both teams.
    What's wrong with France? They look poor - draw against Hungary and only one goal win over Czech Rep. :?:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

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  • POLAND vs SLOVENIA 30:30 (!!!!)
    OMG!!! I almost got a heart attack! :sos: What a match! I don't know what to write! I was sooo angry and so happy at the same time! Gosh...imo the most exciting match of ECh 2010 so far! :obey:
    Sławek Szmal- king, king agaain! :obey: Although we were already qualified to the next round, we fought for another points, and it was worth! I'm still so excited!
    Actually it wasn't good match by Poles. We played really average in the defensive, not so good as in previous matches, luckily we have Sławek, who saved some really dangerous shots again. Our efficiency wasn't good today again. Soo many missed shots! Even Tomek Tłuczyński missed shots from 7th meter. It was match of mistakes- especially from our side and referees of course.
    Before the start of Championships Slovenia was considered as the weakest team in our group. I think that what they showed so far impressed everyone! They're so fast, and their goalkeeper- Skof was great today, good competitor for our Sławek ;) Both had good effciency. Skof saved better from 7th meter. Basicly, he was great today, definitely 'hero' of Noka's team. I thought that Slovenian players won't be able to play this match in good phycisal condition, but I was wrong again. They fought really hard today from the begining, till the end of the match. Basicly it was very close match.
    Sometimes I was soo pissed off when Poles couldn't get a point in 100 % situation. Efficiency was on really low % sometimes. Last minutes of this match was insane. Poles were 4 point down, and it was 4, 5 minutes till the end of the match. I was so pissed off, I almost lost my hope, I thought that they'll lose that match! But then Poles started score points, and luckily they finished match 30:30.
    If not our (sometimes stupid) mistakes, we could even be the winner of that match. Even though Poles didn't play their best, it was great match, and I'm again proud of our boys, but...guys...please! No more horrors like this! I'm just 17 :rolll:
    Edit. Oh I forgot to add! I the next round we'll face Spain, France :thumbdown: and Czech Rep. Interesting matches ;)
    I hope guys will win especially against France. They never won against french team(at least I don't remember), so it would be cool to see our guys winning against strong french team. We'll see what's gonna happen ;)

  • Yeah, I was bitting my nails yesterday. And matches in the next round will be even more difficult...
    BTW, Olja - do you know this forum:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • No, I don't know this forum. Why? :D
    Btw, but thanks for adress, maybe I'll register here ;) eheh

  • France in final.

    They started the competition rather quietly, but now they are really playing the way they have to.
    Now, let's hope that Poland will win against Croatia, and we'll have the same final than in the volleyball championship ! (but rather with a different winner ... ;) )

  • Poland hadn't luck today.The second half belonged to Croatia. Croatia's defense was too good :(

    Poland tomorrow shows what he could:drink:

  • Aniela tu nie chodziło tylko o obronę. ;(
    Referees stole our victory. And this is true! I guess it was revenge for WCh 2009 in Croatia, right? Finally, Norwegians beat us. Congratulations. It was very close match! Croatians weren't clearly better. They're not deserved winners.
    I know, we made some stupid mistakes in 2nd half, but we lost that match not because of our mistakes. We lost because of referees' miskates and their stupidity. Can u imagine?- One of those Norwegians apologised Wenta after match :wall:

  • Big congratulations for France. They have something like Grand Slam now (World, Olympic and European Champions). That's really impressive and amazing. It is not my favourite team, but I must admit, they are just incredible. They reapeted brilliant success in football (1998 WCH, 2000 ECH; OG are different thing in football).
    Too bad we have only 4th place... :( Although it is the best place for Poland in ECH in history. :whistling:

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D