NTs level 2006-2012

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    I hope Idol-Mari re-reads her post.

    USA is really weak. They should be in the yellow group. LOL :rolll:

    "[size=8]It's years and years of work and sacrifice and dedication. Along with a lot of these girls, we've sweat and we've bled and we've cried together in past Olympics. It just brought tears to my eyes, & I'm more than thrilled. This will be forever." -LOGAN MAILE LEI TOM (Silver Medallist - 2008 Beijing & 2012 London Olympic Games, 2011 World Cup runner up, 2003 & 2007 World Cup 3rd place, 2002 World Champs runner up, 4-time World GrandPrix Champs)

  • Group 1 (red) = 1.Brazil, 2.Italy, 3.China, 4.USA, 5.Russia, 6.Cuba
    Group 2 (orange) = 1.Netherlands, 2.Germany, 3.Poland, 4.Serbia, 5.Turkey, 6.Japan
    Group 3 (light orange) = 1.Dominican Republic, 2.Thailand, 3.Azerbaijan, 4.South Korea, 5.Puerto Rico, 6.Czech Republic, 7.Kazakhstan, 8.Croatia, 9.Bulgaria
    Group 4 (yellow) = 1.Chinese Taipei, 2.Peru, 3.Spain, 4.Belgium, 5.Belarus, 6.Slovakia, 7.France, 8.Romania

    I think USA with the Olympic team is really strong and a serious gold medal contender, but Brazil is the real favourite.

    After two years could it be like that?

    Group 1 (red) = 1.USA, 2.Brazil, 3.Russia
    Group 2 (orange) = 1.Germany, 2.Turkey, 3.Italy, 4.China, 5.Japan, 6.South Korea, 7.Thailand, 8.Serbia
    Group 3 (light orange) = 1.Poland, 2.Netherlands, 3.Cuba, 4.Dominican Republic, 5.Czech Republic, 6.Bulgaria
    Group 4 (yellow) = 1.Croatia, 2.Azerbaijan, 3.Puerto Rico, 4.Argentina, 5.Peru

    Obviously Russia without Gamova and Sokolova will drop, but I'm basing this subjective (!!!) ranking on current roster. Do you think more or less? Which one would you exchange in position?

  • Actually I didn't get your criteria by making this groups. I mean If it depends on current rosters, much or less last OG standing speak itself.

    If I would make groups for next year by considering Gamova, Sokolova's absence;

    Group 1:USA-BRA-CHN-JPN (medal contenders, favourites of any tournaments)
    Group 2: GER-TUR-KOR-SRB (not favourite but have the potential to reach semis by beating upper 4 teams)
    Group 3: ITA-RUS-CUB-THA (not medal contenders but still compete and make surprises for upper 8 teams)
    Group 4: POL-NED-BUL-CZE (developing teams)

    I ranked teams above as if I chose seeding for DOL of next major competitions such as next year's continental championships or WCH in 2014

    USA doesn't seem like they will lose so many starting players, only Berg who is replacable by Lloyd or Glass. I assumed Logan keep playing or else it would be problem. But still they would be one of the main medal contender in any competition.
    BRA Probably won't lose any of their starter. Maybe Fabi but Brait would easily replace her. So they would be still powerful
    CHN They weren't stable at all during the tournament but it stems from probably recent change in their system due to Wang's late join to the team. Still they have very young starters. Thus, most probably they will play better after adjusting Wang to the team back soon.
    JPN Indeed I was hesitating about putting them to in first group. Although I assume they will remain in the team while deciding for groups, I really doubt that neither Takeshita nor Sano will continue their NT career after this special award. In the case of their absence, Japan would be relegated since they are a system team which depends on especially their outstanding setter
    GER Their group status depends too much on Grun's presence in the team. They don't have still any back up better than Beier and Matthes, which we witnessed many times that they are not players of high level. Except Grün, all starters would probably play (Kerstin-Dürr subs won't harm their strength, even might gain strength to the team.
    TUR All starters are young. Neslihan will remain since she said in an interview that she wants to play in Rio. Other veterans Esra and Gülden will most probably play till next WCH
    KOR Only their setters are a bit old but I believe they will not quit NT soon. So they will keep their strength most probably
    SRB They simply sucked at this OG obviously but eveybody knows that they still have the potential. They would still play on high level after gathering all their main players.

    Some people maybe won't agree with me about putting ITA and RUS into 3rd group but Russia always depend on their tremendous spikers such as Artamonova, Godina, Gamova and Sokolova. After their absence, I don't think Kosheleva and Goncharova would keep that level by covering their deficiency of good setter and MB :whistle: On the other hand, Italy is also the most setter dependent team (with Japan maybe) in the world. I think all successors of Leo are just pathetic: Camera, Signorile, Dalia, Bechis, Rondon, Dalligna... They had plenty of good liberos so they would compensate absence of Croce and Cardullo but they don't have any Gioli or Piccinini. With only Arrighetti and Bosetti sisters, they won't be at top level anymore in my opinion. :whistle:

  • Actually I didn't get your criteria by making this groups. I mean If it depends on current rosters, much or less last OG standing speak itself.

    My criteria is subjective - it is my perception of who is the strongest team based on various matches results. As I have said everybody can create their ranking based on their own criteria. So your ranking is very well accepted. :drink:
    I'm not making prediction for the future, so as for now Russia and Italy are stronger than the 4 Asian teams. But I agree with you that Russia and Italy may fall down, but I will count the results of the next year if that happens.
    Basing the ranking just on Olympics (a single tournament) is not complete IMO, because Korea really beat 3-1 Italy and 3-0 Brazil, but for me this team still it is not stronger than Italy and Brazil. I'm not sure if in quarters Japan would have encountered Turkey and Korea Russia they would be in semifinal as it happened.

    EDIT: Now that I think better I agree with you to have USA before Brazil, because USA beat a lot of time Brazil and many other teams, while Brazil struggled more.