European Championships 2007

  • GReat result for Serbia!!!!!!!!I am really happy!!!!!!!

    That must have been a great game to watche!!!!!!!

    I guess it was good for Holland too....because they lose at a time that they can.....and sometimes a lost can help a lot the get more concentration and stuff....always helps Brasilian teams....hehehehehe

    So...I am very happy today!!!!!

  • Congratulations for France ! FRA is very interesting team and i cheer them. Who knows...? Maybe they have chance to win with Russia ! :wink2:

    I didn't watch this match, but i saw statistics. Raava 70% in attack... 16/23 very well :!:

  • France is playing a very good championship by now.
    Salinas is back and france is wining. She plays a very fast game with Ravva and Lozancic who are the two "weapons" on attack.
    And the team is very impressive on defence with Querrad, Lozancic, Ravva and Rybaczweski.

    With Russia they will have a lot of difficulties because all players are very tall and powerful. But if they manage to disturb a little bit the russian team it will be very good for this team who had already reach their obective, the second round.

  • POL-CZE 3:1 :?

    Very hard match for our team. Today Glinka played in "six" and scored 25 points. She was very important player in this match and was the leader of team. It's good to see her in team again....:woohoo:

    A many of fans in Poland cheer Czech R. beacuse Spalova and Matuszkova played in polish league last sassoon. I think this is strong team and will play very well in second round.


    Glinka played very well ;)
    I'm happy, that she is back...

    Could somebody tell my why in Turkish NT are not playing Agca or Seda?

    Seda is injured , Agca is not good enough. She is so predictable.
    Our setter Bahar is having a horrible tournament :roll:

  • Turkey has a problem...Two matches, two losses. Two last matches of GP qualification tournament 0:3 as well :? What's up :?: :!:

    Tomorrow TUR will play with CRO and I think this may be very hard match for Turkey. Croatia won 1 set with France...Loss of Turkey would be a big surprise :!:

  • Quote from "Matthias"

    I'm very disappointed from Slovakia. They played so good against Serbia and then don't do anything against Netherlands and Belgium :(

    Me too :evil: :evil: :evil: All fans in Poland are very disappointed today match with Belgium. In second round Serbia will be have 2 wins... :? Now we must win with NED.

  • Pool A
    Belarus - Germany 1:3 (10:25 18:25 27:25 17:25) statistics pictures
    Italy - Azerbaijan 3:0 (25:23 25:14 25:16) statistics pictures
    Germany 3 5 6:4
    Italy 2 4 6:0
    Azerbaijan 3 4 3:6
    Belarus 2 2 1:6

    Pool B
    Czech - Poland 1:3 (17:25 25:27 25:18 22:25) statistics pictures
    Poland 2 4 6:1
    Bulgaria 2 3 5:5
    Czech 2 3 4:5
    Spain 2 2 2:6

    Pool C
    France - Turkey 3:0 (25:19 25:16 25:23) statistics pictures
    Russia 2 4 6:0
    France 2 4 6:1
    Croatia 2 2 1:6
    Turkey 2 2 0:6

    Pool D
    Serbia - Netherlands 3:2 (25:18 17:25 25:14 30:32 15:13) statistics pictures
    Belgium - Slovakia 3:0 (25:14 25:14 26:24) statistics pictures
    Netherland 3 5 8:4
    Slovakia 3 4 3:8
    Belgium 2 3 4:3
    Serbia 2 3 5:5

  • Ravva, Rybaczewska, Salinas, Maculewicz (if she could play)? Is there any native French in France team? :wink2: But I would like France to win against Russia. Unfortunately, it's rather impossible.
    Czech team is interesting and shouldn't have big problems against Spain. I remember Czechs against Poles in 2003 EC - they played like children, now they play pretty good.

    The most important 3:

    5th place - Prediction Game - World League 2011 :D

  • Quote from "Brian"

    The top teams of each pool can qualify to the next stage right?

    The top 3 teams of each pool will be play in 2nd round. 6 teams (poolA+poolC) in pool E and 6 teams (poolB+poolD) in pool F

  • And what a heartbreaking loss for Bulgaria in the end! They were leading 13-9 in the 5th set and never won another point. They just couldn't put away a ball in attack at the end.

    Poland is really lucky to get through, they didn't play too well. Glinka doesn't appear to be in good shape...