Women's Best Scorer in one Match - Senior

  • Bartek - I am sure you are good guy and I never disliked you-even like and enjoy your posts. But sometimes you are really very aggressive and do the things in purpose but believe me it is not like this = at least from my side!!! And I also like Matthias and Serdar`s objective opinions and think the same about them!!!
    We just want to say even FIVB uses this great topic created by you- let`s do it much more interesting and professional!!!
    To tell the truth it is so boring and annoying me seeing the addition of the Results from Croatian league!!!
    For example Jerkov and Pinedo had never had points more not 40 even 30 in Italian league and National team level- so Believe me- Rahimova can score 70 points in that way )
    I hope you understand us! We like you friend!!!

  • Ilgar, your words are very good! I like very much the way you respect all people and their opinion.

    Bartek, you have to learn that not every criticism is meant in a personal way. To me it doesn't matter whose topic it is, if for example Joana or Justyna would post results from Korea every week I would have the same opinion as I have now. But: saying "it's my topic, so I can do what I want" is the attitude of a dictator! Every day I intend to no longer react to what you say, but it really makes me angry to read such stupid comments because they show that you, in contrast to Ilgar and 99% of all members here, don't respect other people and their opinion. If you want to post results from Korea and Nicaragua and whatever, OK, you are free to do it, but you should respect that there are people who find it unnecessary.

    Anyway, returning to topic:
    Tatiana Kosheleva today scored 32 points in 3 sets :white:
    Dinamo Krasnodar - Omichka stats

  • matthias if you was like you wrote wise enough, you wouldn't write that My comments are stupid.

    Don't compromise yourself more, please.

    I won't answer to your next post here or in every topic. I will be wise enough and will ignore you.

  • You are behaving really childish by saying this is mine and I will do whatever I want :mad:

    Firstly, this is not compeletely yours, the info you gather here is colllected by also other members :roll: it doesnot mean that this thread is yours because you open it, lots of people also contribute to it. If you really want some private space for you, just keep your ideas yourself because forums are present in order to SHARE something and develop ideas, not to provide special threads for individuals. Don't be stubborn please, consider criticisms by that much people. :tzz: